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Brinks vs. AT&T Digital Life

Learn about the key differences between Brinks and AT&T Digital Life to choose the best home security provider for you.

AT&T may be better known as a telecommunications provider, but the company has branched out into the home security sphere with its AT&T Digital Life package. However, with Brinks’ 35+ years as a home security provider (and 160 years in security in general), you may find that its experience and equipment gives you greater peace of mind.

  1. Best for Professional Monitoring

    Brinks Home Security

    Our rating 8.2

    Starting at $19/mo

    Our Take on Brinks Home Security

    Like ADT, Brinks has earned a reputation for its commitment to customer service, quality monitoring and top-notch equipment. However, the company focuses primarily on human threats, not environmental threats.


    Recommended Plan

    We recommend the Brinks Smart Security Complete package because it balances affordability with quality equipment, including a security camera, touchscreen panel and motion detection. 


    • 2-year equipment warranty
    • Impressive industry experience and reputation
    • Flexible installation options


    • No equipment for environmental monitoring
    • Touchscreen control panel not available in all packages
    • Lengthy contracts for some equipment packages
  2. AT&T

    AT&T Digital Life Home Security

    BBB rating B-

    Starting at $39.99/mo

    Our take

    You’re probably already familiar with AT&T’s phone, television, and Internet services, but you may not be aware the company also offers a home security system and professional monitoring. AT&T provides the basics with a keypad, sensors, siren, and 24/7 professional monitoring. The provider only offers one package, the Smart Security Package, which can be purchased for $549.99. Professional monitoring for the AT&T Digital Life security system costs $39.99/mo.

    What we like

    • Mobile app access
    • No charge for professional installation
    • No charge for repairs & replacement with warranty

    What we don’t like

    • Contract required
    • Short, 14-day trial period
    • No optional smart home or video surveillance equipment offered
Compare Brinks vs. AT&T Digital Life

Compare Brinks vs. AT&T Digital Life

Both Brinks and AT&T Digital Life offer a variety of home security equipment and services. Each of these home security providers includes professional monitoring in their equipment packages, but they have distinct approaches toward installation, equipment, contracts, trial periods and more. Let’s break down the differences.


Winner: Brinks

Brinks not only offers a more affordable equipment package than AT&T Digital Life, but also offers competitive pricing for professional monitoring. AT&T Digital Life’s monthly professional monitoring fee is $39.99 per month, and Brinks’ ranges from $29.99 to $39.99 per month. You have to spend at least $549 to purchase AT&T Digital Life’s equipment package, and you can get comparable equipment from Brinks through the $399 Nest Secure package or the $499 Smart Security Essential package. Because they offer more price options to fit your budget, Brinks wins this category.


Tie: Brinks and AT&T Digital Life

Brinks stands apart from AT&T Digital Life in terms of installation because it offers equipment that consumers can easily set up themselves. However, AT&T Digital Life offers professional installation for free. Brinks also offers free professional installation for its Smart Security Ultimate package. You can ask for professional installation with Brinks’ other packages, but it is unclear how much this will cost. Because you can obtain free installation from both providers, we deem this category a tie.


Tie: Brinks and AT&T Digital Life

Expect to enter a contract with either AT&T Digital Life or Brinks. AT&T Digital Life requires a minimum two-year contract, whereas Brinks requires a three-year contract. Brinks has a no-contract option with its Nest Secure package, but if you want to finance this system or enjoy a lower monthly fee, you’ll still need to enter a three-year contract. Because the winner of this category ultimately depends on what you’re looking for in terms of a contract and equipment, we deem this category a tie.


Winner: Brinks

If you know you want some sort of security camera positioned inside or outside your home, you’ll want to choose Brinks. With Brinks, you have the option of purchasing an equipment package with an indoor camera or a package with an indoor camera, outdoor camera and video doorbell. AT&T Digital Life does not offer any security cameras. Its only equipment package includes motion sensors and window/door sensors, but you’re able to add a camera-less doorbell, carbon monoxide detector and glass break sensor to this package at checkout.

Trial Period

Winner: Brinks

Neither AT&T Digital Life nor Brinks has the most generous trial periods in the industry, but when comparing Brinks vs. AT&T Digital Life, Brinks comes out ahead with a 30-day risk-free trial period. AT&T Digital Life offers only a 14-day trial period for testing your equipment and deciding if it’s right for you.


Winner: AT&T Digital Life

AT&T Digital Life offers a lifetime warranty on defective equipment. You can exchange or repair this equipment at no cost to you. Other in-home repairs that are not covered by this warranty and occur outside of the 14-day trial period are subject to a $49.99 charge. In contrast, Brinks offers only a two-year warranty on its equipment.

Summary: Brinks vs. AT&T Digital Life

Brinks offers more value at a more affordable price compared to AT&T Digital Life. Anyone looking for video cameras, smart home integrations or DIY installation will prefer Brinks by default since AT&T Digital Life offers none of these features. However, if you want a starter package with free professional installation and prefer a shorter contract, then AT&T Digital Life may be a suitable choice. All in all, however, Brinks remains a better option for most consumers.

AT&T Digital Life Home Security

Learn more about
Monthly monitoring starting price $29.99/mo $39.99/mo.
Minimum contract length 36 months for Brinks 24 mos.
Extended no-risk return period 30 days 14 days
Installation (DIY or Pro) DIY with professional option Professional
Guarantees None Professional
Warranty 2-year equipment warranty Lifetime equipment warranty
BBB Rating A+ A+
Safety Score 8.2 6.8
Frequently AskedQ uestions About Brinks vs. AT&T Digital Life

Frequently AskedQ uestions About Brinks vs. AT&T Digital Life

What kind of equipment packages do Brinks and AT&T Digital Life offer?

AT&T Digital Life offers only one equipment package that focuses on motion detection, whereas Brinks offers four progressively more robust equipment packages. Brinks’ most sophisticated equipment package—Smart Security Ultimate—includes two cameras and a variety of motion sensors.

What kind of monitoring plans do Brinks and AT&T Digital Life offer?

Both Brinks and AT&T Digital Life offer 24/7 professional monitoring. AT&T Digital Life has only one monitoring package, and Brinks’ monitoring packages are built into its four equipment packages.

Do either Brinks or AT&T Digital Life offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

Professional monitoring is required through both Brinks and AT&T Digital Life.

Are either Brinks or AT&T Digital Life a good choice for renters?

Renters may prefer Brinks’ no-contract Nest Secure package and its easy DIY installation on all equipment.

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