Firearms In The Home: Safe or Dangerous? [INFOGRAPHIC]

by SSF | Last Updated Apr. 30th, 2015

Here at Safe Sound Family, we aim to cover all aspects of home safety, whether by teaching you ways to increase the security of your home, or showing you how to identify popular and avoidable security threats. As of late, one significant home security threat in the news that has really grabbed our attention is the possession of firearms and its’ role in home injuries and death. Constitutional rights notwithstanding, we can’t ignore how the current legality of firearm ownership seriously affects the safety of the home and especially young children.

We wanted to take our own curiosity a step further, so we conducted some research on firearms and created this infographic, “Firearms In The Home: Safe or Dangerous?“. The data we found was astounding, and makes us truly wonder if the current gun laws in the U.S. reflect the best interest of families and home safety. For instance, the U.S. has 80% more firearm deaths than the 23 other of the world’s richest countries in the world combined. And, your child’s risk of accidental death increases by four times when you have a gun in the home. What do you think about firearms in the home?

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  • Sean 陳偉國 Tan . 3 years ago

    why not totally ban it? why only stricter laws?

    • gabriel314 . 2 years ago

      2nd Amendment, son. Do you really think it’s reasonable for an Alaskan to not have a gun?

    • Just my .02 . 2 years ago

      Ah, yes, the nbr 1 liberal response to “guns” – “just ban ’em”. Right. And, once you’ve righteously “banned ’em”, do you, even for a fleeting moment, believe the criminal element will have been affected in any way whatsoever by your “ban”?

      The answer is, of course they won’t. Why? Because they’re CRIMINALS, dufus.

      Criminals care less about laws, and that’s what your “ban” would be. Guns are trivially easy to get outside legitimate sources, on the street, etc, and they’d go right on doing what they do, mugging and maiming innocent people, who would now be helpless and defenseless, since YOU took away their ability to lawfully own the weapons they need to protect themselves and those they love.

      Thanks, liberrhoid. Thanks, a lot. And, OBTW, does it hurt to be so fu#kn stupid?

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