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ADT vs. Vivint

Compare ADT and Vivint to help you find the best security solution for your home.

ADT and Vivint are two popular home security providers, each offering a different experience to their customers. Both ADT and Vivint provide intrusion protection, professional monitoring, environmental monitoring and home automation options. While ADT has more industry experience and security options, Vivint stands out with its innovative equipment and video surveillance capabilities. Compare the two to find the best security solution for your home.

Compare ADT vs. Vivint

Compare ADT vs. Vivint

Both ADT and Vivint are award-winning home security providers with comprehensive security options, professional monitoring and home automation possibilities. ADT has more industry experience and is well-known for its 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee. Vivint, though a younger company, stands out in the industry with innovative equipment and custom packages. Compare these two providers to find the best solution for your home.


Industry Experience

Winner: ADT

ADT takes the prize as the provider with the most industry experience. Serving customers for over 140 years, ADT is trusted by over 7 million customers for security services and home automation products. Although a newer company, Vivint has provided security solutions since 1999.


Winner: Vivint

Vivint wins this round as the security provider designs much of its own equipment and also offers top devices from other manufacturers. One of the perks of proprietary design is that the company can have a competitive edge with its features. Vivint’s cameras, for instance, feature extremely competitive specifications and forward-thinking artificial intelligence that helps you actively deter burglars and would-be intruders. With Vivint, you’re not bound to any pre-set equipment packages, either. Pick and choose only what you need.

Home Automation

Winner: Vivint

Both companies offer home automation options with their higher-tier monitoring plans. Vivint takes the day, though, because they are well-known for their sleek and innovative equipment. Vivint also offers top devices from other leading smart home manufacturers, such as Kwikset and Nest.

Trial Period

Winner: ADT

ADT is the winner of this round as they offer a 6-month money back guarantee. You’ll have a lot of time to try ADT’s services and decide if it works best for you. ADT wants to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. If there’s a system issue that cannot be resolved, the company will refund your installation and monitoring fees. Vivint offers customers a shorter 30-day refund period.

Professional Monitoring

Tie: ADT & Vivint

Both ADT and Vivint provide their customers with professional monitoring for around-the-clock safety. This means that you can rest easy at night and when you’re away knowing that a professional is keeping an eye out for any alerts from your system. The cost of professional monitoring varies depending on the plan that you choose.


Tie: ADT & Vivint

ADT and Vivint both provide professional installation to help you avoid any mistakes or mishaps with your new security system. Professional installs allow you to ask questions about your equipment and receive specific advice pertaining to your home and security. If you’re interested in DIY installation, you can check out more of our provider comparisons.

Summary: ADT vs. Vivint

Summary: ADT vs. Vivint

ADT security and Vivint are neck-and-neck with a few of their features. Vivint’s innovative technology makes it an industry leader. We believe that ADT’s industry experience and a longer trial period gives you greater confidence with time-tested products and more freedom to device if their services are right for your security needs.
Pro monitoring starts at $45.99/mo. $29.99/mo.
Installation Professional Professional
Contract length 12-36 months 42 – 60 mos. if financing equipment
Guarantees/ Refunds 6 months 30 days
BBB Rating A+ C-
*Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge.
Frequently Asked Questions about ADT and Vivint

Frequently Asked Questions about ADT and Vivint

Does ADT or Vivint provide professional installation?

Both ADT security and Vivint provide professional installation for their customers. The price of ADT home security installation starts at $99, and Vivint’s installation service usually costs $199, though sometimes there are promotions that offer free installation.

Does ADT security require a contract?

ADT systems do require at least a 12-month contract (a 24-month contract for California residents).

Does Vivint security require a contract?

Vivint will require you to enter into either a 42-month or a 60-month contract if you choose to finance your security system. If, however, you pay for your equipment upfront, you will not have to enter into a contract with Vivint and will only be responsible for paying for your monthly monitoring.

What types of packages do ADT and Vivint provide?

ADT offers several packages for customers to choose from, including the Protection Plus Package, the Smart Protection Package, Video Lite Package and the Complete Package. In the basic, Protection Plus Package, you’ll have access to 24/7 professional monitoring as well environmental monitoring. Higher-tier equipment packages require slightly higher monitoring fees.


Vivint doesn’t offer predetermined equipment packages. Instead, you can select equipment to build a custom package specifically for your home. Monthly monitoring fees start at $29.99/mo.


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