ADT vs. Cox

Compare ADT and Cox’s home security services to see which one is right for you.

ADT and Cox Homelife are security system providers that professionally install equipment for their customers. Both companies provide home automation devices, including smart locks and smart lights. While Cox’s no-contract service allows customers the choice between 24/7 monitoring or self-monitoring, ADT has more industry experience and offers a 6-Month Money Back Guarantee. See what these two providers offer to keep your home safe and secure.

Compare ADT vs. Cox

Compare ADT vs. Cox

ADT and Cox Homelife are security companies that offer a wide range of security equipment with professional installation. ADT is an award-winning home security provider that provides customers with a six-month money-back guarantee and 24/7 monitoring. Cox Homelife provides customers a self-monitoring package and a full 24/7 monitoring package to suit their security needs. Find the best security solution for your home by comparing these two providers.



Winner: Cox

When you sign up for ADT, you must sign up for a 36-month contract, making it unsuitable for renters. However, with its rolling month-to-month contract, Cox Homelife provides more flexible security services without long-term contracts. Our vote for this round goes to Cox.

Industry Experience

Winner: ADT

After more than 140 years in the business, ADT is a clear winner of this category. The company offers its customers a comprehensive 24/7 monitoring service and excellent customer service to more than 7 million customers. Cox Homelife is a relatively new company that has been providing security solutions to clients since 2014. 


Tie: ADT and Cox

Cox Homelife offers customers many security and home automation equipment options, including smoke detectors, security cameras, and smart devices. ADT also provides home automation equipment and has one of the best security systems on the market. The winner of this category depends on whether you want to control your home’s security system or let someone else do it for you.  


Tie: ADT and Cox

Pricing is a draw in this contest, and what works for you will depend on your priorities. Cox Homelife offers two different packages, the cheapest is $29.99 per month and is self-monitored, while its monitored package is $54.99 per month. ADT offers 24/7 monitoring with its basic package at $35.99 per month, but its initial setup fee is expensive.

Professional Monitoring

Winner: ADT

ADT wins this round. With 24/7 monitoring and a CellGuard backup, its CellGuard security system will make sure your home is always safe and secure. The equipment is also weatherproof, tamperproof, and you don’t need a landline to install it. Cox Homelife offers one monitored package that comes with a selection of detectors and sensors. 

Warranty & Guarantees

Winner: ADT

While Cox Homelife offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, it can’t beat ADT’s $500 Theft Protection guarantee, which will pay a part of your insurance deductible if your home is burglarized while your ADT system is armed.

Our Pick: ADT vs. Cox Homelife

ADT outperforms Cox Homelife with many of its features. Cox Homelife does have strong plusses for those who want self-monitoring or don’t want a long-term contract. ADT, however, is an industry leader. It offers customers a six-month trial period with an impressive guarantee, giving you more time to decide if its security package is the right one for you.
Monitoring costs starts at $29.99/mo.
Contract length No contract
Trial period 30 days
Installation (DIY or Pro) Professional
Guarantees/ Refunds 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
BBB Rating N/A
Frequently Asked Questions about ADT and Cox

Frequently Asked Questions about ADT and Cox

What kind of equipment packages do ADT and Cox Homelife offer?

ADT’s traditional package starts at $99 with a monthly subscription cost of $35.99 while its video package is $57.99 per month with an extra fee of between $129 and $229.

Cox Homelife offers only one professional monitoring plan to its customers. The Smart Home Automation & Monitored Security package starts at $54.99 per month.

Do either ADT or Cox Homelife offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

ADT’s professional monitoring is available with all packages. However, with the ADT Video package, you can keep tabs on your home with live video surveillance and remote capabilities. 

Cox’s basic package offers the ability to self-monitor while 24/7 monitoring is available with its most expensive security package.

Are either ADT or Cox Homelife a good choice for renters?

Both ADT and Cox’s security systems are installed by professional installers. However, Cox’s no-contract service may make it a better choice for renters than ADT’s 36-month minimum contract.

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