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The Best Heat Pumps: 5 Safe, Efficient Heat Pump Models to Consider for Home Heating

Heat pumps typically are outdoor units that serve as air conditioners during the warmer months and heating sources during the colder months. Heat pumps extract heat either from the air or the ground outside and pump the heat into your … Continue reading

The Best Sump Pumps: 5 Safe, Efficient Sump Pumps to Consider for Your Basement

Your sump pump more than likely is one of those tools that you don’t often think about until you need it. But, sump pumps serve such an important function for homeowners that you should make sure you have the best … Continue reading

Reducing Your Home’s Carbon Footprint: 4 Cash-Conserving Ways to Do It

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently released the first part of its six-year update on the state of climate change across the planet. The report states that there is a 95 percent certainty that the actions of human beings … Continue reading