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ADT’s new DIY home security solution offers affordable, easy to use security equipment to help keep your family safe.
Updated Jun 8, 2021

Blue by ADT Overview

Blue by ADT is the best choice if you love ADT but are looking for more flexibility and affordability. It’s an award-winning smart security solution, winning CES’s Best Smart Security System of 2020 and the Innovation Award Honoree of 2021. The DIY security company offers smart security cameras and security solutions with the latest features. But you’ll also have the power to buy standalone equipment. Professional monitoring is optional and DIY installation is simple. All in all, Blue by ADT is the perfect option for renters, frequent movers or homeowners looking for a reliable, affordable security solution.


  • Professional monitoring is optional
  • Smart home compatible
  • Contract-free home security


  • No home automation devices offered
  • Additional cost for cloud storage
  • Professional installation is not available

Blue by ADT: Top Choice for Smart Security Cameras

Renters may have a hard time choosing between Blue by ADT and SimpliSafe because of their affordable DIY home security equipment with popular features, like two-way audio, motion detection and mobile alerts. But Blue by ADT has an edge with its wireless smart security camera collection. Its unique collection includes an indoor camera that detects smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, the option to create custom motion detection alerts, and a facial recognition feature that recognizes familiar faces. 

Blue by ADT cameras also includes top security features, including mobile alerts with live video preview and night vision. You’ll also have voice control through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. The cameras can be used as a standalone or work seamlessly with Blue by ADT and LifeShield products.


Prevention Response Control  Reliability  Safety Score 
9.3 7.7 9.6 9.4 9.0
Safety Score
Prevention ResponseControl Reliability

Blue by ADT Packages

You can build your Blue by ADT home security system to meet your needs, starting at $180 upfront. By choosing this package, you’ll get a hub, integrated keypad and the Blue by ADT mobile app. You can also choose from one of two pre-built packages detailed below.

Starter System Starter Plus System
$219.99 $299.99
Door and window sensors
2 4
Motion sensors
0 2
Yard sign
Yes Yes
Window stickers
Yes Yes

Blue by ADT Monitoring Plans

With Blue by ADT, you’ll have the option to self-monitor your home’s security or leave it to the ADT monitoring professionals. Here’s what Blue by ADT monitoring plans includes: 

DIY Monitoring 24/7 Professional Monitoring
Monthly cost
Free $19.99
Self Professional
Cellular backup
No Yes
Mobile alerts
Yes Yes
Yes Yes

Blue by ADT Costs and Factors to Consider

Before you buy Blue by ADT equipment, here are a few things to consider: 

  • 30 days of cloud storage is included in the 24/7 Professional Monitoring plan for $20 per month. Or you can get cloud storage for each camera without the plan for $3 per month, per camera.
  • Cloud storage for unlimited cameras is available for $13 per month. 
  • You may need a range extender to strengthen your camera’s signal. Blue by ADT offers an Extender and Chime for $50. 
  • You must purchase all equipment upfront, but you can expand your system. 
  • Professional installation is not available.

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