How to Burglar Proof Windows

by Erin Raub | Last Updated Feb. 8th, 2016

Window Alarm Sensor

An inexpensive alarm will sound when an intruder opens your window to break in

One of the most important aspects to home security – and one that is often overlooked in favor of more expensive and higher-tech solutions – is your home’s windows. Thieves come in either through the door or windows, so provided you have already invested in solid doors and door locks, windows are your weakest point of entry.

Sure up security here, and breaking in to your home will be too much work for the average burglar.

Reinforced Glass

There are several methods of reinforcing your glass windows with secure materials. The first is with tempered glass, which is much more durable than traditional glass and therefore more difficult to break. It is also one of the least expensive options for reinforced glass, although it is still expensive when compared to traditional glass panes. Laminated glass, also known as safety glass, is another excellent option for your home’s windows. Laminated glass usually consists of a layer of vinyl sandwiched between two sheets of regular glass. To break through safety glass, a burglar would have to strike repeatedly in the same spot, creating a lot of noise – and thus proving to be an excellent thief deterrent.

You may also look into wire mesh glass or bullet-resistant glass for extra security, but be aware that these products are pricey and for most families, don’t provide extra security benefits over less expensive reinforced glass options.

Polycarbonate & Plexiglas Windows

Acrylic plastic windows are known as Plexiglas windows, and are the same thickness as traditional glass while being 10 times stronger. Polycarbonate windows are more expensive, but are very secure – they’re 250 times more impact resistant than safety glass and more than 10 times stronger the acrylic windows.

Window Bars

Decorative Window Bars

Decorative window bars can be customized to fit your home’s style

Iron bars on your windows make your home very burglar resistant – even if a thief smashes through the glass, they cannot squeeze through the bars to burgle your home. Many people are resistant to the idea of window bars however, since they feel that bars make a house more like a prison than a home.

However, if this option appeals to you, be aware that some companies specialize in decorative window bars that are absolutely beautiful and can be customized to suit your home’s design.

Window Alarms

There are several type of window alarms on the market today. The first is a simple window sensor alarm to detect when a window is opened or broken, sounding an alarm to warn your family and send the burglar fleeing.

The GE SmartHome Window Alarm is a popular wireless option that is easy to install and can be used on any window in your home.

wireless window sensor from GE

A more complicated window alarm also adds an infrared motion detector to monitor the area around the window, and activating when motion is detected but before the window is opened or broken.

Schlage Window Sensor allows you to remotely monitor your windows and alerts you when motion is detected of if you leave a window open at night.

Finally, a home alarm system can provide these components to safeguard all windows and provides the added benefit of not only warning you of an intruder, but sending an automatic call for help to your alarm company or the local police.

SimpliSafe offers an excellent DIY option that you can install yourself, which includes entry sensors for windows and doors and ongoing monitoring.


Window Locks

Don’t underestimate the power of a good lock. Deadbolts and Window Guard) can a simple, affordable yet highly effective burglar deterrent


window pin lock

Another popular option with homeowners is a vinyl window lock. One of the best vinyl locks is made by Prime Line.

vinyl window lock to deter burglars and thieves

A good window security strategy recommended by experts is to install strong, visible window locks on basement and first-floor windows, and simpler deadbolts or window sash locks on upper levels.

Tools and Products for Burglar Proofing Your Home’s Windows

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More Safety Solutions for Kids and Families:


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    Well thought tips & great article. i think it helps many others & adding to above tips, keep bushes trimmed away from windows so some one cant hide.

  • Jane . 3 years ago

    The most common entry point that a burglar would choose is a window at the top floor. Most of us get tempted not to install security systems at the top floors thinking they are not accessible from outside, but what we are least aware about is that burglars carry ladders to access entry points at a height. Once they’re in they can easily make the robbery. Read here about security alert systems:

  • Johnny Appleseed . 3 years ago

    Tempered glass is a horrible idea. A center-punch tool or glass cutter will destroy it in a split-second.

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    surprised there is nothing about fire escape and safety along with the information about bars

  • Andrea Davis . 2 years ago

    Installing window security alarm involves too much
    technicalities, professional lockout services and an extra cost, doesn’t
    it? The easiest and the safest way to keep burglars from breaking in through
    windows are:

    1) Installing

    2) Using tinted or reflective glasses so that none one
    could peep inside

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    It is very Useful now a days..Because security is important for any one..You provided all option for security is very useful..!!!

  • Masud Ali . 2 years ago

    If you have a few extra lock sets installed on your windows, it is going to be pretty difficult for a burglar to break into the house. Installation of safety grilles on your windows by an experienced locksmith is also a very good option to be safe from burglar break-ins.

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    Hey Nice blog!! Home security systems are most helpful tools must be used. Specially burglar alarms, wireless house alarms. For residential and commercial purpose these are best.

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    If you situate a security door on both the frontage and backside it helps, but you need to make confident that it is not a cheap one as they truly do not work. Make sure that the screws used on the door hinges’ and on the piece in the frame are at least to long, this prevents the door from being kicked in.


  • Caleb Hart . 2 years ago

    I think it’s important to protect your belongings. Nobody wants to lose their valuables to a burglar. It’s good to see that there are a lot of products out there that will protect you from robbery. Maybe I should find someone in my area to help me install some security doors or something.

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    Frontpoint Security

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    This is a great list, thanks for making it so comprehensive. My husband and I are big on getting our home secure right now, and after reading through these I think we’ll get some window alarms for now since they will probably be the most cost-effective. Hopefully in the future we can get some of these other things as well!

  • Marie Stein . 2 years ago

    It seems like a good idea when you are trying to keep your house safe your doors and window are one of the first places you should do. It seems like it would be a good idea to look into getting your windows glass glazed. That way, people can’t look into your house through your windows.

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    Just curious — any reason you didn’t include having a high-security tear resistant film applied to window glass? (Along with the correct glue and kit to attach film to the frame). Please advise, thanks.

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    This isvery informative post. Yes,You are right. Thieves can be entered through the door and windows, so we need to have already been invested insolid doors and door locks, windows are your weakest point of entry. I havebought window weights from SRS Hardware just at 1.60 dollars.

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    How about 8 mil window security film?

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