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ADT vs. CPI Security

Compare ADT and CPI Security to see what's best for your home.

ADT and CPI Security are two popular home security providers that offer several packages to suit homeowners’ various needs. With both ADT and CPI Security, you’ll get a professional installation for your system. Both providers also feature 24/7 professional monitoring for around-the-clock protection of your home and home automation features. Here’s a closer look at how they compare.

Compare ADT vs. CPI Security

Compare ADT vs. CPI Security

ADT and CPI are both leading names in monitored home security systems. To help you decide between the two, we compared their systems and services and highlighted where each provider comes out on top.


Shorter Contract

Winner: ADT

ADT offers a shorter contract length for their home security services. You can get intrusion protection and monitoring starting with a 12-month contract for any one of the packages ADT offers. CPI Security’s contracts are slightly longer. If you’re new to the provider’s services, you can choose between a 39-month or 60-month monitoring contract. If you want to pay for your monitoring on a month by month basis, then you’ll have to pay for all equipment upfront.

Mobile App Access With All Packages

Winner: CPI Security

CPI Security allows you to use the inTouch mobile app for all of its home security packages. This means you’ll be able to remotely arm and disarm your security system as well as manage smart devices like smart locks, smart plugs, and more. ADT also has a mobile app with these features, but you’ll need to upgrade to the higher-tier Smart Protection or Complete packages to get access.

Smart Home Devices

Winner: ADT

ADT wins this round because it offers a greater selection of home automation devices, including smart lights, smart door locks, smart plugs, smart thermostats and more. You’ll have greater ability to design your own smart home with these products and automate more functions. CPI Security also provides essential devices like smart locks and plugs, but their selection is smaller.

Video Surveillance

Winner: CPI Security

With video surveillance, CPI Security has an advantage with Intelligent Video Activity Notifications or IVAN technology, which is able to identify people, vehicles and even animals. Once an object or individual has been identified, you’ll be notified and can watch a live video stream through the mobile app. ADT monitored security also allows you to keep tabs on what’s happening at home with video surveillance and activity alerts, but CPI Security’s IVAN technology is more robust with smarter video notifications.

Professional Installation

Tie: ADT & CPI Security

Don’t expect a tiebreaker here – both ADT and CPI Security require professional installation to ensure your system functions properly. A trained technician will visit your home and make sure your system is ready to use. You’ll also be able to ask your questions and get tailored advice for your home’s security and smart home needs.

Professional Monitoring

Tie: ADT & CPI Security

ADT provides the fast response you need in the event of an emergency with 24/7 professional monitoring. The provider has six command centers located across North America with monitoring professionals standing by to help. CPI Security also offers 24/7 professional monitoring to customers through its Central Station. With video verification, a CPI professional will be able to see intruders or anything that triggers your alarm system to help keep you and your valuables safe.

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Overview: ADT vs. CPI Security

Overview: ADT vs. CPI Security

Compared to ADT, CPI Security has more innovative video surveillance technology that allows them to send notifications through their mobile app in real time. However, both ADT and CPI Security offer wired and wireless systems, as well as indoor and outdoor cameras. ADT also has more choices than CPI for smart home devices to automate your home with. It’s truly a tough call between these two, so we recommend comparing specific prices for the exact functionality and service levels you require.

CPI Security

Learn more about
Monthly monitoring starting price $45.99/mo. $29.99/mo.
Installation Professional Professional
Minimum contract length 12 months 39 months
Trial period 6 months None
BBB Rating A+ A+
Frequently Asked Questions about ADT and CPI Security

Frequently Asked Questions about ADT and CPI Security

Do ADT and CPI Security provide optional DIY installation?

No, both ADT and CPI Security’s systems are installed by professional technicians. If you are looking for DIY home security options, check out our picks for the Best DIY Home Security Systems.

What types of packages do ADT and CPI Security provide?

ADT offers four packages: Total Protection, Smart Protection, Video Lite and Complete. If you only want the essentials for protecting your home, choosing the Total Protection Package e is best. If you want video surveillance capabilities in addition to mobile app access, we would recommend choosing the Complete Package. Pricing varies for each ADT security package. CPI Security offers three packages: inTouch Essentials, inTouch Essentials Plus and the inTouch Edge packages. Each of CPI Securiy’s packages offer mobile app access, giving you the ability to remotely arm and disarm your security system. You can get video surveillance capabilities with both the inTouch Essentials Plus and the inTouch Edge packages. Pricing varies for each package.

What professional monitoring options do ADT and CPI Security have?

The price of professional monitoring for both providers is competitive. You can get 24/7 professional monitoring with ADT monitored security for as low as $45.99/mo. With CPI Security, you can get 24/7 professional monitoring for as low as $29.99/mo.


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