Crime Prevention


The 35 Best Smart Home Security Systems for 2016

Home security has come a long way over the years, with today’s models featuring all the bells and whistles that allow for them to be fully integrated with home networking systems and smart devices. Of course you’ll want to ensure … Continue reading

Top 25 Public Safety Degrees

best public safety college degree programs in the US

There’s a growing need for leaders within the broad segment of public safety. Professionals with both workforce skills and leadership qualities are needed to coordinate and manage the efforts of fire and police safety organizations, disaster preparedness and management and … Continue reading

Crime Prevention Tips for Kids

McGruff the crime-fighting dog

I’m not a fear-monger, but parents, you have to know this: Every year,  thousands of children are affected by violent crime. Some estimates put the number at thousands per day. It’s our job – our duty – to keep our kids safe. … Continue reading