The Best Bathroom Safety Equipment for Toddlers & Babies: Reviews, Pricing Info & Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe

Baby-proofing and safety products are in the forefront of most parents’ minds as soon as their little ones come along, but the bathroom poses an especially difficult area of the home to make safe. Between the toilet and the sink and the bathtub and the drawers and the cabinets, the bathroom can seem like the most dangerous place in the entire house for little ones.

With a little bit of planning and a few decisions about how much money you want to spend to protect your kids from bathroom hazards, you can make your bathroom as safe as the rest of your home. Several safety-minded companies have created and offer bathroom safety products that grow with your family. We have searched for the easiest to install and clean, highest-rated, most sensible bathroom safety products on the market and listed them here in no particular order.



Mommy’s Helper Lid-Lok is a top-rated toilet safety product. Not only will it prevent toddlers from accidentally falling into the toilet and protect small fingers from being hurt by heavy seats and lids, but it will prevent active little ones from throwing toys and other items into the toilet.

Key Features:

  • Easy for adults to open
  • Fits most standard toilets
  • Installs without tools
  • Installs without adhesive and you don’t have to unbolt the seat to install
  • Simple, one-handed operation
  • Simple to remove when no longer needed


  • Single Pack – *Est. $5
  • 2-pack – *Est. $9

2. Safety 1st Swing Shut Toilet Lock

Safety 1st Swing Shut Toilet Lock

Parents often think about preventing small children from falling into bathtub water, but preventing children from getting into toilet water is just as important. From keeping kids out of the water, to stopping them from throwing things into the water, the Swing Shut Toilet Lock from Safety 1st is a highly-reviewed bathroom safety product.

Key Features:

  • Sanitary one-hand operation
  • Automatically relocks when the lid is lowered
  • Secure adhesive mounting
  • SecureTech locking indicator
  • No drilling required


  • Single Pack – *Est. $9
  • 2-Pack – *Est. $23


Mommys Helper SafeerGrip Traveler

Getting in and out of the tub and shower can be especially difficult for young children, and Mommy’s Helper Safe-er-Grip Traveler is a top-rated solution. Easily transferred from tub to shower, the Safe-er-Grip Traveler is just the right size to take along on family trips or overnight trips to Grandma’s.

Key Features:

  • Easily positioned wherever you need it
  • Simply squeeze handles together to securely attach
  • Easy to install and remove by flipping the tabs
  • Helps kids maintain balance and avoid slipping

Cost: *Est. $10

4. Susen Safe Shampoo Shower Bathing Protect Soft Cap Hat

Susen Safe

Most parents agree that shampooing baby’s hair is one of the most difficult aspects of bathing infants, and this shower cap is a perfect solution. A #1 Best Seller in Kids’ Bathroom Safety Products, the adjustable cap protects baby’s eyes and ears from shampoo and water.

Key Features:

  • Adjusts to fit most children from infant to age 6
  • Soft EVA material
  • New, improved style

Cost: *Est. $2

5. KidSafe Large Tub Guard

KidSafe Large Tub Guard

Bathroom safety isn’t just limited to the kids. Helping parents and caregivers to be more comfortable makes bath time more enjoyable for everyone, and the Large Tub Guard from Joy Safety Products is a great solution.

Key Features:

  • Easily placed on the side of the tub to cushion parents’ elbows and middle sections during kids’ bath time
  • 33 ¼”L x 5 ¼”W x 5 ¼”H
  • Non-toxic padded vinyl material

Cost: *Est $35


Baby Bath Gate

Keeping tots safe in the tub isn’t always just about the water. Small children and toddlers like to play with the faucet, drain plug, and knobs, and Mommy’s Helper Baby Bath Gate prevents those little fingers and hands from being hurt during bath time.

Key Features:

  • Swivel heads and textured grip pads ensure a snug fit
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Includes mesh storage bag
  • Fits standard tubs with openings 19-26”
  • Rolls up for easy storage when not in use

Cost: *Est. $20

7. BFlowerYan Door Stop Finger Pinch Guard, Mixed Color (10-pc pack)


Sometimes, bathroom safety is not just about protecting little ones from the water, bathtub, and toilet. When parents need to spend time in and around the bathroom, they need peace of mind when it comes to the door as well. These door stop finger pinch guards from BFLowerYan are an easy solution, especially because they are available in cute, colorful animals or solid colors.

Key Features:

  • Colorful designs
  • Lightweight material should not harm door surfaces
  • Simple to install and remove
  • No hardware, drilling, or adhesive

Cost: 10-pack – *Est. $10

8. Baby Buddy BB Safe –T-Shapes Bath Appliques, Frogs

Baby Buddy

Bathtub and shower floors are notoriously slippery, and providing safer footing is a necessary part of making bathrooms safer for your family. One decorative solution to that problem is the Baby Buddy BB Safe-T-Shapes Bath Appliques; the fun frogs are sure to delight all members of your family.

