Abode vs. Nest

Compare Abode and Nest to find the best security solution for your home.

Abode vs. Nest

Abode and Nest are two home security providers that are popular in the DIY home security space. Both providers have unique and advanced equipment but still, keep the process simple. Learn more about the differentiating factors between Abode and Nest to help you determine which is best for your home.

Compare Abode Home Security vs. Nest

Compare Abode Home Security vs. Nest


Winner: Abode

Abode beats Nest when it comes to price. The Abode Smart Security Kit currently retails for $229 with professional monitoring options as low as $8.33/mo. Nest comes in at $399 for equipment and $19.00/mo. for monitoring.

Professional Monitoring

Winner: Nest

Both Abode and Nest offer professional monitoring. Nest Secure monitoring starts at $19.00/mo. Brinks Home Security, a well-known company in the security industry, provides monitoring for the Nest Secure system. We like that with Brinks monitoring, you’ll get your first month free. You’ll have comfort in knowing that Brinks claims to have the fastest alarm response time in case of an emergency.

Third-Party Integrations

Winner: Abode

According to Abode security, their systems are designed to “play well with others.” Third-party integration is easy to set-up with other popular smart home brands. Nest Secure can use Amazon Alexa with their security system, but other smart home integrations are limited, so we crown Abode the winner for this category.

Outdoor Cameras

Winner: Nest

Nest has a couple of outdoor cameras that customers can purchase, unlike Abode. The Google Nest Cam Outdoor, priced at $199, is designed with weatherproof features and is ideal for backyard monitoring. The cameras feature 1080p HD video and has a 130-degree wide-angle view. Abode doesn’t currently offer a native outdoor camera, making Nest the best option if you need an outdoor camera.

Professional Installation

Tie: Abode & Nest

Both Abode and Nest offer professional installation. Abode has a partnership with HelloTech for professional installation as low as $99. Google’s Nest Pro network allows you to hire a local professional to install your Nest equipment. The cost may vary by installation technician.

Smartphone App

Tie: Abode & Nest

We like that Abode and Nest each offer free smartphone apps for iOS and Android, with comparable features. You’ll be able to arm and disarm your alarm system, view footage and other convenient features whether you’re at home or on the go.

Summary: Abode vs. Nest

Summary: Abode vs. Nest

For homeowners who are purchasing their first security system, are worried about price and don’t have any specific needs, Abode is an affordable option with all the features you’ll need for basic home security. If you’re looking for a system with top-rated professional monitoring and outdoor cameras, Google’s Nest Secure system might be worth the higher price tag. Just keep in mind that you might be locked into using Google smart home products for home automation features.

Abode Security

Learn more about
Professional monitoring starts at $8.33/mo. $19.00/mo.
Installation DIY or Professional DIY or Professional
Trial 30 days 30 days
BBB Rating C B
Total Safety Score 9 8.8
Price 10 9
Standout Features 10 9
Equipment 9 9
Installation 8 10
Trial Period 8 7
Frequently Asked Questions about Abode Home Security and Nest

Frequently Asked Questions about Abode Home Security and Nest

Does Abode Home Security and Nest require contracts?

Neither Abode nor Nest require contracts. With Nest, however, if you opt for the $19.00/mo. professional monitoring plan with Brinks, you will have to enter into a 3-year service agreement.

Which is cheaper, Abode Home Security vs. Nest?

Abode offers cheaper packages and monitoring with home security packages starting at $229 and professional monitoring for as low as $8.33/mo.

Does Abode Home Security and Nest offer self-monitoring via mobile app?

Both Abode and Nest have smartphone apps for iOS and Android devices, allowing you to easily monitor your home security system on your own.

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