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Updated May 18, 2021


Blue by ADT offers a collection of DIY security cameras and add-ons for your home. Each camera is smart home compatible to connect to your favorite compatible devices for smart home security. An added benefit is that you’ll get one free month of video storage to try secure cloud storage risk-free. And, you’ll worry less about data privacy and security with their lockouts after failed logins and encryption for your video clips. See what else Blue by ADT has to offer for your home security and safety.

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Blue by ADT is new to DIY home security. Get the latest on their equipment and services.

Blue by ADT: Video Review

Blue by ADT Indoor Camera

  • Best Indoor Security Camera

    Blue by ADT Indoor Camera

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    The Blue by ADT Indoor Camera offers good indoor surveillance for renters and frequent movers. It’s built with all of the popular surveillance features, including two-way audio, custom motion zones, and a battery backup if there’s a power outage. Best of all, the camera can detect and alert you to the sound of fire and carbon monoxide detectors. The camera also sends alerts if it recognizes a familiar face, such as your kids or nanny. The Blue by ADT Indoor Camera requires DIY installation, but cloud storage and professional monitoring are optional.

    Stand-out features include

    • Recognizes smoke and carbon monoxide detector sounds
    • Facial recognition included to alert you of familiar faces
    • Optional cloud storage and professional monitoring

Protect the inside your home when you’re away using your smartphone and the Blue Indoor Camera. The indoor camera is Wi-Fi connected and easy to install by plugging it in and finishing set-up with the app. It includes two-way audio, facial recognition and custom motion zones. It also has a 130-degree field of view and HD night vision to see what’s happening around your home in darkness.

You’ll receive motion-triggered alerts when any activity is detected, and get a live video preview on the mobile app. You can use cloud storage or the camera’s SD card slot to store your clips for playback later.

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Blue Doorbell Camera

  • Best DIY Doorbell Camera

    Blue by ADT Doorbell Camera

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    Blue by ADT is a newcomer that’s perfect for renters. The doorbell camera comes with facial recognition so you’ll receive special alerts when someone you know is at your door — a step above the popular person detection feature that others offer. And when you receive an alert that someone’s at your door, you’ll get a live preview before opening the app. However, depending on your wifi connection, you may need a range extender. 

    Stand-out features include

    • Video preview to show you clips before opening the app
    • Facial recognition to alert you of familiar guests
    • Custom motion zones to reduce false alerts

See who’s at your door from virtually anywhere with the Blue Doorbell Camera. The camera is easy to install using your standard doorbell’s wiring. The camera includes a 180-degree field of view and HD night vision. It’s easy to control using the Blue by ADT mobile app. You can use the camera’s two-way audio to speak to friends at your door.

The Doorbell Camera also includes custom motion detection zones to get alerts when there’s activity around certain areas of your home. It also comes with facial recognition to automatically spot familiar friends and family using the mobile app. The doorbell camera is water-resistant and wirelessly connects to your Wi-Fi.

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Blue Outdoor Camera

  • Best Smart Home Outdoor Security Camera

    Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera

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    The Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera is battery-operated, wire-free and easy to install. Use the free mobile app to see crystal clear live 1080p video footage and receive instant alerts with preview images when motion is detected. You can store up to 24 hours of camera activity to playback later. Blue by ADT offers a free 30-day storage day trial for customers to try convenient, secure camera storage before committing to a monthly storage plan. It also uses Facial Recognition technology to recognize familiar guests, and two-way talk.

    Stand-out features include

    • Create custom motion sensor zones to best monitor activity around your home
    • Uses Facial Recognition technology to detect and alert you of familiar guests
    • Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, HomeKit voice assistants for hands-free control

The Outdoor Camera is easy to set-up and quick with a few screws to hold your mounting template in place for secure set-up. You’ll finish set up with the Blue by ADT app. When your camera detects activity outside of your home, you’ll get an instant mobile alert with a live preview of what’s happening. You’ll also have two-way talk, facial recognition and custom motion detection zones. The outdoor camera is weather-resistant and works in extreme temperatures. You can also choose between cloud or local storage using the camera’s SD card slot.

Blue Extender + Chime

  • Blue Extender + Chime

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    The Blue Extender + Chime extends your home’s Wi-Fi range so your cameras can have a stronger signal. It also doubles as a speaker for chimes when your camera detects motion.

    Stand-out features include

    • Easy to install. Plugs into a standard wall outlet
    • Extends camera’s battery life by using low-powered Wi-Fi
    • Built-in security alarm siren

The Blue Extender + Chime plugs into the wall and connects to your home Wi-Fi to strengthen your Wi-Fi connectivity. It also uses low-power Wi-Fi to extend the camera’s battery. The Extender and Cime can also play chimes indoors when your cameras detect motion. Keep in mind that the Blue Extender + Chime only works with Blue by ADT cameras. It’s easy to install using the app and includes a built-in speaker for a louder video doorbell chime.

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