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ADT vs. Xfinity

Compare ADT and Xfinity to find the best security solution for your home.

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Heads up!

Professional installation for Xfinity is unavailable at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Both ADT and Xfinity offer top-notch home security and professional monitoring services. But each has its own strengths, and one might be a better option for your home. We’re here to walk you through ADT vs. Xfinity to help you make a final decision on your ideal home security provider.

Compare ADT vs. Xfinity

Compare ADT vs. Xfinity


Winner: ADT

ADT carries a lower price point than Xfinity in both upfront costs and installation. The cheapest ADT  security equipment options are listed at $99 for equipment and $35.99/mo. for professional monitoring. On the other hand, Xfinity charges $360 for its basic kit and $39.95/mo. for monitoring – more than ADT home security overall. 


Winner: Xfinity

Although Xfinity charges more for its services, one advantage to this price is that it doesn’t require a long-term contract if you pay for your equipment upfront. If you choose the finance the equipment, you’ll have to enter into a 24-month contract. On the other hand, ADT requires a 36-month contract. 

Trial Period

Winner: ADT

All ADT services come with a 6-month money-back guarantee, an industry-leading trial period that covers you if there’s an unresolved system issue. Xfinity’s Customer Commitment honors a shorter 30-day trial on home services.

In-Person Service

Winner: Xfinity

ADT offers a free in-home consultation for a security expert to help you pick a package and equipment to meet your home security needs. Xfinity also operates hundreds of storefronts in the United States, giving you the opportunity to check out their smart home lineup in-person or schedule an Xfinity whole-home assessment.

Smart Home Devices

Winner: ADT

ADT and Xfinity both offer basic home security equipment including sensors, cameras and control panels. They also offer thermostats and smoke detectors. But ADT offers a few additional smart home security devices including smart lights, video doorbells, and garage openers as add-ons. Some of these devices are available for Xfinity, but only through compatible third-party providers.


Tie: ADT & Xfinity

Both ADT and Xfinity require professional installation for their home security systems. Installation fees are not included in the cost of equipment or monitoring.

Summary: ADT vs. Xfinity

Summary: ADT vs. Xfinity

Xfinity Home Security

Learn more about
Professional monitorin starts at $35.99/mo. $39.95/mo.
Installation Professional Professional
Trial Period 6 months 30 days
BBB rating A+ B-
Frequently Asked Questions About ADT and Xfinity

Frequently Asked Questions About ADT and Xfinity

Can I self-install my ADT or Xfinity home security system?

No, a professional technician will have to install your home security equipment for both ADT and Xfinity.

Do ADT and Xfinity require long-term contracts?

ADT requires you to sign a 36-month contract. Xfinity allows you to pay month-to-month over 24 months or pay an upfront, one-time fee.

Is there a price difference with ADT vs. Xfinity?

The price difference between ADT and Xfinity depends on your package and any additional equipment. ADT security systems are less expensive than Xfinity’s, but Xfinity professional monitoring has a lower starting price.


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