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Updated Jul 9, 2020
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Both Bay Alarm and ADT offer their customers professional installation options and 24/7 professional monitoring. They also provide their customers with a wide range of security equipment, including smart locks, security cameras and mobile apps. Bay Alarm has over 70 years of experience providing clients with home security solutions, but ADT trumps Bay Alarm with more than 145 years of experience and excellent warranties and guarantees. Bay Alarm is also only available in California, Arizona, and Washington, so if you’re not in those states, your decision between these two is made. See how these home security companies can help you keep your home safe. 

Compare ADT vs. Bay Alarm

  • Price

    Winner: ADT

    ADT offers its clients four different professional monitoring packages ranging from $35.99 - $57.99/mo.. ADT now requires you to buy $599 worth of equipment for each package, but you can pay for it over the course of your contract - not all at once. The company also charges $99 for installation. Unlike ADT, Bay Alarm does not have set equipment and monitoring packages as each system is tailored specifically for each customer. It does, however, offer monthly professional monitoring at $35/mo. and an installation cost of $199. ADT has a slight edge in this category because of their cost range and cheaper installation.

  • Warranty & Guarantees

    Winner: ADT

    Both companies offer a one-year warranty on their equipment, but the similarities stop there. ADT goes above and beyond most companies in this department: It offers its customers, offering an optional extended warranty and a $500 Theft Protection Guarantee. This guarantee will pay part of your insurance deductible should your home be burglarized when your ADT system is armed. Many customers will enjoy this added peace of mind.

  • Professional Monitoring

    Winner: ADT

    Both Bay Alarm and ADT offer customers 24/7 professional monitoring services and both industry leaders. They also both offer landline and cellular connectivity for your system to send signals to their monitoring center. Bay Alarm’s monitoring center is TMA 5 Diamond Certified and its monitoring packages start at $35/mo.. ADT’s professional monitoring packages start at a similar $35.99/mo. But with monitoring centers throughout Canada and the U.S. monitoring your home, ADT is the clear winner of this category. They have trained specialists in a few key areas including property, carbon monoxide and fire prevention. They also never use automated systems for a human connection during your time of concern.

  • Equipment

    Tie: ADT & Bay Alarm

    ADT and Bay Alarm are tied in this category as they offer a comprehensive selection of home security equipment, including security cameras, smart locks and doorbell cameras. Their mobile apps allow you to arm and disarm your alarm and control any smart locks in your home. Both offer touchscreen control panels for direct control as well, along with options for remote home automation.

  • Contract

    Winner: ADT

    In terms of minimum contract length, Bay Alarm requires a minimum 36-month contract. On the other hand, ADT offers more flexibility by giving you the option to choose your contract length. Keep in mind, there’s a minimum of 12 months. ADT provides its clients with clear pricing for both professional monitoring and equipment packages. Bay Alarm's equipment packages are customizable and not available online, but you can contact them directly if you want more information. Because ADT offers a more flexible contract length for their equipment and services they win this round.

  • Trial Period

    Winner: ADT

    While Bay Alarm’s 90-day trial period is generous compared to other security companies, it cannot compete with ADT’s risk-free period. ADT offers a 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee to refund all fees if there’s a system or service concern ADT cannot resolve within the first six months of being a customer. With ADT, customers will have plenty of time to consider if ADT is right for them.

The Winner: ADT

It is ADT’s 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee, generous Theft Protection Guarantee, and professional monitoring that makes it our pick for the overall winner. Both Bay Alarm and ADT offer clients with a comprehensive range of home security solutions and 24/7 professional monitoring services. But, Bay Alarm’s customer region, no guarantees and limited package information makes it hard for them to measure up to all that ADT offers.

Bay Alarm Security

Monitoring starts at
$35.99/mo. $35.00/mo.
Contract length
12 months36 months
Trial period/ refunds
6 months90 days
Professional Professional
Guarantees or Refunds
$500 Theft ProtectionNone
Optional Extended Limited Warranty on equipment1-year equipment warranty
BBB Score
Safety Score
Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge. Details accurate as of April 3, 2020.

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