5 Child Safety Cabinet Locks for Protecting Your Baby

Jalesa Campbell
Updated Feb 24, 2021
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Have a baby who’s on their way to walking?

You might want to start thinking ahead about baby proofing certain areas of your home, especially areas that could pose potential risks like kitchen cabinets or pantry doors where we tend to store household chemicals and cleaning supplies.

One way to help secure areas like these are by adding child safety locks. Here are several top-rated child safety cabinet locks and some additional tips on when it’s time to start looking.

When Should I Begin to Install Safety Locks?

It’s always better to get a head start before your baby begins to walk whenever possible. Once they’ve started walking and exploring the house, you’ll likely have to backtrack behind them to make sure they don’t get into anything dangerous. For a little more peace of mind, start early if you’re able.

Different Types of Safety Cabinet Locks

There are several types of cabinet locks you can find on the market to work with your home setup, including magnetic locks, strap locks, key locks, and handle locks.

Magnetic locks are designed to be disengaged by a magnetic key. Some magnetic locks need to be adhered inside cabinets or drawers and will keep the cabinet door closed so that your baby can’t get inside. To open the cabinet, you’ll need to use one of the keys or a strong magnet.

Strap locks are made so that they secure an opening, such as a cabinet door, drawer, or appliance door. Typically, they’ll have adhesive ends that can be secured to the cabinet or door and can be unlocked by pressing the latch buttons.

Key locks generally feature two ends that can be adhered to a cabinet or appliance door and then disengaged by physical key. These locks may also feature a steel or metal cable that connects the two ends.

Handle locks can be added to adjacent cabinet knobs or handles. These can be U-shaped locks that are disengaged by pinching or cord locks that can be loosened for opening.

5 Child Safety Cabinet Locks

1. Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Latches (2-Pack)

Price: $8.99

The Muchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Latches can help you secure cabinets, drawers, and even appliances. The strap is flexible so that it can bend around corners while being adhered to a surface. To open any doors you secure, simply press the dual buttons for releasing.

2. Adoric Sliding Cabinet Locks (4-Pack)

Price: $8.99

These cabinet locks by Adoric feature a U-shaped design for locking side-by-side cabinet handles. They provide a maximum lock length of up to five inches so handles that aren’t very close together can still be secured. No drilling or adhesion is required for installation — simply squeeze both buttons to unlock and then secure the lock back into place. These cabinet locks come with a one-year replacement warranty.

3. Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks (4 Locks & 1 Key)

Price: $12.99

The Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks are designed to be tamper proof for curious little hands (or paws). Designed to remain completely out of sight, the latches are attached inside your cabinets, and the locks are disengaged by a magnetic key. These locks are also made to hold cabinet doors in place so that no fingers are pinched.


4. Vmaisi Adhesive Magnetic Cabinet Locks (12 Locks & 2 Keys)

Price: $28.99

Get 12 locks and two keys with this set by Vmaisi for securing cabinets. These adhesive magnetic cabinet locks can be used in the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms to help keep younger children away from potentially hazardous items. Simply stick the lock instead of the cabinet or draw and use a magnetic key to unlock the cabinet. If you lose the magnetic keys, a strong magnet can be used to disengage the locks.

5. Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks (5-Pack)

Price: $9.99

The Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Lock is simple to install and use. You’ll get a set of five locks that can be added to cabinets with side-by-side knobs. Secure the safety strap in place by tightening to prevent your child from opening cabinet doors. This cabinet lock is great for taking anywhere such as to relatives’ homes to help keep your child safe.

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