UnideGuardian Advanced Wireless Surveillance System (G455) Review

by SSF | Last Updated Mar. 4th, 2016

Surveillance is a top priority for many homeowners and business owners these days. It’s not all that difficult to find cameras for your property. The challenge, however, is to find a camera system that’s fairly easy to setup and operate while still meeting your general surveillance needs. While there is no one-size-fits-all system, the good thing about products such as the

Amazon Price: $261.51 (new)
Average Amazon Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Key Features

• Portable 4.3-inch color touchscreen display
• Ability to add up to 4 cameras
• 2 night vision cameras
• Multiple camera recording capabilities
• Secure digital wireless transmission (approx. 500 ft.)
• Live remote Internet access (includes iPhone and Android devices)

First Impressions

Even if you’re a novice when it comes to home or business surveillance, you shouldn’t have any trouble setting up this camera. You literally plug it in and you’re ready to go. Apps allow you to expand your viewing capabilities to any Internet-connected device, including smartphones. You can also set it up for PC viewing. For extended coverage, the system is expandable up to four cameras.

Night Vision

Since most people tend to focus on nighttime surveillance, it’s important to look at a camera’s night vision options before making a final decision. The infrared LEDs claim to allow night viewing up to 40 feet. However, the quality of the images depends on factors such as external lighting in your area and any obstructions such as vegetation or other buildings.

Camera Views

While some issues have been reported with the quality of night vision images, day viewing is generally clear. Additionally, the high-resolution monitor is large enough to easily view the images. The cameras capture about 3-10 images per second depending on the signal strength.

Note: No audio is transmitted when you view footage via the Internet.

Motion Detection

As with similar cameras, motion detection is what starts the camera recording. You can, however, set the sensitivity levels to avoid wasting battery life for stray cats or pets wandering around your property. While the setup is easy, the one drawback is the fact that you need to physically have access to the SD card to view any motion detection clips remotely.

Final Thoughts

The Uniden Guardian Advanced Wireless Surveillance System works well for both smaller properties and larger properties since extra cameras can be added. The built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery is also a plus. The battery life is about 5 hours between charges, so you’ll need an AC power source for extended operation if, for example, you want coverage while you’re at work during the day. For basic surveillance needs, however, this camera is a decent buy.

Alternatives to the Uniden Guardian Advanced Wireless Surveillance System

Defender Digital Wireless DVR Security System with 7 Inch LCD Monitor, SD Card Recording and 2 Long Range Night Vision Cameras (Black)

Amazon Price: $251.99 (new)*
Average Amazon Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars

*This price is for the 2-camera option. However, you can save money by purchasing a system with a single camera or add a camera, if you prefer.

Key Features

• Digital wireless technology
• 2GB SD card (for approx. 350 minutes of video/audio)
• Advanced night vision with 18 IR LED lights (up to 40 ft.)
• Built-in microphone and 2-way intercom

Once motion is detected, the sound and video features kick in, which is a plus if you prefer to interact remotely with visitors and guests for added security. The main drawback is that the motion detection range is about 20-25 ft., meaning this camera is better for smaller properties unless you setup additional cameras in different locations to expand your coverage area.

Zmodo 4CH 720P PoE NVR HD Security Camera System with 4 Indoor/ Outdoor Night Vision 720P Security Cameras 1TB HDD Smartphone Scan QR Code Quick Remote Access

Amazon Price: $579.99 (list price)/$349.99 (sale price, new)
Average Amazon Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Key Features

• Remote smartphone/Internet-connected device access
• 720P high definition for sharper images
• Power and video delivered in a single cable
• Waterproof for indoor and outdoor use

Advanced motion detection alert features mean you don’t have to randomly check in to see what’s going on only to find nothing significant. You can also make system upgrades remotely and adjust settings. You can also create a unique password for each camera, if you so choose. A single wire to the DVR makes it easier to conceal wiring. Other than some minor issues with night vision, which seems to be common among all surveillance cameras, you get your money’s worth with this system.

Keedox Digital Wireless DVR Security System, SD Card Recording with 7 Inch LCD Monitor, 4 Long Range Night Vision Cameras (Black)

Amazon Price: $269.90
Average Amazon Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (based on one listed review)

Key Features

• Complete digital wireless (with no privacy leaks or interference)
• 800 x 480 Transmission frequency resolution (approx. transmission distance: 990 ft.)
• Multiple recording modes (including manual and motion activated)
• Waterproof outdoor cameras (with 100m open range transmission)

This particular system is said to be popular as a CCTV system for uses such as monitoring kids in the pool or office security. It also supports several different video output options. The biggest plus of this system, which can support up to four cameras, is the ability to record 24/7 due to the overwrite recording feature.

Defender Sentinel Pro Wireless 8 CH 1TB DVR with 6 Wireless 520TVL Cameras with 100ft Night Vision-Black

Amazon Price: $1,099.99 (new)
Average Amazon Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (based on one listed review)

Key Features

• Night vision (up to 100 ft.)
• Mobile viewing options (including smartphones)
• Vandal-resistant (with cast aluminum)
• Optimized for outdoor use
• 750 ft. wireless range
• H. 264 compression technology (boosts storage capacity up to four years)

If you need some serious surveillance, this camera system is worth considering. The main advantage with this system is night vision up to 1000 ft. Based on the images provided by the manufacturer, the night vision appears to be remarkably clear, which is a plus if needing to clearly identify objects and people in the distance is a major concern. Another convenient feature is the ability to access footage from your DVR with single-step access on your smartphone or other Internet-connected device. The lifetime customer support is another appealing perk.

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