Five of the Best Locations for Home Security Cameras

by Erin Raub | Last Updated Feb. 7th, 2016

safe suburban house

Protect your home with well-placed surveillance cameras

When it comes to your family’s security, always trust your gut. But it’s also important to ask yourself some tough questions and play devil’s advocate.

For example, one critically important question to ask yourself is where do you (and your family members) think you need security cameras? Another is to determine what are the most vulnerable spots on your property?

Still more questions to ask are do you have hidden or obscured entrances, windows or doors that would be particularly appealing to burglars? Have you or past owners experienced break-ins before? If so, where?

Point is, you know your home best, so you are uniquely qualified to evaluate how to keep it safe from intrusion.

Once you’ve decided on the locations of your cameras, you have to determine whether you’ll install your cameras where thieves can see them,–to serve as a deterrent but where they can be easily broken–or if you should put them out of reach where they may hide from burgling eyes but will always catch the thief on video.

I recommend a hybrid method: install your real cameras out of reach (and possibly out of sight), and then place dummy cameras – the kind that look completely authentic, of course – around your property. That way, if a burglar does break one of your cameras, it’ll be an inexpensive dummy – and you’ll have a video of the act too.

Here are five spots you should always install a home surveillance camera:

1. Front Door

An estimated 34% of all burglars enter your home through the front door, so you’ll definitely want to train one of your surveillance cameras here. To prevent a thief from knocking out your camera, place it at second-floor level, or even in the eves of your house, and train it on the front door. If your home has just one level, consider enclosing your front door camera in mesh wiring to protect it from errant rocks, sticks, or other weapons.

Expert Tip: You can install a high-tech peephole camera, so you can see who’s knocking before you open the door. And when it comes to peephole security cameras, Brinno is the #1 manufacturer  of peephole cameras on the market.


Check out the Brinno PHVMAC12 Motion-Activated Digital Peep Hole Security Camera

2. Back Door

Another 22% of home burglars enter through the back door, so you need a camera here, as well (and if you have side doors, they count as back doors for sake of statistics). The bottom line is, arm each entry door with a camera. Again, make the effort to place your camera out of the reach of human hands, or to protect it from projectiles, like rocks or sticks or anything an intruder might hurl at it.

Expert Tip: Be sure to install a camera that’s both weatherproof and is equipped with night vision. Your best bet here is to install a dome security camera from Lorex.

Check out the Lorex 960H Weatherproof Dome Security Camera with Night Vision

3. Off-Street Windows

Burglars often enter a home by breaking a rear window. By choosing a window that is not in direct view of the street, they decrease their chance of being caught and buy some privacy to do the dirty deed. Get a jump on them and train a camera on any area of your home with windows that cannot be viewed from the street.

Expert Tip: You’re best option here is to install a wireless security camera that has remote control capabilities and can be operated from a mobile device or tablet, and Uniden makes the highest rated wireless camera on the market.


Check out Uniden Wireless Weather Proof Video Surveillance Camera

4. Backyard/Side Gate

Crooks love a good backyard, since they’re often brimming with expensive lawn & garden machinery, recreational equipment, and kids’ toys. Arm your yard with motion-sensor floodlights and a night vision surveillance camera to protect your home and belongings. If your backyard is fenced in, make sure your camera has a view of the entrance gate (or install a second camera there).

Expert Tip: Place a camera in plain sight. Most times, just seeing a security camera is enough to make a home intruder move on to another home. From a value perspective, ZMODO makes the most affordable yet highly-rated backyard security systems.


Check out ZMODO 8-Channel Security Camera System w/ 4 Outdoor Day/Night Hi-Resolution Surveillance Cameras

5. Basement Stairs

Many basements have access hatches/doors, or at least small windows that are large enough to crawl through. Place a camera on the stairs leading up from the basement to your home to record any wayward prowlers who sneak their way into your home via the subterranean route.

Expert Tip: When it comes to securing your basement, you want to install a motion sensor security camera that comes with night vision. Many home security providers offer motion-sensitive cameras with infrared night vision, but few compare to the line of security cameras from TENVIS.


Check out TENVIS JPT3815W Wireless Night Vision Internet Surveillance Camera with Built-in Microphone

Want Even More Expert Info on Home Security Cameras?

Check out our FREE Outdoor Security Cameras Buying Guide

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