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Brinks Home Security

Well-known in the security industry, Brinks serves over 1 million customers, providing modern and simple to install home security systems.
Updated Feb 2, 2021

Bottom Line

Brinks is best known for offering both DIY and professional home security services to best meet your needs. They offer a variety of security plans that include security essentials and smart security cameras starting at $199 for the basic package. Of the three available packages, we recommend the Smart Security Complete package to cover video monitoring, live streaming and smartphone control of your Brinks system whether you’re at home or on the go.


  • Award-winning customer service
  • Works with Google Nest
  • 2-year warranty on devices


  • Contract required for top tiered packages
  • No optional home environmental monitoring equipment
  • Touchscreen control panel only available in top tiered packages

Brinks Home Security Review

Brinks is best known for flexible installation, giving you the choice between a professional or DIY setup. Brinks also offers smart home integration to control smart locks, smart thermostats and other equipment. You’ll be able to control your smart home and security equipment using the Brinks Smart Home mobile app or Amazon Alexa. However, Brinks doesn’t score as high on equipment pricing compared to other providers.

What is the best home security package for you?

Use our Package Finder to find the right package based on your home security needs!

Brinks Security Home Packages, Pricing and Features


Brinks Smart Security Complete

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Brinks Security home touch panel

Brinks Smart Security Essential

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Brinks home complete video package

Brinks Smart Security Ultimate

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Equipment price starts at
Touchscreen control panel
Motion detection
Security camera
Video doorbell
NoNo Yes

Brinks Cost

Brinks’ equipment starts at $199.99 for their Smart Security Essential package. Professional monitoring for Brinks costs $39 per month for each plan. You can add an additional indoor camera for $199 each, an outdoor camera for $249 or a video doorbell camera for $199. If you’re interested in Google Nest you can get started with the essentials for $399 upfront. Professional monitoring for Google Nest customers costs $29 per month without a Brinks contract or $19 per month with a three-year contract.

Brinks Installation

Brinks home security systems are designed to easily self-install with adhesive strips. Some equipment, such as cameras and smart thermostats, may take a little more time to install but are still easy with Brinks’ guide. However, Brinks and Google Nest both offer professional installation and 24/7 customer support for their equipment at an additional cost. The Nest mobile app will also help you set up Nest equipment hassle-free.

Brinks Equipment

  • Brinks Security home touch panel

    Brinks Home Touch control panel

    The Brinks Home Touch control panel is the main hub for the Home Complete Packages. You can control smart devices from the control panel like smart locks, smart lights, thermostats and more. The Brinks Home Touch Control Panel also features LiveVoice Assist, giving you the ability to speak with a monitoring specialist in the event of an emergency.

  • brinks door sensor

    Brinks door sensor

    Secure your points of entry with Brinks’ door sensor. As a small, discreet device, you can place it on doors or even windows. This sensor can be placed up to 200 feet from the Brinks Home Touch Control Panel.

  • brinks home security indoor camera

    Brinks indoor security camera

    Get a clear view of what’s happening in your home with Brinks’ indoor security camera. The camera features 1080p HD video, night vision for clear footage in lowly lit conditions, and a 113° field of view.

  • skybell slim line video doorbell

    Skybell Slim Line Video Doorbell

    The Skybell Slim Line Video Doorbell allows you to receive a notification when your doorbell rings and see who’s at your door. You can speak to visitors or even delivery-persons through this device with the help of two-way talk.

Brinks Security home touch panel

Brinks Smart Security Essential

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Brinks Smart Security Complete

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Brinks home complete video package

Brinks Smart Security Ultimate

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Motion sensors
Door sensors
Indoor camera
Outdoor camera
Video doorbells

Home Security Brinks Packaging and Pricing

  • Nest Secure

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Get simple yet robust security with the Nest Secure Package backed by Brinks’ monitoring. This system comes with the essentials you’ll need to protect your home and makes arming and disarming easy with the Nest Tags: simply swipe out to arm and swipe in to disarm. The Nest Secure Package retails for $399.00 or $11.08/mo. with financing. You’ll have to enter a 36-month service agreement for financing. Professional monitoring for the Nest Secure Package costs $19.00/mo.

    Package Features

    • 1 Nest Guard
    • 2 Nest Detect motion sensors
    • 2 Nest Tags
    • Yard sign and stickers
  • Brinks Security home touch panel

    Brinks Smart Security Essential

    Starting at

    Our Take

    System price: $199.00

    Monthly monitoring cost: $39.00/mo.

    Easy to install yourself, the wireless touchscreen system comes backed with adhesive that you peel and stick to get started. The system is simple and easy to install without having to drill holes or add nails to your walls. It’s the perfect solution for renters.

