5 Child Safety Door Locks to Childproof Your Home

Jalesa Campbell
Updated Feb 24, 2021
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Have a curious toddler or young escape artist at home? Whether your escape artist walks on two legs or four, you’ve probably discovered that it’s time for some safety door locks around the house. We share several highly-rated child safety door locks and where to consider adding them in your home.

5 Child Safety Locks & Covers

1. Door Lever Locks (3-Pack) by Family Care Store

Price: $14.77

These door lever locks by Family Care Store work well with most door lever handles. You can install one of the lever handles by placing it over a door handle — no drilling is needed. The lever comes with a strong 3M adhesive backing to hold it in place and prevent baby or child from easily opening the door. Removal can be completed with dental floss or a fishing line to prevent damage to the door. With this pack, you’ll also get a free finger pinch guard.

2. Door Knob Covers (4-Pack) by Jool Baby Products Store

Price: $9.95

These door knob covers by Jool Baby Products are designed to be compatible with most standard spherical doorknobs. This safety covering will spin when a child attempts to open the door, but adults can easily open with the covering.  Install them easily by snapping the parts together. You’ll be better able to keep children from opening exterior doors or visiting any areas that pose safety hazards. Jool provides a lifetime warranty for these products.

3. Door Lever Baby Safety Locks (3-Pack) by Driddle Store

Price: $11.98

If you need to child or pet-proof areas of your home, these safety lock levers by Driddle Store can help. It’s designed to fit standard door handles with a strong 3M adhesive. No tools are required for installation–you’ll simply install the safety lock over your door handle. This product can also be removed without damage and comes with a lifetime warranty.

4. Door Knob Safety Covers for Kids (4-Pack) by GRENFU

Price: $12.95

Prevent your child from venturing into hazardous areas of the home with this four-pack of door knob safety covers from GRENFU. These products are easy to install with no adhesion or drilling required. Simply place the covers on the door knob and close them together.

5. Door Knob Safety Covers (4-Pack) by Heart of Tafiti

Price: $9.99

Made with eco-friendly materials, these door knob safety covers by Heart of Tafiti prevent your little escape artist from making a getaway. While door access will be difficult for children, adults will be able to easily open the door by pressing the double buttons and gripping the knob. When you’re ready to remove them, all you’ll need is a screwdriver. These coverings are made to be compatible with standard spherical door knobs.

The Best Places to Add Child Safety Door Locks

  • Front doors. Prevent your child from wandering out the front door and potentially towards the street.
  • Garage door. Keep your child from getting into any outdoor maintenance products like pesticides or handling dangerous tools like rakes, shovels, hedge trimmers, and others.
  • Back patio door. If you have a wooded area behind your home, in-ground pool, or steps leading down to the yard, prevent your child from roaming into these areas.
  • Bathroom doors. Slippery floors as well as the bathtub or shower can be hazardous for younger children. Keep them from slipping or potentially drowning by adding a lock on these doors until they’re mature enough to understand how to properly navigate the bathroom.
  • Primary bedroom door. If your child is prone to roaming around, you could add one to the primary bedroom door. This would also keep them from getting into any hazards in your bedroom.
  • Laundry room door. The washer and dryer can be common areas for exploration. Prevent your child from wandering into these areas and also coming in contact with laundry cleaning products.
  • Hall closet door. Some of us store household cleaning products and items like the broom and dustpan in the hall closet. Keep your child from venturing into this area and potentially getting hurt or coming into contact with household chemicals.

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