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What Do Vaccine Safety Offices Do and Why Closing One Is a Bad Idea

Across the nation, doctors and healthcare professionals are scrambling to produce a viable vaccine to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Once a vaccine arrives, patients who receive it must be closely monitored to understand the long-term health impacts.  But what happens when the office tasked with this vital work no longer exists in its original form? […]

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FireEye, A Cybersecurity Firm Says It’s Been Hacked

FireEye, a U.S. cybersecurity giant, has reported that it’s been hacked and is believed to be by a nation-state. The hackers accessed FireEye’s “Red Team” tools that are designed for testing customer vulnerabilities. According to CNET, CEO Kevin Mandia, believes that the attack came from a nation-state with “top-tier offensive capabilities.” The attack is also […]

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