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Compare ADT and Guardian Protection to find the best home security solution.
Updated Mar 1, 2021
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ADT and Guardian Protection are both popular home security companies that offer professional monitoring. But when it comes to ADT vs. Guardian Protection, which is better? We’ve broken down the differences and similarities between the two to see who comes out on top.

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Compare ADT vs. Guardian Protection

  • Installation

    Winner: ADT

    ADT installation costs between $99 and $199. We like that an ADT professional technician will install your equipment and show you how to use it before leaving. Service is available in 48 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Guardian offers professional installation, but doesn’t list the cost online. 

    Guardian Protection requires professional installation for its security packages. They only service 18 metro areas in 16 U.S. states are serviced. Guardian offers professional installation, but doesn’t list the cost online, making ADT the clear winner in this category.

  • Price & Contract

    Winner: ADT

    While ADT does offer packages as low as $35.99/mo. With a three-year (36 month) contract. They offer basic home security equipment for that price. On the other hand, Guardian Protection’s standard professional monitoring package is $45.99/mo.

    Both ADT and Guardian security offer packages with smart home security features. Guardian’s starts at $45.99/mo., while ADT’s smart home package starts at $47.99. With similar prices and contract lengths, this category is a tie between the two providers.

  • Home Automation

    Winner: ADT

    ADT offers easy home automation with a competitive lineup of devices including video doorbells, sensors and thermostats. You can control your system and smart home devices using the ADT mobile app.

    Through the Guardian App, you can manage your Guard Protection home automation with the push of a button. Control door locks, lights, and thermostats, or get a live view of your security cameras. 

    However, we like that ADT has a few smart features that Guardian Protection doesn’t. Unlike Guardian, ADT’s smart sensors use built-in technology to recognize pets and won’t trigger a response when they walk by. ADT’s smart home variety and next-level technology make them the winner of this category.

  • Trial Period

    Winner: ADT

    All ADT packages come with a 6-month, money-back guarantee. Your installation and monitoring fees will be refunded if there’s a system issue that ADT cannot resolve within the first six months.

    Guardian Protection doesn’t currently advertise a trial period, but they do offer a 7-day Orientation period for new customers to get adjusted to the system and only alert emergency responders if you request them.

    ADT’s flexible trial period makes them a winner in this category.

  • Professional Monitoring

    Tie: ADT and Guardian Proection

    ADT offers 24/7 professional monitoring to give you peace of mind whether you’re at home or away. If sensors are triggers, professional monitoring specialists will alert emergency responders on your behalf. You’ll also receive a mobile alert using the ADT mobile app to keep you in the know. 

    Guardian security services have a stellar reputation in the professional monitoring world. The company has been named Monitoring Center of the Year twice since 2015 by The Monitoring Association. This means that Guardian Protection meets incredibly high industry standards in areas such as a trained monitoring team and communication with law enforcement.

    Both providers have fast response times and monitoring included in their monthly plans - without any additional monitoring fees. That makes this category a tie.

  • Security Cameras

    Tie: ADT and Guardian Protection

    ADT offers three security cameras: an indoor camera, an outdoor camera, and a video doorbell. They record 720p footage and have a built-in motion sensor to alert you when visitors and heated objects such as cars are close to your home. ADT’s video doorbell also has two-way audio and smart home connectivity to see live activity from your smartphone.

    The Guardian security camera lineup also includes an indoor camera, outdoor camera and video doorbell. All three cameras come with 1080p HD resolution, motion-triggered recording, and alerts. Guardian has better resolution, two-way audio and smart home connectivity. Since Guardian’s cameras have better resolution they win this category.

Summary: ADT vs. Guardian Protection

ADT and Guardian Protection are comparable in many ways. While ADT came out on top in more categories overall, it was often a narrow victory. ADT offers more flexibility in terms of installation and trial periods, while Guardian shines in the customer service and professional monitoring department. Unfortunately, however, Guardian security services are only available in a few states, so this provider might not even be an option for you depending on where you live.

Guardian Protection

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