ADT vs. AT&T Digital Life

Compare ADT and AT&T Digital Life to find the best security solution for your home.
Updated Mar 19, 2020
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Trying to decide between ADT vs. AT&T Digital Life for home security? Find the answers you’re looking for in this comparison highlighting key differences in price, service, and equipment to help you decide which provider is best.

Compare ADT vs. AT&T Digital Life

  • Price

    Winner: ADT

    AT&T Digital Life only offers one home security equipment package at $549.99, with a single professional monitoring option at $39.99/mo. ADT’s pricing is much lower, starting at just $99 for equipment and $35.99/mo. for monitoring.

  • Installation

    Winner: AT&T Digital Life

    ADT charges its customers between $99 and $199 for professional installation, which is mandatory. With AT&T Digital Life, professional installation is also required, but it’s free.

  • Smart Home Devices

    Winner: ADT

    ADT and AT&T Digital Life both offer comparable devices, including cameras, sensors, and smoke detectors. But AT&T is less transparent and doesn’t offer as many equipment customization options. AT&T’s security system doesn’t come inclusive with any smart home devices. ADT, however, offers a wider variety of customizable packages with easy add-ons like smart home devices.

  • Contract

    Winner: AT&T Digital Life

    AT&T Digital Life has a shorter service agreement than ADT. AT&T Digital Life customers have to sign a two-year service contract, while ADT requires customers to sign a three-year contract.

  • Trial Period

    Winner: ADT

    ADT is well-known for its six-month money-back guarantee. The guarantee refunds installation and monitoring fees if a system issue cannot be resolved. AT&T Digital Life offers a shorter trial period of just 14 days.

  • Mobile App

    Tie: ADT & AT&T Digital Life

    Both ADT and AT&T Digital Life have free mobile apps for smartphone control. These apps have similar functionality, allowing you to arm and disarm your alarm system, view live feeds of your security cameras and receive mobile notifications if sensors are triggered.

Summary: ADT vs. AT&T Digital Life

Overall, ADT vs. AT&T Digital Life are two very different home security providers. AT&T Digital Life comes with a much higher price tag but won’t lock you into service for quite as long. Meanwhile, ADT is a better option if you’re looking for flexibility; its packages are more customizable and they have a significantly longer trial period.

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