Four Reasons Gated Communities are Less Secure than Home Security Systems

by SSF | Last Updated May. 3rd, 2013

You live in a gated community. Everyday you drive through an elaborate gate that rises and falls seemingly upon your command. So, you have nothing to fear, right? Not necessarily. Data shows those gates are really nothing more than a status symbol. What’s worse, those very gates create an even bigger threat. Some thieves target gated communities because they know residents have more expensive things to steal, and they also know the residents take a lazy approach to securing their homes.


Providing the Illusion of Security

Probably the biggest reason your gated community is not as secure as a home with an alarm system has to do with you and your neighbors. Driving through a big, fancy gate with ornate iron work does make you feel more secure but that is a problem. It really doesn’t mean you are safer. That false sense of security means some residents leave doors unlocked, or leave windows open. That makes your community a tempting target for savvy thieves who are looking for complacent homeowners.

Gated Communities are a Target for Thieves

Those iron gates make a big statement. They say, “this community has money” and that makes your entire development a potential gold mine for thieves. Criminals will pass right by a home secured with an alarm system, but they will take a chance on an unsecured home even if it is inside of a well-to-do community. The reason is a simple risk-reward scenario. The potential pay-off is worth the risk.

They also know people with more money go out more often, and take more vacations. So, many homes inside the community are excellent targets for robberies. If a home doesn’t have a home security system, they have all night to loot the property without interruption. Learn how to secure your home at

Gates are More for Aesthetics

Those iron gates look nice, but how secure are they? First of all, it is fairly easy to slip in and out of the gates undetected, even if you don’t have a pass code or key. Cars piggy back through the gates by following close behind another car. A lazy attendant may buzz in guests without a second thought. On another note, gates can fail or break and when they do, the community must leave them open until fixed.

Even if your neighbors are vigilant about their pass codes, the more enterprising thieves know how to get past locked gates with relative ease, and they will do so if expensive items are there for the taking in unsecured homes.

Security is a Family Affair

The gate is only as secure as residents make it. Many residents in gated communities give their code or pass to friends and family members. Some communities even give pass codes or keys to outside vendors, landscapers and technicians. Those keys and passes often fall into the wrong hands.

Remember, once an intruder gets past your gate, there is nothing else to stop them from breaking into your home. Only an alarm system will protect you and your family from a break in.



  • andrea30 . 3 years ago

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  • Handsome Jack . 1 year ago

    I’ve lived in both gated and nongated neighborhoods. The only I have been robbed in is a gated community. Burglars seem to target gated communities because they know that people let their guard down. People will leave car doors unlocked and garages open at night thinking that the gate down the road will keep burglars away.

    After a robbery, neighbors will get so paranoid that they call the police on you when you take out the trash on your own property. Gated communities offer a false sense of security and creates really annoying neighbors.

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