Compare Cove vs. Protect America Home Security |

Cove vs. Protect America Home Security

We put these two companies head to head to see which one comes out on top when it comes to pricing, equipment, monitoring and more.

Compare Cove vs. Protect America Home Security

Compare Cove vs. Protect America Home Security

Cove was founded in the spring of 2018 and aims to do away with the more frustrating and expensive parts of traditional home security: professional installation: pushy salespeople and lengthy contracts. Cove also bucked the trend of prepackaged home security systems and instead offers customers an a la carte custom package builder. Protect America started in 1992, and began offering DIY home security systems before they were cool. Despite its old age, it includes tech-forward offerings such as mobile app access and a wide variety of home automation products.


Winner: Cove

Because both Cove and Protect America let you pay $0 upfront with a 36-month contract, it’s easy to see that $35 a month for Cove Plus cellular monitoring is a savings over Protect America’s $41.99 a month Cellular plan. Cove also offers its Cove Plus customers a $5 per month credit that you can put toward future equipment purchases.


Winner: Protect America

Both Cove and Protect America offer standard home security and environmental monitoring equipment, including glass-break detectors, smoke detectors, and flood sensors. But Protect America also offers a wide variety of home automation products such as thermostats, light modules, smart outlets and smart locks from trusted brands such as August, Kwikset, Yale and


Wnner: Cove

While Cove does have a contract option if you don’t want to pay up-front for your equipment, it also offers its customers a contract-free Value Plan option where you pay out of pocket for the home security system devices and then only pay month-to-month for monitoring. In contrast, all of Protect America’s plans require a 36-month contract.

Security Cameras

Winner: Protect America

Protect America offers an indoor security camera with 1080p HD, two-way voice and motion detection. For outdoor video surveillance, Protect America has a doorbell camera that lets you answer your door from anywhere and sends motion alerts. Cove only offers an indoor camera, with no options for you to keep an eye on things outside your home.

Home Automation

Winner: Protect America

Cove’s home automation options are limited to Alexa and Google Home compatibility, and these integrations are only available with its top-tier Cove Plus plan. Protect America is fully Z-wave compatible, with a variety of smart home devices you can add on to your system for an automated home, including smart locks, garage door controllers, smart lightbulbs and more.

Warranty & Guarantees

Winner: Protect America

Unlike Cove, which only offers locked monitoring rates and a lifetime equipment warranty with its most expensive plan, Protect America includes these features with all of its plans. Protect America also offers a price match guarantee — if you can find a company advertising a lower price than Protect America for the same amount of security protection, it will match the competitor’s price.

The Bottom Line: Cove vs. Protect America

The Bottom Line: Cove vs. Protect America

If you don’t mind a long-term contract and you want options for expanding your home security system to include home automation and outdoor security, Protect America is a good choice. Its services are comparable to Cove’s, but it offers more room for expansion. If a contract isn’t appealing to you, and if you’re not as concerned with outdoor security, Cove is a slightly less expensive, no-frills option for solid DIY home security. Cove’s month-to-month option and more basic equipment are a better fit for renters and people living in apartments. 

Compare Cove vs. Protect America Home Security

Compare Cove vs. Protect America Home Security

Cove Security

Learn more about
Service Protect America Cove
Monthly monitoring starting price $19.99/mo. $14.99/mo.
Minimum contract length 36-month contract None required with upfront equipment purchase
Extended no-risk return period 15-day return for full refund 60 days
Installation (DIY or professional) DIY DIY
Guarantees Price match guarantee None
Warranty Free lifetime warranty on equipment 1 year (or lifetime with Plus monitoring)
BBB Rating A+ A
Safety Score 7.2 7.4
Frequently Asked Questions About Cove and Protect America

Frequently Asked Questions About Cove and Protect America

What kind of equipment packages do Cove and Protect America offer?

Protect America offers three different equipment packages: Copper, Silver and Platinum. All packages include a control panel, door and window sensors, and a motion sensor. Higher-tier packages include more door and window sensors. Cove doesn’t offer traditional packages, but sells its equipment a la carte. 

What kind of monitoring plans do Protect America and Cove offer?

Cove offers two plans. With the Value Plan, you pay for your equipment up front and pay for monitoring month by month. The Economy Plan puts you on a three-year contract for equipment and monitoring, with no upfront costs. Protect America plans are based on the type of connectivity — Landline, Broadband or Cellular — and range from $19.99 a month to $54.99 a month.

Does Cove or Protect America offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

Cove and Protect America both require professional monitoring plans for their home security systems.

Is Protect America or Cove a good choice for renters?

Cove is a better choice for renters because of its month-to-month, contract-free option. Its DIY equipment is also more basic than Protect America’s, and Cove’s a la carte style shopping experience is more practical for most renters than a prepackaged home security system.