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ADT vs. Protect America

ADT is perhaps the most widely recognized name in home security, with over 140 years of experience and a diverse lineup of products, services and optional add-ons, plus a 6-month money back guarantee and $500 theft protection guarantee. However, Protect America is also a competitive provider, offering top features like do-it-yourself installation, home automation options and mobile app control – all at a lower starting price. Learn more about how the two leading companies compare.

Compare ADT vs. Protect America

Compare ADT vs. Protect America

ADT and Protect America mostly differ in their options for installation. ADT is better suited than Protect America for customers who prefer a professional installation of their security systems. However, Protect America serves customers who want to self-install their systems. With both providers, you’ll get 24/7 professional monitoring, environmental monitoring, and home automation features.


Professional Installation

Winner: ADT

ADT takes the win for this round. With a professional installation, you can be more confident that your system is installed properly, and you can avoid any costly mistakes. With ADT, a trained technician will come out to your home and make sure your system is ready to use. You’ll be able to ask questions and get tailored advice. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that ADT’s professional installation is a win for everyone. Protect America systems require do-it-yourself installation. While this does involve+ a little extra work for the homeowner, it also means lower up-front costs and greater flexibility.

No Installation Fee

Winner: Protect America

One of the perks of a DIY installation is that you can avoid paying an installation fee. With Protect America, once you receive your security system, you can install it yourself in an hour or less. This also prevents you from having to find a time that works best with your schedule for having a technician to come out and service your home. If you’re not comfortable with a DIY installation, then we would recommend ADT instead. The price of ADT’s installation service starts at $99.

Trial Period

Winner: ADT

ADT wins for our Trial Period category – ADT security provides a 6-Month Money Back Guarantee, the lengthiest trial period that we know of. If you are not happy with your security system within the first six months, ADT will give you a refund for the cost of installation and/or any monitoring fees. Protect America also offers a trial period, albeit a shorter one. For a full refund, you must return your equipment within 15 days.


Winner: Protect America

Protect America takes the prize for this round. There are no upfront costs to pay when choosing Protect America’s services. Having no upfront cost for equipment is great for those looking for affordability. For the basic Copper Package with a landline connection, you’ll only pay $19.99/mo. If you’d prefer cellular monitoring, with the Copper Package, you’ll pay $41.99/mo. With ADT security, monitoring is more expensive and starts at $45.99/mo.

Security Cameras

Tie: ADT & Protect America

ADT and Protect America are neck-and-neck in this category. Each one offers indoor cameras with similar specifications (720p HD video, night vision, motion detection, and more) and weatherproof outdoor cameras.

Mobile App Access

Tie: ADT & Protect America

It’s a tie for both providers since their apps are apple-to-apples. Here some features of each provider’s app: arm or disarm your security system; receive alerts and notifications; watch live video feeds. Keep in mind that both ADT and Protect America require higher-tier service plans to use mobile app access, so do a close price comparison once you’ve decided on your non-negotiable must-have security features.

Summary: ADT vs. Protect America

Summary: ADT vs. Protect America

ADT and Protect America both have unique features that set their services apart. ADT is known for its longer trial period and money-back guarantee whereas Protect America is recognized for its affordability and no upfront costs. Overall, the main difference between the two providers is that ADT provides professional installation while Protect America requires self-installation.
Monthly monitoring starting price $19.99/mo.
Contract length 36 months
Trial period/ refunds 15 days
BBB rating A-
*Price shown is monthly price for landline monitoring service.
Frequently Asked Questions about ADT and Protect America

Frequently Asked Questions about ADT and Protect America

Do ADT and Protect America provide professional installation?

ADT provides professional installation for its security systems, but Protect America’s security systems can be self-installed. The price of installation service starts at $99.

Do ADT and Protect America require long-term contracts?

Yes, ADT’s services require entering into a 12-month contract (a 24-month contract for California residents). Protect America’s security services also require entering into a 36-month contract.

What types of packages do ADT and Protect America provide?

ADT offers three home security packages that you can choose from: Protection Plus, Smart Protection, Video Lite and Complete. The basic, Protection Plus Package includes essentials like a control panel, alarm, sensors and signage. Protect America offers three security packages: Copper, Silver and Platinum. The Copper Package comes with a standard control panel as well, sensors and signage.

What professional monitoring options do ADT and Protect America have?

ADT has several professional monitoring options that vary in price and provide you with the 24/7 security your home needs. ADT also allows you to choose a landline or cellular connection for your monitoring. Protect America has three professional monitoring plans: the Landline Plan, Broadband Plan and the Cellular Plan. The cost of professional monitoring ranges from $19.99/mo. – $57.99/mo. depending upon the equipment package that you choose.


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