ADT vs. Abode

Compare ADT and Abode to decide which home security provider is better for you.

ADT vs. Abode

If you’re looking at Abode or ADT for home security and you need some help deciding which is better for your home, we’ve compiled a few facts you’ll want to consider. The providers are fairly different, with ADT leaning more toward professional installation and monitoring, and Abode being geared toward self-monitoring and do-it-yourself installation.

Compare ADT vs. Abode

Compare ADT vs. Abode

With over 140 years in the industry, ADT has Abode beat on experience. Interestingly, Abode was started by a former ADT executive in 2014. ADT is the industry standard, highly reputable and professional, and there’s no question about its reliability. Meanwhile, Abode emphasizes simplicity and easy DIY installation and monitoring.



Winner: Abode (in the long run)

If your sole consideration is ongoing cost, then Abode is your hands-down winner. At $8.33 per month for the first year, its monitoring service will save you 75% over ADT. The cost goes up to $200 per year after that, but still beats ADT by half. However, ADT’s “traditional” equipment package is only $99 against Abode’s $199 essentials starter kit. 


Winner: Abode

Abode is one of a few newer companies eschewing long-term contracts in favor of a month-to-month deal, and this is attractive if you’re not sure where you’ll be in six months or a year. ADT is more traditional, requiring a 36-month contract on monitoring to get started. 

Trial Period

Winner: ADT

ADT offers a hefty six months of extended, no-risk, money-back trial. This gives you a long time to evaluate the service and decide if it’s right for you. Contrast this with Abode’s 30-day trial period, and the winner of this round is clear. 

Warranty & Guarantees

Winner: ADT

There are no guarantees with Abode, but there is an unlimited equipment warranty if you buy a monitoring plan (which is not required). ADT’s warranty is limited with an option to extend, but they offer a $500 theft protection guarantee, meaning the company will pay part of your insurance deductible if your home is burglarized under its protection. That makes ADT a winner for this category.

Home Automation

Winner: ADT

Both ADT and Abode work with Alexa and Google Home, and both are compatible with Z-wave. Abode adds Zigbee to the mix and allows a nice array of automated tasks like turning the lights on when the sun sets, but these features can be hard for some to understand. ADT offers a variety of products like smart locks, smart thermostats, video doorbells, and more. Both providers do well here, but ADT seems slightly more robust. 

Industry Experience

Winner: ADT

There’s no question who wins this round. With over 140 years of experience, ADT is extraordinary in its longevity. Abode has only been around since 2014, but it helps that its founder is a former higher-up at ADT. Still, Abode has a long way to go to match ADT’s experience.  

Differences: ADT vs. Abode

Differences: ADT vs. Abode

On the surface, pitting Abode against the behemoth ADT seems a little unfair. Abode is in its infancy, while ADT has amassed nearly a century-and-a-half of knowledge. Still, Abode prides itself on simplicity and sleekness, and that translates to a much lower cost and commitment. Plus, Abode’s systems are great for self-monitoring, which would save you the cost of professional monitoring altogether. If you’re bent on DIY or your budget is tight, Abode is probably the right choice. If you’re willing to commit and you want a true professional helping you protect your home, then you’ll definitely want to ante up for ADT’s more robust offerings.

Abode Security

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Starting monitoring cost $8.33/mo.
Contract length No contract
Trial period 30 days
Installation (DIY or Pro) DIY with Professional option
Guarantees/ Refunds None
BBB Rating C
Frequently Asked Questions about ADT and Abode

Frequently Asked Questions about ADT and Abode

What kind of equipment packages do ADT and Abode offer?

ADT offers three equipment packages. Each package comes with a digital panel, entryway contacts, a wireless keychain remote, motion detector,  yard signs and 24/7 professional monitoring. The Traditional package offers basic home security equipment while the Control package gives you smart home control, and remote arming and disarming. Its top-tier package, called Video to connect cameras for video recording and control. ADT also offers Safewatch Cellguard, which allows your system to communicate with ADT’s monitoring centers via the cellular network.

Abode’s “Iota All-In-One”, comes with an HD camera with two-way voice, one mini door/window sensor and one key fob. Its “Smart Security Kit” includes a motion sensor, mini door/window sensor, and a key fob. 

What kind of monitoring plans do ADT and Abode offer?

ADT’s professional monitoring plan is $35.99 per month with a 36-month contract. Abode offers monitoring on a month-to-month basis at $8.33 per month. 

Do either ADT or Abode offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

Abode’s best feature is its self-monitoring capability. ADT, on the other hand, is strictly a professional monitoring service. 

Are either ADT or Abode a good choice for renters?

Since they utilize wireless technology, which can be quite unobtrusive, both ADT and Abode are good choices for renters. 

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