Zmodo KDC4-YARUZ4ZN-1T 8-Channel Security System Review

by SSF | Last Updated Mar. 4th, 2016

A camera security system is a perfect option for small businesses or homes of any size. These do-it-yourself systems can be installed within a day by anyone who knows some basic wiring and drilling techniques, and many of the systems can also be expanded in the future. One of the top features that most people look for in these modern systems is the ability to monitor live video footage from anywhere in the world rather than having to sit in front of a monitor at all hours. The Zmodo KDC4-YARUZ4ZN-1T 4-Channel Security System offers this feature as well as several others that are sure to impress a majority of home and business owners.

Price: $236 with sale prices as low as $231.89
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

  • Four sleek beige 700TVL cameras are weatherproof, include infrared night vision and can be used indoors or outdoors. The cameras work best when used in temperatures of 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The DVR is black with silver trim and includes a remote control. Users can hook up the DVR to their television or their PC with cables that are not included.
  • The DVR provides the newest style of 960H footage, which is much larger than older D1 and CIF footage, providing clear views of a large rooms, walkways, parking lots or yards.
  • The system works with either PC or Apple computers.
  • Users can rest securely when they are away from their homes and businesses, knowing that they can receive email alerts when motion is detected on any of the cameras. Users can also install mobile apps or use their laptops to view live footage from anywhere in the world where they have internet access. This works with iOS, Windows, Android and Chrome systems.

Review of Zmodo KDC4-YARUZ4ZN-1T 4-Channel Security System

This complete security camera system is a great option for moderate to large homes and for small businesses. With a Zmodo brand name, users can be sure that they are getting a quality product that will last for years. As with every security system, there are some features for which some users look that are missing on this system. First, the cameras are wired rather than wireless, meaning that installation can be tedious and will require drilling large holes, particularly for outdoor installations. Second, this 4-channel system is not expandable as its sister 8-channel option is. Third, the bullet-shaped cameras do not blend in well with their surroundings, meaning that visitors will readily see them.

Beneficial Features

However, this system has many benefits and gives individuals numerous reasons to choose it over its competitors. First, the number of cameras and channels offered allows for multiple spaces to be monitored simultaneously. The DVR can also record each channel at the same time. Second, many users want to be able to monitor their homes and businesses while they are away; this system allows for that with its mobile app. Third, with a wired system, users do not have to worry that cameras will be out of range from the central monitor although they may need to purchase additional lengths of cable.

Final Thoughts

Finally, users are always quite pleased at the quality of the system that they receive for such a reasonable price. The 1TB hard drive gives users enough space to record days of video, particularly if recording only occurs when motion is detected. Overall, this Zmodo 4-channel system is an excellent option for people who known enough about technology to wire the cameras through their homes, hook the DVR up to their televisions and use the free mobile app.

Alternatives to Zmodo KDC4-YARUZ4ZN-1T 4-Channel Security System

Lorex LW2731 Live LCD SD Recording Monitor with Wireless Camera

Price: $249.95 with sale prices as low as $195.87
Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars

This expandable 4-channel system offers one indoor or outdoor camera with 40 feet of night vision as well as a monitor with space to view up to four cameras simultaneously. Users can purchase a 32GB SD card for recording video.

Q-See QT228-8B5-5 8-Channel CIF/D1 Security Surveillance DVR System with 500GB Hard Drive and 8 Weatherproof Color Cameras

Price: $399.99 with sale prices as low as $299.99
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Eight indoor or outdoor cameras make this system perfect for large houses or yards. The included DVR comes with a pre-installed 500 GB hard drive.

Zmodo PKD-DK0855-500GB 8-Channel DVR Security System with 8 CMOS IR Cameras, 500 GB Hard Drive and Remote Web/Mobile Access

Price: $499.99 with sale prices as low as $259.99
Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars

These eight cameras can pan, tilt and zoom, giving users more access to their surroundings. The DVR can record on command or whenever it senses motion.

Price: $159.99
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Four indoor/outdoor cameras offer an impressive 50 feet of night vision with infrared technology. Individuals can watch footage via the included DVR or with a mobile app on their smartphones from anywhere in the world.

Ouku 4CH Home Security DVR CCTV Surveillance Camera System with 4 Outdoor Night Vision IR Surveillance Cameras and No Hard Drive

Price: $199.99 with sale prices as low as $129.99
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

This system includes four sleek, modern outdoor cameras and a silver DVR for viewing footage. Videos can also be viewed on any computer or mobile device, or emails can be sent to users whenever motion is detected.

Indoor/outdoor cameras are the perfect choice for families or business owners because they can be installed anywhere on the property. Infrared technology ensures that movement can be seen even during pitch-black nights while high-resolution cameras provide crisp color footage. Individuals should choose a highly rated brand, such as Zmodo, for quality cameras, excellent DVR storage capabilities and friendly customer service.

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