Blue by ADT Review

Blue by ADT is a newcomer to DIY security with a collection of smart security cameras to help protect your home.
Updated May 18, 2021

Blue by ADT: Our Recommended DIY Smart Home Security

Blue by ADT’s smart cameras and services make them stand out amongst other DIY security companies. Their cameras are cost-effective and filled with home automation features for $199.99.

Welcome Blue by ADT

Blue by ADT is new to DIY home security. Get the latest on their equipment and services.

Blue by ADT: Video Review

Blue by ADT Review


9 out of 10


  • Each camera costs $199.99
  • Professional monitoring costs $19.99/mo. without a contract

Blue by ADT equipment costs a little more than most DIY providers. Their collection of smart security cameras costs $199.99 and includes one free month of video storage. DIY competitor’s cameras cost between $100-$150. Keep in mind that you’ll have to purchase any equipment upfront, 

But, Blue by ADT offers much more affordable professional monitoring than other providers. 24/7 monitoring starts at $19.99/mo., doesn’t require a contract, and comes with one month free. Or you can self-monitor your home for free. Most DIY competitors can’t compete with that.

Standout Features

10 out of 10


  • Blue by ADT’s mobile app gives you remote control of your home security equipment
  • Smart home compatibility with voice assistants and compatible devices

Blue by ADT comes filled with standout features for your home. We love that the Blue cameras include facial recognition to automatically spot familiar faces that you can set using the mobile app. The cameras also include custom motion detection zones to get alerts when someone’s in a special area of your home. 

The cameras can also be controlled using voice assistants and connect to smart home automation devices for easy control. Currently, Blue by ADT doesn’t offer smart home products. 


6 out of 10


  • Only offers cameras for home security equipment
  • The equipment works with LifeShield systems

Currently, Blue by ADT offers three cameras – indoor, outdoor and doorbell. However, you can connect the cameras to a LifeShield system – which can include a keypad, sensors and other equipment. With Blue by ADT, you can connect your security cameras to your home’s Wi-Fi network and use the app for motion detection alerts from your camera. However, Blue by ADT is committed to protecting its customers’ privacy with lockouts after several failed logins and encryption technology.

You can also get a Blue Extender + Chime to extend your Wi-Fi range and camera’s battery life. The cameras also use cellular connectivity for professional monitoring without landlines. You’ll need to purchase equipment separately.


8 out of 10


  • Only DIY installation is currently available
  • Doorbell camera wiring works with your standard doorbell

Blue by ADT’s DIY installation makes it easy to set-up security equipment without paying for a professional technician. Plug cameras into standard wall outlets or use the camera’s rechargeable battery so you won’t have to worry about the hassles of hardwiring equipment. The doorbell camera can be installed using your standard doorbell’s wiring. They don’t offer professional installation, but customer support is available via phone or email in case you need help.

Trial Period

6 out of 10


  • 30-day professional monitoring trial period
  • No trial period on equipment

Some DIY providers offer trial periods to test equipment risk-free. Blue by ADT doesn’t mention a trial period on equipment but offers a 30-day trial period on their professional monitoring services to try it for free. Keep in mind that after your trial period ends, you could lose data stored during that time if you choose the self-monitoring option.

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