Key Features:

  • Contains 10 sheets
  • Easy to apply
  • Made in the USA

Cost: *Est. 4

9. Summer Infant Comfy Bath Sponge

Summer Infant

Bathing slippery infants is a daunting task for even the most experienced parent, but the Summer Infant Comfy Bath Sponge aims to make the task a little easier. Support baby during bath time with the Comfy Bath Sponge’s contoured shape and slight incline.

Key Features:

  • Slip-resistant material safe for bathing
  • Quick-drying foam cushion allow for fast clean up
  • Can be used in sinks, baby bathtubs, and adult tubs
  • Contoured, shaped, cushioned, and inclined to support baby

Cost: *Est. $7

10. Lil Rinser Splashguard

Lil Rinser

Rinsing kids’ hair may be even more challenging with older kids, and the Lil Rinser Splashguard is designed to make shampooing hair easier on both kids and parents. Parents are able to hold the Lil Rinser in place with the handle to channel water and soap away from kids’ sensitive areas.

Key Features:

  • Soft rim contours to fit smoothly yet snugly against a child’s head
  • Designed to keep soap, water, and shampoo out of kids’ eyes, ears, and mouths
  • Made of firm, yet flexible plastic
  • Available in several color combinations

Cost: *Est. $9

11. Puj Tub

Puj Tub

Parents of newborns often seek easier solutions to bathing their new bundles of joy. Finding it difficult to bathe baby with one hand while balancing a baby tub in the sink with the other, infants’ parents dread bath time. The Puj Tub offers a perfect solution, because it cradles and protects baby, which allows parents to use both hands for bath time.

Key Features:

  • Made from soft foam that folds to conform to almost any sink
  • Hangs or stores flat when not in use
  • Relieves parents from having to lean, bend, sit, or squat during bath time

Cost: *Est. $45

12. Boon Flo Water Deflector and Protective Faucet Cover with Bubble Bath Dispenser


Add a little style and fun to bath safety is with Boon’s Flo Water Deflector. Flo transforms a regular bathtub faucet into a gentle waterfall that kids won’t mind leaning back into when it’s time to rinse the shampoo.

Key Features:

  • Projects water away from faucet
  • Helps protect noggins from bumps on the faucet
  • Allows access to shower diverter
  • BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free

Cost: *Est. $15

13. BRICA Super Spout Cover with Rinse Cup

BRICA Spout Cover

Protect your little ones’ noggins from bumps and bruises with the Super Spout Cover with Rinse Cup from BRICA. With a removable rinse cup, the cute turtle is sure to become a bath time friend that combines safety and fun during bathing and rinsing.

Key Features:

  • Fits most bathtub faucets
  • Allows easy access to the shower diverter
  • Easy to attach and remove in seconds
  • SoftPlus design includes premium soft features and flexible materials to keep little ones safer in the tub
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA/Phthalate free

Cost: *Est. $10


Mommys Helper SafeerGrip 24

Sometimes, toddlers are so excited about getting into the bathtub (or, getting out of the bathtub) that they rush and slip. Grip bars are a good solution, and this Safe-er-Grip 24” from Mommy’s Helper is a favorite because it requires no drilling or adhesive.

Key Features:

  • Simply press the tab levers to attach securely
  • Can be used in the bathtub or on shower walls
  • Easy to install and remove by flipping the tabs


  • Single-Pack – *Est. $18
  • Two-Pack – *Est. 32

15. Aqua Scale 3-in-1 Baby , Scale, and Water Thermometer

Aqua Scale

Sometimes, products come along that solve several problems for parents: the Aqua Scale 3-in-1 Baby Bath Tub, Scale and Water Thermometer is one of those products. Not only does it allow parents to bathe their infants and toddlers in a safe position and correct temperature, but it also allows parents to keep track of baby’s wellness with a scale.

Key Features:

  • Records baby’s precise weight, allowing for water and movement
  • Ergonomic, anti-slip insert keeps baby in ideal bathing position
  • Automatically displays temperature changes
  • Displays pounds and ounces or kilograms
  • Easily converts from infant to toddler tub, up to 44 pounds

Cost: *Est. $85

16. Summer infant Lil’ Luxuries Whirlpool, Bubbling Spa and Shower

Summer Infant Lil Luxuries

Even with all of the safety products for bathing babies in a standard tub or sink, some parents want peace of mind knowing they are bathing their children in a product designed just for them. The Summer Infant Lil’ Luxuries Whirlpool, Bubbling Spa and Shower is designed to grow with baby to the age of 2, and then the removable spa/shower unit attaches to your tub wall with a suction cup for extended use.

