ADT vs. SimpliSafe

Compare ADT and SimpliSafe to find the best security solution for your home.

ADT and SimpliSafe are two popular home security providers that offer different experiences to their customers.While they both offer competitive security packages, professional monitoring options, environmental monitoring and home automation options, they differ in terms of installation, contract length, and expansion options. Here, we help you break down the key differences.

Best for Industry Experience

  • Over 140 years of industry experience
  • $500 Theft Protection
  • 6-Month Money Back Guarantee

Best for DIY Installation

SimpliSafe Security

  • No contracts
  • Inexpensive professional monitoring
  • A range of security packages to choose from

Compare ADT vs. SimpliSafe

ADT is perhaps the most widely recognized name in home security, with over 140 years of experience and a diverse lineup of products, services and optional add-ons, plus a 6-month money back guarantee and $500 theft protection guarantee. SimpliSafe is a newer provider, but it offers plenty of contemporary appeal: Payment plans and installation are simple but flexible, there’s a generous 60-day trial period, and its equipment is modern and sleek.

Industry Experience

Winner: ADT

ADT takes the prize as the provider with the most industry experience. Serving customers for over 140 years, ADT is trusted by over 7 million customers for security services and home automation products to make their lives easier and help to protect their homes. SimpliSafe has provided home security solutions for homeowners since 2006.

Equipment Cost

Winner: SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe wins the round on equipment cost. With a suite of products geared towards the DIY customer and the ability of purchasing to own, SimpliSafe security is the better provider for customers looking for the best value. If you’re looking to rent equipment instead, ADT security provides leasing and professional installation for homeowners.

Professional Monitoring Cost

Winner: SimpliSafe

Out of the two providers, SimpliSafe provides lower professional monitoring costs. SimpliSafe features 2 monthly professional monitoring plans, Standard and Interactive. Both plans include 24/7 professional monitoring, cellular connection and environmental monitoring for customers looking for security beyond intrusion features. The Standard Plan costs about $14.99/mo. while the Interactive Plan is about $24.99/mo.

Home Automation

Winner: ADT

When it comes to home automation, ADT home security is a step ahead with some of the products featuring Z-Wave technology. This technology allows those products to be used with many digital assistants to include Amazon Alexa, Google Home and more. While SimpliSafe has digital assistant compatibility, ADT has a range of products to provide greater smart home functionality


Tie: ADT and SimpliSafe

ADT provides professional installation to take the guesswork out of self-installations, but if you’d prefer to install your system, SimpliSafe is the better option. A few perks of ADT’s professional installation is that someone will be there to answer any equipment questions you might have, as well as share security advice based on your home and equipment placement.

Environmental Monitoring

Tie: ADT and SimpliSafe

Both ADT and SimpliSafe provide several options for environmental monitoring. With flood sensors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and more, these providers work to ensure you’re safe beyond intrusion protection. Depending on the package, some of the products may come included, or you could purchase them separately.

Differences: ADT vs. SimpliSafe

Compared with ADT, SimpliSafe gives you more flexibility in setting up your own home security systems and is also a less expensive provider. However, ADT has unmatched industry experience, professional installation and home automation options. While ADT is our top choice for professional installation, SimpliSafe is one of our top choices for DIY home security options. Consider what you need in a home security system as these options suit different priorities.

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SimpliSafe Security

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Monthly monitoring starting price $14.99/mo.
Contract length Month-to-month
Trial period/refunds 60 days
BBB Rating A+

Frequently Asked Questions about ADT and SimpliSafe


Do either ADT or SimpliSafe provide professional installation?

ADT provides professional installation for its security systems. SimpliSafe allows you to self-install its security systems.

Does ADT security require a long-term contract?

ADT’s security systems do require a 36-month contract (a 24-month contract for California residents).

Does SimpliSafe security require a long-term contract?

No, but you do have to pay for all of your equipment up front. After that, you can pay a month-to-month subscription to SimpliSafe’s monitoring services.

What types of packages does ADT and SimpliSafe provide?

ADT offers three home security packages with the basic package including essentials like sensors and signage. SimpliSafe offers a range of packages with its basic package including essentials like an entry sensor, door sensor and signage as well.

What types of packages does ADT and SimpliSafe provide?

ADT provides several professional monitoring options that vary in price and offer you the 24/7 security your home needs. SimpliSafe has two monitoring plan options, the Standard Plan and the Interactive Plan, both of which feature around-the-clock monitoring, a cellular connection and environmental monitoring.

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