5 Child-Proof Window Locks to Keep Your Little One Safe

Jalesa Campbell
Updated Feb 24, 2021
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According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), more than 3,300 children are estimated to receive medical treatment each year due to falling from a window. Additionally, the CPSC estimates that about eight children under the age of five lose their lives each year from falling out of a window.

These statistics highlight just how important it is to make sure your windows are secured if you have little ones at home. While it might seem that window screens make or windows safe, children are still at risk of falling through if the screen is pushed. One way to help prevent accidents like these from happening is to install child-proof window locks.

When Should I Install Child-Proof Window Locks?

It’s best if possible to install window locks before your child begins to walk so that you’re not playing catch-up. Look for areas where you know your child is likely to spend a lot of time, such as in their bedroom, in the living room, a playroom, the kitchen, and any other frequented areas. Be sure that the lock you choose will work with the type of windows you want to secure.

5 Child-Proof Window Locks

1. OKEFAN Sliding Glass Door/Window Child Lock (4-Pack)

Price: $13.95

These sliding glass door child locks by OKEFAN offer easy installation and firm placement. No drilling is required — simply adhere the lock to the glass on the window you want to secure (or even a patio door) and allow the lock to sit in place for 24 hours. Afterwards, the lock will be ready for use and prevent your baby from opening the window or door.

2. Sure Basics Sliding Glass Door/Window Child Locks (4-Pack)

Price: $11.99

The Sure Basics Sliding Glass Door Child Locks are designed for easy, single-handed use. These locks can also be used to secure doors and keep your baby from wandering outside or into another area of the home. Simply clean the place where you’d like to adhere the lock, peel off the protective strip, and apply the lock pressing firmly. Allow the adhesive to dry for 48 hours before use.

3. Defender Security Sliding Window Locks (2-Pack)

Price: $8.20

Prevent little ones from opening windows at home with these locks from the Defender Security Store. Each lock has an adjustable jaw that can be opened up to a half an inch. Use these locks on horizontal sliding windows or vertical sliding, single-hung windows. They’re made to fit frame rails with thicknesses between one-sixteenth to one half of an inch.

4. SYOSIN Sliding Door/Window Locks (4-Pack)

Price: $10.99

The SYOSIN Sliding Door/Window Locks are made with an airplane wing design for shifting from a locked to unlocked position. You can secure a door or window with this lock by adhering to the surface and closing the wings. To open the door or window, simply open or lay the wings flatly. This type of lock may be easier for kids to figure out, so be sure to install this door/window lock high enough so that it is out of your child’s reach.

5. OYU Window Locks (8-Pack)

Price: $12.49

Designed to fit on window rails, these locks by the OYU Store are suitable for frames between 0.08 and 0.63 inches thick. A plastic gasket is first set in place and then the lock is added and secured tightly by key. Once the window is locked, you can remove and store the key in a secure place until you’re ready to open it again.

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