    Package Features

    • Brinks Home Touch hub
    • One wireless motion sensor
    • Two wireless door sensors
    • Brinks yard sign and stickers
  • Brinks Smart Security Complete

    Starting at

    Our Take

    System price: $799.00

    Monthly monitoring cost: $39.00/mo.

    If you’re looking for a security system that adds video surveillance you can monitor, the COMPLETE plan includes an HD indoor camera. Movement and other alarms will trigger the camera to record so you can view the video feed on your phone or computer. 

    Package Features

    • Hub
    • Indoor camera
    • Motion sensors
    • Door sensors
    • Signage
  • Brinks home complete video package

    Brinks Smart Security Ultimate

    Starting at

    Our Take

    System price: $1,099.00

    Monthly monitoring cost: $39.00/mo.

    For home monitoring inside and outside, the ULTIMATE plan is the most complete. It’s the top-of-the-line package and adds an outdoor camera and video doorbell to keep your home’s exterior surroundings safe, too. The ULTIMATE plan is most useful for people who get many visitors knocking at their door and/or receive deliveries and packages regularly.

    Package Features

    • Professional installation
    • Brinks Home Touch touchscreen hub
    • Indoor camera with night vision
    • SkyBell Slim Line Video Doorbell
    • Outdoor camera
    • Two wireless motion sensors
    • Three wireless door sensors
    • Brinks yard sign and stickers

Using Brinks

Brinks offers professionally monitored home security to alert monitoring professionals when sensors are triggered in your home. Brinks’ specialists will then alert emergency responders to your home if there’s an emergency — even if you’re not home. Use Brinks’ app to control your security and smart home equipment. Here are a few added features: 

  • See live security camera footage from your smartphone
  • Arm, disarm and check the status of your Brinks home security system
  • Control your smart home devices whether you’re home or on the go  

Each Brinks system includes a 2-year warranty to cover any equipment defects. You can also add a 12-month warranty with smart home devices. At this time, Brinks doesn’t have any additional guarantees to ensure customer satisfaction.

How does Brinks Home Security Work?

After you install your system, the Brinks Home Security system works via the Brinks Home Touch control panel. This device not only centralizes your security system but allows you to control other smart devices. You can access the Home Touch control panel through a phone app. If your home security system senses trouble, it will alert you to the issue. Your security system will record the incident so that you can access it at a later time and learn more information. If Brinks staff is unable to reach you, they will proceed to contact and dispatch the proper authorities as well as reach out to your emergency contact list to keep you safe and informed.

Brinks Video Recordings and Storage

When video recordings are generated by your home security system, you have the option to store them either internally on your camera or externally on a hard drive. Brinks maintains that each option is viable and depends on how you intend to use your home security system. If you’re intending to record throughout the day and need more storage space, external storage may be the best option for you. If you don’t need a lot of storage capacity and don’t want to have to use Wi-Fi or wires to store your footage, Brinks recommends using internal storage. To limit how much storage it takes up, video footage that is stored internally tends to only generate footage when motion is detected by the security system. Internal storage requires a microSD chip.

Brinks Equipment, Plans and Pricing

When it comes to your home security cost, pricing will be decided based on the type of equipment and plan you choose. The company offers packages such as Brinks Smart Security Essential, Brinks Smart Security Complete, and Brinks Smart Security Ultimate. Brinks Smart Security Essential – $199 for the package and $39.99 a month for monitoring – includes the Brinks Home Touch hub, a wireless motion sensor, two wireless door sensors, and Brinks yard sign and stickers to place in your windows and in your yard. Brinks Smart Security Complete – $799 for the system and $39.99 per month for monitoring – is packaged with the Hub, an indoor camera, motion sensors, door sensors and signage. Brinks Smart Security Ultimate – $1,099 for the entire package and $39.99 per month for monitoring – comes with professional installation, Brinks Home Touch touchscreen hub, an indoor camera with night vision, a SkyBell Slim Line Video Doorbell, an outdoor camera, two wireless motion sensors, three wireless door sensors and Brinks signage.

Brinks Text and Email Alerts

You can rest easy knowing your home security system will be monitored 24/7 by Brinks Home Security’s Alarm Response Center. When something or someone triggers your Brinks security system, the staff at the Alarm Response Center will not only contact the authorities (whether that be police, medical services or firefighters) but a list of emergency contacts you set up when your system was installed. You can update and edit your emergency contact list at any point. If an alarm goes off in your home, your security system will also tell you where in your home the alarm was triggered. Brinks security systems use cellular frequency and Wi-Fi to connect with the security panel you have installed to the Alarm Response Center and to your mobile phone app.

