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ADT vs. Cove

We compare a home security giant with an upstart company to see how they compare.

As one of the leading competitors in the home security space, ADT guarantees its services, provides professional installation, and offers high-quality equipment and home automation options. It may not be the cheapest option out there, but ADT is well-tested and well-respected. Cove Security launched in 2018. Though it’s a newer company, Cove has wasted no time attracting attention for its low prices and transparent business model. Contracts and pricing are straightforward and pressure-free, and many customers enjoy professional monitoring without any contract at all.

Compare ADT vs. Cove

Compare ADT vs. Cove



Winner: Cove

Cove’s very competitive pricing makes it a clear choice here. Its basic monitoring plan starts at $14.99/mo., with an upgrade to Cove Plus only costing $25/mo. Costs vary for its customizable equipment packages. ADT starts its plans at $45.99/mo. and goes up to $57.99/mo. for full features, in addition to the $599 equipment cost over the length of the contract.

Trial Period

Winner: ADT

If any issues do arise, ADT offers a 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee to refund installation and monitoring fees if there’s a service or system issue they cannot resolve. Cove is contract-free so users can cancel at any time without worry about trial periods or cancellation fees. In these cases, the paid-for equipment stays with you. Cove’s Economy plan allows users a 60-day trial period, but it’s not quite as long as ADT’s guarantee so they win this round.


Winner: Cove

In addition to selecting a monitoring plan, Cove allows you to select a payment plan that determines your type of contract. Its Value Plan requires upfront payment for equipment but leaves you contract-free after that. The Economy Plan rolls the cost of equipment into the monthly monitoring costs with a 36-month contract, while its Plus Plan offers a lifetime rate lock. ADT has recently expanded its contract options – but still requires a contract. Contract length now starts at 12-months, with the flexibility to choose a longer contract length if preferred. This is a nice addition to the legacy site, but we still prefer the no-contract option here.

Home Automation

Winner: ADT

Perhaps because it’s a relatively new company, Cove hasn’t branched into home automation yet. Cove Plus does integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can control some smart products from there. If this is one of your priorities, however, ADT is a clear choice. It offers plenty of smart home products and an app for full control, though you’ll have to subscribe to an upgraded package.


Winner: Cove

Both companies offer high-quality equipment, with comparable features such as outdoor and indoor cameras, door and window sensors and carbon monoxide detectors. ADT also offers a video doorbell. Cove provides motion sensors, glass break detectors, and Smash and Grab protection for the main panel. Cove outperforms ADT, however, by offering customizable equipment packages and low-cost add-ons.


Tie: ADT & Cove

If you’re looking for professional installation, ADT is for you. For a fee of at least $99, their technicians will help you position cameras and ensure that all equipment functions properly. If you prefer DIY security, Cove is a better choice. As you sign up, you can even assign names and locations to each piece of equipment so that you’ll know exactly where to place each product it arrives.

Summary: ADT vs. Cove

Summary: ADT vs. Cove

Based on the categories above, Cove pulls ahead of ADT as the best choice for average consumers. If you’re willing to undertake DIY installation, then Cove’s excellent pricing and customizable equipment packages will make home security an affordable, personalized experience. Its no-contract professional monitoring adds extra flexibility. Even so, for consumers looking into extensive home automation services, or those who prefer professional installation, ADT my be worth the extra investment. Its 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee and $500 Theft Protection Guarantee are nice bonuses as well.

Cove Security

Learn more about
Monitoring starts at $45.99/mo.
Contract length 12 months
Trial period/ refunds 6 months
Installation Professional
Guarantees or Refunds $500 Theft Protection
Warranty Optional Extended Limited Warranty on equipment
BBB Score A
Safety Score 8.8
Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge. Details accurate as of March 27, 2020.
Frequently Asked Questions about ADT and Cove

Frequently Asked Questions about ADT and Cove

What kind of equipment packages do Cove Security and ADT offer?

The starting package for ADT includes a digital panel, alarm, sensors, a motion detector and window and yard signage. More advanced packages include extra features, and buyers may upgrade for additional products. Cove customizes its equipment to each home and makes upgrades easy, cheap, and transparent with clear pricing on its website.

What kind of monitoring plans do Cove Security and ADT offer?

Cove offers two tiers of monitoring. Their Basic Plan costs $14.99/mo., and Cove Plus costs $25/mo.. ADT offers several packages, beginning with Protection Plus for $45.99/mo. Its highest package, the Complete package, starts at $57.99/mo. and includes full video features and home automation services.

Do either ADT or Cove Security offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

Both ADT and Cove Security provide professional monitoring services. Cove gives the option to self-monitor. However, ADT provides access to live video streaming and recording capabilities.

Are either ADT or Cove Security a good choice for renters?

Cove Security may be a stronger choice for renters. Equipment is fitted for your unique needs, and if you purchase the equipment upfront with its Value Plan, then it’s yours to keep. The no-contract Value Plan, along with the DIY installation, is also helpful for quick moves.

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