Safe Sound Family’s Weekly Roundup (December 28)

by Erin Raub | Last Updated Feb. 2nd, 2013

New Year's Eve fireworks

Have a safe and celebratory New Year’s Eve!

I hope you all had a very happy holiday with your friends and family. This was my son’s second Christmas, but  he was too young to appreciate the first. This year, on the other hand, he ripped into his presents and bellowed “TRUCK!!!” over and over (he got four new trucks). We spent quality time with family and enjoyed every minute together. A very good holiday, indeed.

Do holidays make you nostalgic? They do me. And that always gets me thinking about my son and my childhood and all that jazz. And then I think – as all generations inevitably do – that times were easier when I was a kid. Life was just a little less dangerous, wasn’t it? And then that gets me thinking about the world that my son will grow up in, and how I can keep him safe. Vigilance is the best offense, I think.

Instagram and Facebook Privacy for Your Family

If you missed it in all the holiday rush, Instagram (owned by Facebook) got heat last week due to updated Terms of Service that gave Instagram/Facebook the right to use user photos in advertising, no approval required. (Amusing aside: Randi Zuckerberg, sister to Facebook creator Mark, complained this week about a private family photo that had inadequate privacy settings and was therefore shared around the web.) This week, Tyler at uKnowKids takes a look at why Facebook keeps violating your privacy. If you’re concerned, check out the CyberSafetyLady’s tips to keeping your children’s photos safe on Facebook.

Instagram and Facebook privacy concerns

What’s the what on Facebook and Instagram privacy concerns?

Crib Safety

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) wants everyone to know that today, December 28, 2012, is the deadline for compliance with new crib safety standards. This is particularly timely for anyone who is traveling this holiday season, as all hotels/motels/bed & breakfasts and other lodging facilities are required to comply to these standards as of today. New standards include no drop-side cribs, stronger crib slats, and stronger mattress supports.

Hospitals Order Too Many CT Scans

According to a recent Consumer Reports blog post, hospitals are ordering too many CT scans, including double scans. Just one CT scan exposes the body to 350 times the radiation of a regular chest ray, which means that double scan (a CT with and without contrast) ups the exposure to seven-fold. On top of radiation, the contrast agent used in double scans is also a suspected carcinogen. And the cost of CT scans? Well, they aren’t cheap. So the question is, why do some hospitals prescribe CT scans like candy? To get a Consumer Reports top score, a hospital may only conduct double scans on at most 5 percent of patients who get an abdominal or chest scan. At least 250 of the studied hospitals have double scan rates of 15 percent or higher. Is your hospital safe?


New Year’s Eve is a time of fun and fiesta, but it’s also a time of safety concerns: drunk drivers, fireworks, drugs, and other risks. Check out SafetyGirl’s tips for a safe New Year’s Eve celebration, and if your state allows personal fireworks, don’t miss this post on firework safety. Have a very safe and celebratory eve. See you in 2013!

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