La Crosse Alerts D111.E1.WGB Wireless Monitor System with Temperature & Humidity Review

by SSF | Last Updated Jul. 2nd, 2014

The La Crosse Alerts D111.E1.WGB Wireless Monitor System with Temperature & Humidity is a fun and tech savvy device that lets you monitor your home’s temperature and humidity while you’re away. Overall it is a clever and straight forward way to monitor a home or vacation home during the year. The device costs $74.95, which is a bit of an investment, but for it’s ease of use and functionality it can easily be worth it if temperature monitoring is important where you live. The three and a half star rating on Amazon makes it a pretty low-risk purchasing decision. Most people seemed happy with the product itself, and the few people who had negative remarks were having trouble setting it up.

Product Contents
There are two main components to the system. The La Crosse Alerts system comes with one sensor that will pick up the ambient temperature and humidity. The sensor runs on 2 AA batteries, which is not included with the package. The system can be placed where ever you need to monitor and can stand up to some harsh temperatures and humidity.

You also get an internet gateway, which plugs into both your wall and your wireless router. The two devices will communicate in order to make your home’s information accessible through your smartphone. You can have up to five sensors running on one gateway, but it costs extra for any additional sensors. You can purchase an extra sensor if you want to read the overall temperature of different locations in the house, such as one for the overall temperature of the house and one to read the humidity in the basement – how many you’ll need will depend on what you’re using it for. The extra sensors are $44.95 for the basic sensor and $51.41 for a sensor with a wet probe that lets you monitor the temperature of water. A wet probe isn’t necessary, but it can be useful for something like a hot tub or a fish tank.

Ease of Installation
Set up is relatively straightforward if you are familiar with computers and internet technology, and have an internet connection where you wish to set up the system. You have to set up an online account that you’ll be able to get your alerts from first. Once everything was authorized, plugged in, and given batteries, it started working right away.

The sensor is highly sensitive and can accurately read temperatures from -40 F to 140 F and humidity from 3% to 99%, which is quite a large range. It can tell you the humidity to 0.1% accuracy and can pick up even the slight temperature differences such as between when the furnace is running and when it shuts off.

Alert System
The alert system works directly with your phone and you can set it up to warn you when a certain temperature or humidity is reached. You also get an alert if the power or the internet goes out, which can be a lifesaver for some. Once the power goes out, the internet gateway can’t send you any more updates, but the gateway is usually able to boot right back up when the power comes back on and will sent another alert.

Potential Uses
This temperature monitor system is best used for its intended purpose, which is to monitor the temperature throughout large areas of the home. However, there are some alternative uses that would work just as well: one placed outside will let you know how you need to dress before you step out the door, and sensor in the fridge will let you keep track of the temperature, especially if you have an older appliance and you’re not sure your food is safe.

Alternative Options

La Crosse Alerts seems to have the market cornered on giving you email alerts about your property, however there are many alternative temperature monitor systems worth mentioning that can provide you with a slightly different design, functionality, and price tag:

Ambient Weather WS-05-2 Dual Zone Easy-to-Read Wireless Adjustable Thermo-Hygrometer

This device is less expensive, at $35.99, and has a five star rating, although it’s only got one reviewer. It measures temperature and humidity, but your stuck to a limit of 300 feet, since it doesn’t upload this information to the internet.

If you want a sensor to help you predict outside weather this may be a better buy. It’s priced at $45.88, has four stars, and will give you weather forecasts in addition to temperature and humidity.

For spot monitoring something like terrarium, this smaller monitor might do the trick. $29.00 and has a small footprint, but the lack of reviews make it a risky buy if you’re one to go by popular opinion.

This system comes with three sensors and costs $29.99, which is a great deal for what it provides. Reviews place it at three stars.

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