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The 35 Best Smart Home Security Systems for 2016

Home security has come a long way over the years, with today’s models featuring all the bells and whistles that allow for them to be fully integrated with home networking systems and smart devices. Of course you’ll want to ensure … Continue reading

La Crosse Alerts D111.E1.WGB Wireless Monitor System with Temperature & Humidity Review

The La Crosse Alerts D111.E1.WGB Wireless Monitor System with Temperature & Humidity is a fun and tech savvy device that lets you monitor your home’s temperature and humidity while you’re away. Overall it is a clever and straight forward way … Continue reading

Swann SWDVK-830008-US Surveillance Camera System Review

Anyone who can afford to get a security system to protect his or her residence should consider installing one in their home. This is especially true in highly populated urban areas and towns; there is nothing like deterrence to give … Continue reading

Benefits of Motion Sensors and Detectors

burglar alarm motion sensor

Home security is like an onion – layered technologies make it harder to reach the center. (And make burglars more likely to cry as each layer unfolds!) Motion sensors, also known as motion detectors, are an excellent and essential level … Continue reading

Home Alarm Kit

fancy home alarm kit

One of the greatest things about home security is how easy things have become. Twenty years ago, installing a home security system was a complicated job that could only be tacked by the pros, but today’s evolving technologies make it … Continue reading

Five of the Best Locations for Home Security Cameras

safe suburban house

When it comes to your family’s security, always trust your gut. But it’s also important to ask yourself some tough questions and play devil’s advocate. For example, one critically important question to ask yourself is where do you (and your family members) … Continue reading

Pros and Cons of DIY Home Security Systems

DIY home security

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to installing a home alarm is often not the initial installation or equipment costs, but the recurring monthly fees associated with traditional alarm systems. (Learn more about how much home security costs.) Though these … Continue reading

Insurance Discounts for Using Alarm Systems to Protect Your Home

Homeowners Insurance Discount

If you’re like most homeowners, you understood the benefits of an alarm system for months or even years before you installed one. It’s the cost, of course: the cost of installing the system and paying your monthly monitoring fee can … Continue reading

Crash and Smash – And How to Prevent It

Have you heard of the crash and smash? Just the name makes me want to cringe. But it’s a big deal in the home security world, and one you need to protect against. What is a crash and smash? The … Continue reading

The Benefits of a Wireless Home Alarm System

When home alarms first became available, wireless technology hadn’t even been invented yet. That meant that everything was installed with wires, wires everywhere: wires running through your home’s walls and ceilings, snaking out to the master and secondary keypads and … Continue reading