Does Brinks offer a panic function?

Brinks also offers a panic function. If the security system’s panic alarm is set off, the Alarm Response Center will attempt to reach you through either the 2-way or through your phone number. If the team at the Alarm Response Center is unable to confirm that you are safe and your home isn’t being broken into, they will contact the authorities. Staff will then reach out to your emergency contact list to alert regarding the alarm. In the case of a silent panic alarm, the Alarm Response Center will immediately contact and dispatch local law enforcement. Emergency contacts will then also be contacted to alert the situation.

Brinks Home Automation

With Brinks home security, you can add smart home devices to your plan. You’ll be able to add a variety of smart home equipment including smart door locks, smart thermostats and other Z-wave compatible devices. Brinks lets you connect up to 119 Z-wave smart devices to connect and control your smart home and security with Brinks’ control panel and mobile app. Your smart home devices can be self-installed to create the smart, secure home the way you want over time.

Brinks and Home Automation Technology

When it comes to Brinks Home Security, the company suggests several home automation technology options: Z-Wave and HomeKit, available through Apple. Home automation technology is a program operated from a central source that essentially transforms your home into a smart home. You can manage the appliances and devices in your home using sensors via your home internet. It cuts down on your need for human assistance for your home security system. When it comes to choosing which home automation technology to go with, the type of equipment you already use for your home security system will weigh heavily in that decision. Home automation can come either wired or wireless. When choosing home automation technology, be sure to pick a service that is user friendly and is secure.

Brinks Smart Door Locks

Brinks Home Security security systems can also be connected with smart door locks. Smart door locks do not require a key but do require custom key code. Smart door locks can also utilize remotes, voice commands, facial recognition, or your smartphone to unlock. However, with smart door locks there is a possibility of getting hacked or someone removing the smart door lock. Another factor to consider is, depending on how your smart door lock is hooked up to a power supply, if your home experiences a power outage, your smart door lock may be unusable. Brinks Home security recommends taking the following precautions:

  • Regularly update the password on your smart door lock 
  • Don’t share or distribute your smart lock password 
  • Make sure to regularly update the mobile app you have managing your smart door locks

Brinks Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are also compatible with Brinks Home Security. These devices can be customized through either your Brinks Home Security mobile app or your customer portal. Not only are smart thermostats a great way to save money on your energy bill, but it allows you to monitor your home’s temperature remotely.  A smart thermostat will also allow you to automate the temperature of your home along with other devices like your security system. Another perk is if you enable the Geo-Services on your smart thermostat, the device will automatically adjust to your preferences based on your location. For example, if you’ve turned off your air conditioner while you are away from home, you can program your smart thermostat to turn it on when it senses you pull into your driveway or garage. 

Setting up rules, scenes, and schedules is a great way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your smart thermostat. One way to automate your thermostat is by selecting a sleep scene, which places your alarm in “stay” mode, locks your doors, turns off your lights, and adjusts your thermostat to the temperature you’ve programmed for nighttime. You can also create smart schedules to control the temperature based on the time and day of the week, keeping your home comfortable and compatible with your lifestyle. Plus, smart thermostats are designed to subtly blend in, and are completely customizable via your Brinks Home Security mobile phone app or your customer portal.

Brinks Response to COVID-19

Like many companies, Brinks is working to ensure the safety of both their employees and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The day before any home visit, Brinks will text you and inquire about the health and exposure of those in your home. All Brinks technicians are monitored daily for COVID-19 symptoms, are equipped with cleaning materials and will social distance during their visit.

How We Evaluated Brinks Home Security

Each of our home security providers is evaluated on a number of factors that help families determine their home security needs. 

Cost — We evaluate all costs included in your home security service including monitoring, video storage, equipment and one-time fees. Home security is an investment, but we look for affordable home security that’s reasonably priced upfront and monthly.

Equipment and Features — Our team looks for easy-to-use equipment that gives customers better security and control of their home’s safety. We also look for smart home features, mobile app control and other standout features to make managing home security simple.

Service — We consider customer services including installation, technical support, consultations and other available services to keep your system up and running without worry.

Warranties, Trial Periods and Guarantees — Most providers offer warranties and guarantees to ensure your customer satisfaction with their equipment and services. Some also offer trial periods for a risk-free test run. Consumers should feel confident in their home security choice with enough time to try the equipment and service and feel satisfied months later with their decision.

Installation — We believe that setup should be seamless — whether DIY or professionally installed. Home security installation should be easy and support should always be available to help you whether you’re starting with a new system, expanding or troubleshooting.


Frequently Asked Questions About Brinks Home Security

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