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Brinks vs. Honeywell Home Security

Brinks and Honeywell (owned by Resideo) both offer high-quality home security equipment covered by a two-year warranty. However, they offer distinct approaches to home security. Honeywell solely offers DIY equipment, whereas Brinks combines equipment with professional monitoring services.

Home Security Comparison: Brinks vs. Honeywell

Home Security Comparison: Brinks vs. Honeywell

Deciding whether Brinks or Honeywell is the best choice for securing your home will depend on one crucial factor: do you want professional monitoring? Brinks requires professional monitoring, whereas Honeywell doesn’t provide it at all. Each company is highly similar in other areas, but your budget and expectations may sway your decision toward one home security provider in particular.


Winner: Honeywell

Brinks’ higher-tier Smart Security Ultimate package costs $1,099 and includes an indoor camera, an outdoor camera, a video doorbell, three window/door sensors and two motion detectors. Purchasing the same equipment a la carte from Honeywell could save you several hundred dollars, with their highest package costing $797.98. Plus, there are no monthly fees associated with Honeywell equipment since no professional monitoring services are required. Depending on which package you purchase from Brinks and the length of your contract, you’ll pay between $19 and $39 each month for professional monitoring services. Since Brinks is more pricey, Honeywell wins this round.


Tie: Brinks & Honeywell

Brinks and Honeywell both offer professional and DIY installation. Installing a Brinks system is easy to complete within minutes of receiving your equipment. Just peel off the plastic on the adhesive covering and place the equipment strategically around your home. However, if you purchase the Smart Security Ultimate bundle, professional installation is provided for free. Honeywell recommends professional installation and provides a directory to help you find a pro, but it does provide videos showing you how to install your equipment. Since both offer easy set-up options this round is a tie.

Professional Monitoring

Winner: Brinks

You are under no obligation to seek professional monitoring for your Honeywell security equipment, which makes it ideal for people who want to self-monitor a smart-home system. However, for those who do want professional monitoring, it can be a hassle to have to choose a second company to monitor the system. Brinks bundles professional monitoring with all of its equipment packages for a monthly fee making them the ideal choice if you’d like 24/7 professional monitoring.


Tie: Brinks and Honeywell

Honeywell offers an exceptional variety of home security and environmental monitoring equipment. You can choose a home security starter kit or pick and choose your own equipment package to suit your needs. They offer an indoor camera, light switch timer, water sensor and portable doorbell. Brinks offers basic home security essentials including cameras and video doorbell. You can get more smart home security equipment through Nest with Brinks professional monitoring. Since both offer a variety of options for your home’s security this round is a tie.

Home Automation

Tie: Brinks and Honeywell

Honeywell’s base station, which is included in each of its home security starter bundles, already hosts Amazon Alexa for convenient voice control. However, you can also use the system with Google Assistant and IFTTT. Brinks’s equipment can also be controlled with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple TV. Both providers have mobile apps that make it easy to arm and disarm the system or check the video feed from anywhere in the world.


Winner: Honeywell

Don’t want a contract? When comparing Brinks and Honeywell, Honeywell is the default option for anyone who wants home security equipment without committing to a monthly payment. Because Honeywell does not offer monitoring services, it doesn’t charge a monthly fee. On the other hand, Brinks typically requires a three-year contract. You can pay month-to-month if you purchase Brinks’ Nest Secure package, but signing a three-year contract will allow you to pay a discounted rate.

Our Home Security Pick: Brinks Home Security

Our Home Security Pick: Brinks Home Security

There’s no clear better-for-everyone winner when considering Brinks vs. Honeywell. Each company caters to a slightly different audience. If you want to try self-monitoring hand-picked security equipment, try Honeywell. You can always connect with a professional monitoring service at a later time. However, if you know you want professional monitoring, it may be more convenient to sign up for Brinks.

Service Brinks Honeywell
Monthly monitoring starting price $29/mo. Not offered
Minimum contract length 36 months No contracts
Extended no-risk return period 30 days 30 days
Installation (DIY or Pro) DIY with professional option DIY with professional option
Guarantees None None
Warranty 2-year equipment warranty 2-year equipment warranty
BBB Rating A+ B-
Safety Score 8.2 7.4
Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge. Details accurate as of June 24, 2020.
Frequently Asked Questions About Brinks and Honeywell

Frequently Asked Questions About Brinks and Honeywell

What kind of equipment packages do Brinks and Honeywell offer?

Both Brinks and Honeywell offer several different equipment packages that start with a control base or panel and window and door sensors. Brinks’ largest package includes motion sensors, a smart doorbell and a video camera, whereas Honeywell’s includes a key fob, smart thermostat, water leak detector and a video camera.

What kind of monitoring plans do Brinks and Honeywell offer?

Honeywell does not offer a monitoring service, but Brinks includes 24/7 professional monitoring in all of its plans.

Do either Brinks or Honeywell offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

Brinks requires professional monitoring, whereas it’s optional for Honeywell.

Are either Brinks or Honeywell a good choice for renters?

Both Brinks and Honeywell are great choices for renters thanks to DIY installation. We’d recommend Honeywell for renters looking for a no-contract, DIY security setup option. 


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