Blue by ADT Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in Blue by ADT, but still unsure? No worries. We have the answers to the most asked questions to help make your home security journey easier.
Updated May 27, 2020

How does Blue by ADT work?

Blue by ADT offers three smart security cameras to help protect your home. They’re affordable and easy to install. What we like most is that Blue by ADT has an easy-to-use mobile app and encrypted cloud storage to see live activity and playback clips anytime. They also offer affordable professional monitoring using ADT’s monitoring centers.

How much does Blue by ADT cost?

blue by adt outdoor cameraEach camera costs $199.99 upfront and the Blue Extender and Chime is $49.99 if you’d like to extend your WiFi range and add a speaker to your doorbell for chimes. Self-monitoring is free, but professional monitoring is $19.99/mo. without requiring a contract and the first month is free.

How does Blue by ADT professional monitoring work?

If your sensors are triggered, ADT monitoring specialists will alert you and emergency responders if there’s danger. Blue by ADT uses three of ADT’s monitoring centers for professional monitoring.

What equipment is included in my Blue by ADT security system?

Blue Indoor Camera-minEach device must be purchased separately and upfront to customize your own security camera system. We like that LifeShield customers can connect their existing system to Blue by ADT equipment for a DIY home security system with smart cameras.

Does Blue by ADT require a contract?

Blue by ADT does not require a contract. Their 24/7 professional monitoring option is month-to-month so you can cancel anytime for better flexibility.

Does Blue by ADT require a landline?

No, you’ll only need a strong home WiFi connection. If you choose professional monitoring, Blue by ADT will rely on cellular connectivity to communicate signals to the monitoring centers so no landline is needed.

Does Blue by ADT offer professional installation?

No, the equipment is easy to install and comes with tutorials to make set-up quick and easy. The doorbell camera can be installed using your traditional doorbell’s wiring, and the indoor camera plugs into a wall outlet. The outdoor camera only requires a few screws to securely mount your camera outdoors.

Can I take my Blue by ADT home security system with me if I move?

Yes, the equipment can be packed up for you to reinstall yourself when you’re ready. Plus, you won’t have to pay hefty installation and activation fees with DIY installation.

Does Blue by ADT work with Amazon Alexa and smart home equipment?

Yes, Blue by ADT equipment works with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT for hands-free voice control. 

What is Blue by ADT’s return policy?

Blue by ADT offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on equipment and services if you’re unsatisfied.

Can Blue by ADT protect my business?

Yes, the cameras can be installed in your business for DIY business security.

Can I cancel Blue by ADT when I want?

Yes, Blue by ADT is a DIY home security provider that offers month-to-month services for your flexibility.

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