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Updated Jul 20, 2020
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Brinks and Deep Sentinel are two very different home security providers. Both provide home security systems with professional monitoring, but that’s where the similarities end. Brinks is a full-service company offering complete security packages including entry detection, monitoring, cameras and home automation, whereas Deep Sentinel specializes in a unique professional monitoring service with guards who monitor your security cameras. If you’re considering these two companies in your search for home security, we’ll cover some of the major differences between the two, so you can make your choice.

  • Best for Professional Monitoring

    Brinks Home Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our Take on Brinks Home Security

    Brinks has a lot of similarities with ADT: required professional monitoring, smart home equipment, and required contracts. The big difference is that you can cut costs with DIY installation, or you can leave it to the pros. If you want traditional home security, but can set it up yourself, Brinks is the best choice.


    • 2-year equipment warranty
    • Impressive industry experience and reputation
    • Flexible installation options


    • No equipment for environmental monitoring
    • Touchscreen control panel not available in all packages
    • Lengthy contracts for some equipment packages

    Research Brinks

  • Best for Live Professional Monitoring

    Deep Sentinel Home Security

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    Deep Sentinel brings home security to a new level by combining cameras, artificial intelligence (AI) and human guards to help prevent crime before it starts. It works differently than typical home security systems, so it bears some explanation. Once your Deep Sentinel cameras are installed, the footage streams to a remote monitoring center where live guards are standing by. When these cameras detect movement, Deep Sentinel’s proprietary AI separates harmless activity from potential threats. The camera starts recording and a Deep Sentinel guard snaps into action. Currently, you can purchase only one camera kit with Deep Sentinel, the 3-Cam Kit, for $499. Monitoring costs $49/mo.


    • Artificial intelligence features
    • Fast response times
    • Cameras only monitor your home's exterior


    • 1-year contract required for 24/7 monitoring
    • No option for a full-home security system with environmental monitoring

Brinks vs. Deep Sentinel: Our Review

Brinks and Deep Sentinel couldn’t be more different in their approaches and level of experience. Deep Sentinel is a brand new company, only operating since January 2019, and Brinks is one of the oldest security companies in the nation, in business since 1859 and in home security since 1983. Brinks is a traditional, full-service company, offering a full spectrum of security equipment from entry detection to home automation. Deep Sentinel, however, is a specialist company, offering a one-camera package and one service: live, human, proactive professional monitoring.

  • Price

    Winner: Brinks

    Deep Sentinel’s professional monitoring service is relatively steep at $60 per month. Brinks, on the other hand, offers professional monitoring for as low as $29.99 per month — substantial savings over Deep Sentinel.

  • Contract

    Winner: Deep Sentinel

    Brinks requires a three-year contract for professional monitoring, which is standard for many more traditional companies. Deep Sentinel only requires a one-year contract, which renews automatically unless you cancel.

  • Monitoring

    Winner: Deep Sentinel

    Deep Sentinel specializes in professional monitoring done in an innovative way. Instead of reacting to a break-in, Deep Sentinel’s system uses AI and human guards to detect movement, ignore harmless events and proactively prevent break-ins before they happen. Guards can speak directly to an intruder and alert law enforcement.

  • Equipment

    Winner: Brinks

    Brinks offers a wide variety of security equipment such as sensors, security cameras, home automation devices, environmental sensors, and an array of package options. As a very new company, Deep Sentinel only offers only two packages with a limited array of equipment, but it does welcome customization inquiries.

  • Warranty

    Winner: Brinks

    Brinks offers a two-year equipment warranty, which is included with their monthly plan at no extra cost. Deep Sentinel will replace damaged equipment at no cost for any current customer with its one-year warranty, which can be extended. Because Brinks has a longer term, they take the win for this category.

  • Home Automation

    Winner: Brinks

    Brinks packages and add-ons include home-automation options, such as door locks, lighting controllers, garage door openers and plenty more. Deep Sentinel focuses on its particular brand of security and monitoring and offers no smart home capabilities.

Our Review Summary: Brinks For Most, Deep Sentinel for Advanced Monitoring

For most customers, Brinks is the obvious choice. Deep Sentinel’s lack of a full range of equipment and services means if you want traditional entry detection, home environmental protection such as carbon monoxide or fire alarms, or any sort of home automation devices such as door locks or lighting control, you’ll have to opt for Brinks. However, if you’re looking for a new level of professional monitoring that is specifically designed to prevent break-ins rather than simply react to them, Deep Sentinel is definitely worth a look. With its unique approach to proactive monitoring using AI and guards who constantly watch your camera feed, Deep Sentinel may very well represent the next wave in advanced home security.

Brinks Home Security

Deep Sentinel

Monitoring starts at
Min. Contract Length
3 years1 year
Trial Period
30 days30 days
Installation Type
DIY or ProfessionalDIY
None30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
2-year equipment warranty1 year (can be extended)
BBB Rating
Safety Score

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