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Blue by ADT vs. Abode

Compare and contrast the key features of Blue by ADT and Abode to choose the best home security provider for you.

Don’t want to get locked into year-long contracts? Not sure if self-monitoring or professional monitoring is best for you? Reluctant to get nickeled-and-dimed with extra installation and set-up fees? Both Blue by ADT and Abode understand your desire to stay in control of your home security.

  1. Best for Flexible Monitoring

    Blue by ADT

    Our rating 8

    Starting at $19.99/mo

    Our Take on Blue by ADT

    Get trusted professional monitoring and an easy-to-install security system with Blue by ADT. Even better, your first month of monitoring is free. As a Blue by ADT customer, you have the option to do a no contract plan. By doing this, you can purchase the equipment and skip the professional monitoring. You can always go back and add professional monitoring to your system if you decide you need it later down the line.


    Recommended Plan
    For front-door protection, we recommend the Blue Doorbell Camera System. You’ll get the essentials and a doorbell camera for your home. Equipment starts at $109.19. Professional monitoring starts at $19.99 per month.


    • Smart home compatibility
    • 7-Day Practice Period
    • 24/7 professional monitoring available
    • No contract option
    • Free self-monitoring


    • Limited Blue by ADT equipment
    • No smart home add-ons
    • Cloud storage costs extra
    • Research Blue by ADT
  2. Best for Self-Monitoring

    Abode Security

    Our rating 9

    Starting at $20/mo

    Our Take on Abode Home Security

    With an all-in-one home security system and lots of smart home compatibility, Abode is an innovator, giving you the ability to choose between self- or professional monitoring.


    Recommended Plan
    The Iota All-In-One Security Kit combines motion detection, video surveillance, and two-way audio into a single hub for your home. Equipment starts at $299. Professional monitoring starts at $20 per month.


    • Flexible monitoring plans
    • Option for short-term professional monitoring
    • Access to an all-in-one security system
    • Free self-monitoring


    • Professional monitoring only available in highest tiered monitoring plan
    • Cellular backup not available in basic monitoring plan
    • Understanding custom home automation features could be difficult for some
Compare Blue by ADT vs. Abode Home Security

Compare Blue by ADT vs. Abode Home Security

Featuring the ability to hand-pick and self-install your equipment, as well as switch between self- and professional-monitoring as your requirements change, Blue by ADT and Abode offer an innovative new approach to home security. As the name implies, Blue by ADT is backed by ADT’s industry experience and reputation, whereas Abode is a relative newcomer that still comes in strong. They’re close competitors, but there’s a clear option for most consumers.


Overall Winner: Blue by ADT Home Security

A direct price comparison shows that Blue by ADT’s equipment is significantly more affordable than Abode’s. For example, window and door sensors cost $8.99 each through Blue by ADT, but $32 to $42 through Abode. Consumers can purchase the Indoor Smart Camera for $59.99 from Blue by ADT or spend $199 for several indoor, outdoor and doorbell camera options. In contrast, Abode offers just one security camera for $150.

Professional Monitoring

Winner: Blue by ADT

Blue by ADT’s professional monitoring package ($19.99 per month) is competitively priced compared to Abode’s ($19.80 per month). Both providers offer month-to-month professional monitoring, but if you do decide to switch to self-monitoring with Abode, you’ll still be paying a monthly fee. In contrast, you can self-monitor with Blue by ADT for free with 24-hour video storage and an optional fee for 30-day video storage.


Tie: Blue by ADT and Abode

Blue by ADT and Abode have established their niche in the home security market by going contract-free. This doesn’t mean they’re monthly monitoring is free, however. Instead, you can choose to end your service at any time without incurring penalty charges.

Trial Period

Tie: Abode and Blue by ADT

Both Abode and Blue by ADT offer a 30-day return policy, which allows you to test the equipment and determine your satisfaction. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, this trial period gives you the opportunity to return your equipment for a refund.

Security Cameras

Winner: Blue by ADT

Abode has a variety of motion and environmental sensors available, but only one security camera that only starts recording if an alarm is triggered. In contrast, Blue by ADT has indoor cameras, outdoor cameras and doorbell cameras. Choose from several options to get the features you want (including two-way audio and smart alerts) at an affordable price.

Warranties and Guarantees

Tie: Blue by ADT and Abode

Both Blue by ADT and Abode offer 12-month warranties on their equipment. This allows you to exchange equipment that proves defective, assuming it has not been damaged through misuse. See the full details of each provider’s warranty for exceptions and limitations.

Winner: Blue by ADT

Winner: Blue by ADT

Ultimately, Blue by ADT edges out Abode in a few crucial ways. Namely, Blue by ADT’s prices remain far more budget-friendly than Abode’s, and the option to not pay any monthly fee if desired is also a winning feature. Abode also lacks a wide selection of security cameras, which may be a deal-breaker in and of itself. While Abode is on the right track in catering to people looking for nontraditional home security packages, Blue by ADT has it beat.

Abode Security

Learn more about
Monitoring starts at $19.99/mo. $19.80/mo.
Min. Contract Length No contract No contract
Trial Period 30 days 30 days
Installation Type DIY DIY or Professional
Guarantees None None
Warranty 1 year 1 year (lifetime with professional monitoring)
BBB Rating A+ C
Safety Score 8 9
Frequently Asked Questions About Blue by ADT and Abode

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue by ADT and Abode

What kind of equipment packages do Blue by ADT and Abode offer?

Blue by ADT offers a doorbell camera package, 11-piece package, and a 15-piece package.  Choose the doorbell camera package if front-door surveillance is priority, the 15-piece package if you desire an indoor camera, or the 11-piece package if you want a package based on motion and window sensors. Abode offers the Smart Security Kit and the Iota Kit. The main difference is that the Iota kit includes a central hub with a built-in camera and built-in motion sensor, whereas the Smart Security Kit does not include a camera and has a separate sensor.

What kind of monitoring plans do Blue by ADT and Abode offer?

Blue by ADT offers free self-monitoring or professional monitoring for $19.99 per month. Abode’s self-monitoring plan costs $6 per month and its professional monitoring costs $19.80 per month.

Do either Blue by ADT or Abode offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

Professional monitoring is not required by either Blue by ADT or Abode. Both providers are ideal for people who want to try self-monitoring but who also know they may want professional monitoring in the future.

Are either Blue by ADT or Abode a good choice for renters?

Both Blue by ADT and Abode represent good home security choices for renters thanks to no monthly contracts and DIY wireless installation. If your home security needs change, it’s easy to add more equipment or switch to or from professional monitoring with either provider.

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