ADT vs. Ring

Compare ADT and Ring to find the best security solution for your home.

ADT and Ring are home security providers on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Each company is better suited for different types of people and homes. In this ultimate ADT vs. Ring comparison, we’ve made it easy to decide which provider is right for your family.

In one corner, ADT is a traditional security company with over 140 years of experience. It requires professional installation and long-term contracts, backed by some of the best guarantees in the industry. In the other corner, Ring (which is owned by Amazon) is a technology-first company that helped turn video doorbells into everyday household items. On top standalone products like video doorbells and cameras, Ring also offers security system kits that can be self-installed and even self-monitored.

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Compare ADT vs. Ring

Compare ADT vs. Ring


Winner: Ring

It’s a close call, but we’ll give this one to Ring. Depending on your set-up, costs may even out over time, but Ring has more flexibility which helps keep costs low. With Ring, you can buy either a self-monitored standalone device (like a camera) or a complete security kit for $398 with professional monitoring for $10/mo. With ADT, you can get started for as little as $99 for equipment, but professional monitoring is required and it starts at $35.99/mo. ADT also requires professional installation (which entails a fee) and a 36-month minimum contract.

Industry Experience

Winner: ADT

Both ADT  and Ring are household names at this point, but ADT has been specializing in home security for 140+ years. It has award-winning in-house monitoring centers, so you can be certain that the agents who respond to your alarms are well-trained and familiar with your equipment. ADT services are backed by some of the industry’s best guarantees, including a $500 Theft Protection Guarantee.

Home Automation

Winner: ADT

Ring products are high-quality and they do provide some home automation benefits, such as support for Amazon Alexa. However, ADT offers several popular smart home devices and it’s compatible with many third-party brands, including Alexa and Google Assistant. The touchscreen alarm panel hub doubles as a Z-wave smart home hub, so you can control and configure all of your home automation devices from one central device and app.


Winner: Ring

Professional installation is required with the purchase of any ADT plan, which entails a separate fee of $99-$199. The Ring security system is designed for do-it-yourself (DIY) installation, but you can also hire a professional. Ring’s installation service is performed by Amazon Home Professionals and starts at $67.

Trial Period

Winner: ADT

Ring gives its customers a 30-day free trial period, during which they can decide whether or not they like the professional monitoring service. Although ADT starts charging customers from day one, these charges are refundable within six months if you’re not happy with the equipment or service.

Security Cameras

Winner: Ring

ADT’s security camera line consists of one indoor camera, one outdoor camera and a video doorbell. In stark contrast, Ring allows you to choose from 14 different security cameras and five video doorbells. If camera options are important to you, Ring is the clear winner.

Overview: ADT vs. Ring

Overview: ADT vs. Ring

Ring Home Security

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Professional monitoring starts at $35.99/mo. $10/mo. or $100/year
Contract Length 36 months Month-to-month plans
Installation Professional installation required DIY with professional option
Trial Period 6 months 30 days
BBB Rating A+ C

If you’ve narrowed your home security decisions down to ADT vs. Ring, your choice may boil down to whether or not you’re comfortable with DIY systems.  If you’re a savvy DIY aficionado whose main goal is to set up a few cameras and/or a basic security system without breaking the bank on professional monitoring, the Ring security system is your go-to option. On the other hand, if you’re looking to get professional help setting up a robust system with integrated security and smart home safety products, go with ADT. Whichever provider you choose, you’ll have peace of mind knowing both are top-rated for customer service and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions About ADT & Ring

Frequently Asked Questions About ADT & Ring

Which is cheaper, ADT or Ring?

It all depends on what products and services you choose. Ring is the more flexible of the two companies, so it’s more likely to offer a security solution that fits your needs with a minimal investment. 

However, if you want a fully-equipped security system with many peripherals – and ADT’s contract length doesn’t scare you – ADT is likely a better choice. You’ll probably pay less over time and have a greater variety of equipment and package options to choose from. 

Do ADT and Ring offer DIY installation?

ADT customers are required to pay for professional installation, but Ring security systems can be either DIY or professionally installed.

Will I have to sign a contract with ADT or Ring?

ADT professional monitoring plans require a 36-month contract term. Ring allows you to pay month-to-month, but gives discounts if you pay for the entire year up front.


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