CES 2020: This Year’s Health & Medical Innovations

Jalesa Campbell
Updated Feb 17, 2021
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While CES is known for its showcase of innovative technological gadgets across many sectors, we want to highlight some of the latest advancements in health and medicine.

New Advancements in Health & Medical Technology

As we’re all aware, the rise of wearables for monitoring your fitness goals and health information isn’t going anywhere, and if anything, the options are expanding. With advancements in technology from Bluetooth, voice control, artificial intelligence and more, companies are making it easier for us to not only set our health goals, but to also track our health and reach out for assistance. Medical wearables make this easy for those who are more active and on-the-go, while medical alert systems are better for those with less active lifestyles.

This year for CES 2020, more digital health devices were put on display. Medical Design & Outsourcing reports that 620 digital health devices were displayed this year versus 505 for last year. In this post, we highlight 5 unique medical devices featured at CES 2020.

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    Walabot HOME

    Designed to send out an automatic text message and calls in the event someone falls, the Walabot HOME is the first of its kind. As a fall alert system, there are no wearables needed for assistance – no buttons have to be pressed. The Walabot HOME device can be installed to a wall in the home, and will automatically detect falls using radio wave signals. If a fall is detected, this device will immediately notify a caregiver through text and send out calls to designated individuals until someone is reached for assistance. Walabot HOME is currently available for purchase online.

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    Conceptualized with cardiologists, ScanWatch monitors your heart rate and provides you with personal health alerts. This sleek device can also detect atrial fibrillation (AFib) and Sleep Apnea. If you’re looking to keep track of your fitness, ScanWatch can also monitor things like running distance and duration, floor climbings stats, and even swim metrics. Although not on the market yet, you can sign up to be notified when this intelligent device drops.

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    Did you know that not only seniors but even Millennials are being diagnosed with Diabetes? Aerbetic is a unique health monitoring device created to make glucose-level checking painless and simple. AerBetic bracelets and pendants will detect gases released through an individual’s breath and skin, and if a hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic episode is detected, then the individual, and any caregivers, will be notified. Aerbetic can be worn by adults and children. This device is not currently on the market, but you can sign up to be a Beta tester.

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    NightWatch Epilepsy Bracelet

    The NightWatch Epilepsy Bracelet can help you, a loved one, or patient live more independently and feel safer by sending out an alert during epiletic episodes. This device is configured to detect tonic seizures, tonic-clonic seizures, and additional episodes. Simply wear it as a wristlet, and whenever an incident is detected, an alert is sent to a designated individual. This bracelet can also be used with existing nurse call systems to provide audio and visual alerts. Using this device can help to warn family members or caregivers in better time and prevent them from having to seek professional medical assistance. While this device isn’t available for purchase, you can request a trial.

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    MobileHelp® Medical Alert Technology + LifePod® Voice Control Solutions

    MobileHelp® and LifePod® combine their solutions for a medical alert system with voice recognition. With a MobileHelp medical alert plan, a senior or anyone who may need additional home assistance can be connected to a trained monitoring specialist. LifePod’s speaker can discern verbal requests for help, and ask if there’s an emergency. If the user confirms, then a monitoring specialist will be contacted. If the user says that there’s no emergency, then a caregiver will receive a text message saying that help with requested. This device is currently not available for purchase, but is expected to be available later this year.

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