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Compare Alder and SimpliSafe to find the best home security solution for your home.
Updated Mar 19, 2020
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Alder and SimpliSafe both offer DIY home security that makes set-up and monitoring as easy as 1-2-3. Both providers offer a variety of equipment, including cameras, sensors and easy-to-use touchscreen panels to control your home from one hub. SimpliSafe and Alder offer systems without long contracts or professional installation costs. But, they have distinct differences. Check out our comparison between the two to pick the best provider for you.

Compare Alder vs. SimpliSafe

Alder prides itself on protecting your home in more ways than one. They offer a mix of solutions nationwide including home security, automation and environmental safety - flood and fire. The provider also offers medical safety solutions with wearable medical alerts for the safety of your loved ones. SimpliSafe security systems are designed to protect your home from fire, burglars and water leaks that could lead to costly repairs. Their DIY equipment can be set up in minutes and monitored by professionals 24/7 for peace of mind. SimpliSafe is known for smash-proof systems that still alert police if intruders try to break it.

  • Price

    Winner: SimpliSafe

    Alder’s pricing is not shared online, and you must call for a quote. SimpliSafe makes it easy to build and buy your system online with prices for each piece of equipment, plans and add-ons. As you customize your system online, you’ll see a breakdown of each item and any discounts applied. With SimpliSafe’s transparency, they are the winner of our pricing category.

  • Installation

    Winner: SimpliSafe

    Both Alder and SimpliSafe offer DIY installation to easily set up equipment when and how you want. Alder’s installation takes less than 10 minutes. SimpliSafe has easy ‘peel and stick’ equipment that can also be installed in minutes. Alder doesn’t mention professional installation availability online, but you can call for help. SimpliSafe offers professional installation for $79. Although it comes with a price, SimpliSafe gives both options to choose from.

  • Equipment

    Winner: SimpliSafe

    Alder offers basic equipment including a touchscreen panel, sensors and cameras. They also offer smoke detectors, water leak sensors and other basic life safety equipment. SimpliSafe also offers basic equipment, but their system is known for being discrete with smaller-than-average, but powerful sensors and a sleek, smash proof control panel that still alerts responders if it’s damaged. Their next-level equipment capabilities make them a clear winner in this category.

  • Home Automation

    Winner: SimpliSafe

    Most DIY providers offer smart home integration, but Alder doesn’t. You can control your system using Alder’s app, but smart home connectivity isn’t available. SimpliSafe doesn’t offer smart home devices but offers an upgraded monitoring plan for smart home features. You can also control your system and smart home devices using SimpliSafe’s app. We believe that since SimpliSafe gives more smart home security capabilities, they win this category.

  • Contract

    Tie: Alder and SimpliSafe

    Alder and SimpliSafe don’t require long contract commitments. Services such as professional monitoring are charged monthly and can be canceled anytime. Monthly plans for monitoring start at $14.99/mo. but can cost up to $35.10/mo. for additional features. It’s best to call to speak to an expert for Alder’s pricing - it may vary based on your security needs.

  • Warranties & Guarantees

    Tie: Alder and SimpliSafe

    Alder offers a limited lifetime warranty. If your equipment stops working, they’ll cover the cost. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your service. On the other hand, SimpliSafe offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on products and services. They also offer a three-year warranty from the date of purchase for any system defects. Since SimpliSafe offers a longer money-back guarantee, but Alder offers a lifetime warranty this category is a tie.

Differences: Alder vs. SimpliSafe

If you’re narrowing down your home security options between Alder and SimpliSafe you’ll want to consider a few key differences including home automation, professional installation and price. Even though Alder doesn’t offer their pricing online, it may seem that the price tag for SimpliSafe adds up quickly. Alder offers basic DIY home security to get you started on your home security journey without feeling overwhelmed by equipment and feature options. SimpliSafe has more features, add-ons and flexibility to customize your system with both equipment, services and features.

SimpliSafe Security

Monitoring starts at
Contract length
No contractNo contract
Trial period/ refunds
30 days30 days
DIYDIY or Professional
Guarantees or Refunds
30-day money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee
BBB rating
Standout Features
Trial Period

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