Safe Sound Family’s Weekly Roundup (February 1)

by Erin Raub | Last Updated Feb. 2nd, 2013

adult vaccine schedule

Do you follow the adult vaccine/booster schedule?

When you think of family safety, you think of your kids, right? Maybe your partner. You probably don’t afford much time to think of you, to worry about yourself.

I know I don’t, or at least, not as much as I could. So this week, I’m dedicating our roundup to the parental component of a safe family. Because if we’re sick, our kids are sick. If we’re unhappy, our kids are unhappy. If we’re unsafe, our kids are unsafe. Etc. etc. You get it.

Let me know what you think!

On Raising Children Today

Do you know Seth Godin? I’m a big fan for many reasons, but a recent interview has made me like him even more. When speaking with Krista Tippett on NPR’s “On Being” this week, Godin mentioned that he himself was a “Free-Range Kid” – and that his kids are, too. When explaining his parenting style, Godin says that it is our responsibility to teach our children about the world today, and that they are always leaving a mark or record behind. But once we’ve taught them that, we must trust them to remember the lesson and hope that they’ll act according. Of course, Godin is a loving parent and, like all of us, he recognizes that letting go and encouraging independence is, “so difficult to do as a parent, because what you really want to do is lock them up until it’s time. But the bravest thing to do is have the Free-Range Kids who are exploring the edges of the universe, but doing it in a way they are proud of, not hiding from it.” Hear, hear!

Vaccines for Grownups

If you’re a parent, you’ve heard of the vaccine debate and you’ve probably been caught in the crossfire a few times. Everyone has an opinion, and not just about vaccines and their own family, but about vaccines and YOUR family. It’s exhausting. But we rarely talk about vaccines for adults, and whether you get your boosters when recommended. Well, Consumer Reports and the CDC say that most adults aren’t getting their shots, even though there are almost a dozen recommended adult vaccines (!!) – and that’s not including the flu shot! Have I piqued your curiosity? Consumer Reports also has a full chart of recommended adult vaccinations, which include HPV, hepatitis A & B, and chicken pox/shingles.

Do You Need a Mammogram?

Speaking of safety, do you need a mammogram? Three recent reports by the  British Medical Journal discussed mammograms, cancer detection and over-treatment. (About 20% of women 50 to 70 who are diagnosed with breast cancer will be overtreated, according to these reports.) So while the short answer to this question is yes, you probably do need a mammogram (if you meet the general criteria), but you should also understand the limitations of these tests, the possibility of false-positives, and how to proceed if you do yield a positive test.

Triaminic and Theraflu Recall

Well, this is timely. Just as I’m fighting off a sore throat and body aches, I read that there has just been a recall of Triaminic and Theraflu. Now, the good news is that there’s nothing wrong with the syrup itself – it’s the packaging that’s dangerous. The locked caps, which are supposed to be childproof, are not. At least 12 kids have unscrewed them, and one needed medical attention from ingesting too much cough syrup. So if you’ve got little ones with nimble hands, go check your medicine cabinet. I, for one, am just going to chug it all down myself!

Stay safe and healthy!

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