Key Features:

  • Large, insulated tub is double walled to keep bathwater warm
  • Soft, plush newborn sling cradles baby and is supported by a plush bolster
  • Motorized water jet creates bubbles and vibrations or a whirlpool for a calming spa effect
  • Ergonomic shower handle gently showers children and is easy to hold
  • Available in blue, violet, green, and pink
  • Made in the USA

Cost: *Est. $48

17. Gator Grip No Slip Bathtub Mat

Gator Grip

Sometimes, protecting kids from falls in the bathtub requires a full bath mat solution, especially as kids get older and like to play and move around more in the tub. The problem is, a lot of bath mats move because they are difficult to secure to the tub. Invented by a mom, the Gator Grip No Slip Bathtub Mat solves the bath mat problem.

Key Features:

  • Peel and stick adhesive
  • No suction cups
  • Soft and cushiony material
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Easy to clean with most household bath cleaners, even bleach

Cost: *Est. $70

18. Drive Medical Portable Bath Step

Drive Medical

When kids reach the age of wanting to do everything independently, getting them safely in and out of the bathtub becomes a challenge. They want to do it themselves, but they just are not tall enough to step up and over the tub wall. Drive Medical’s Portable Bath Step is an easy solution, putting parents at ease as they guide their children in and out of the tub.

Key Features:

  • 450-pound weight capacity
  • Adds 4” boost
  • Slip-resistant top and rubber feet
  • Modular design allows multiple steps (purchased separately) to be stacked – each additional step adds 2”

Cost: *Est. $23

19. The Potty Scotty 2-in-1 Bath Tub with Toy Organizer


Sometimes, bathing kids and toddlers can be a challenge because the tubs don’t seem to be made for their small bodies. The PottyScotty, for boys, and the PottyPatty, for girls, have specially molded contours on one side designed to hold younger babies in the most comfortable position that is also convenient for parents. As babies get older, the reverse side accommodates their larger bodies.

Key Features:

  • Includes tub toy organizer and baby bath tub
  • Made from non-toxic plastic
  • Reclining position accommodates babies 0-6 months of age
  • Sitting position accommodates babies 6-24 months of age

Cost: *Est. $40

20.  @OXO


Adding a little convenience and comfort to bath time makes for a safer experience because parents and caregivers don’t feel rushed or stressed while bathing little ones. The OXO Tot Bath Set provides a kneeling mat for adults, a tub stopper to be sure the water and toys stay put in the tub, and a storage bin with a handle to easily scoop toys out of the water before storing them and allowing them to dry as the water drains through the large holes.

Key Features:

  • Kneeling mat has three layers of dense, resilient foam for cushion and support
  • Kneeling mat includes magnets to secure it in a folded position
  • Soft, flexible silicone tub stopper makes it safe for little fingers
  • Suction cup adheres stopper to the tub floor with a watertight seal
  • Storage bin features a large, soft, comfortable handle to make scooping toys out of the tub faster and easier
  • Storage bin can be placed on the sturdy adhesive tape plate for storage or can stand on its flat bottom
  • Large holes in storage bin allow air to flow through and water to drain so toys and other bath items dry quickly

Cost: *Est. $39

21. Safe-er-Grip Bath and Shower Handle

Tub Rail SafeerGrip

For added confidence and safety getting in and out of the tub, the raised rail design of the TubRail Safe-er-Grip is the way to go. Kids will be able to grasp the higher handle in various positions as they get in out and out of the slippery bathtub.

Key Features:

  • Suction cup design – no adhesive or drilling
  • Easy installation and removal with flip-up easy release tabs
  • 12 ½”H x 14”L

Cost: *Est. $15

22. Turtlemeter, the Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bathtub Thermometer


Ozeri’s Turtlemeter brings safety and functionality to play time in the bathtub. The Turtlemeter calculates bath water temperature every second and displays the temperature with three different color screens, for an easy-to-read result every time.

Key Features:

  • Instantly activates in the water
  • Floats naturally and is fully submersible
  • Displays in Fahrenheit on an easy-to-read LCD with blue, green, or red colors

Cost: *Est. $13

23. Prince Lionheart Faucet Extender

Prince Lionheart

One of the most dangerous places in the bathroom is at the sink, as kids try to wash their hands but have difficulty reaching the water flow. Bypass the need for a wobbly stool with the Prince Lionheart Faucet Extender.

Key Features:

  • Fits most faucets including goosenecks
  • Extends reach of water toward the front of the sink
  • Stretches to fit over large faucet heads
  • BPA, PVC, and phthalate free

Cost: *Est. $7

24. Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat with Suction Cups

Munchkin Dandy Dots

Safety always comes first, and it does with this cute, colorful bath mat from Munchkin. The textured surface keeps your little ones from slipping and sliding, and the suction cups keep the mat securely in place. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your kids are enjoying themselves safely with this candy-colored mat.

Key Features:

  • Non-slip surface
  • Skid-resistant suction cups to hold the mat securely in place
  • 30 ½”L x 14 ¼”W
  • Suitable for children ages 3 and up

Cost: *Est. $27

25. Dreambaby Non-Slip Bath Strips – 7pk

Dreambaby NonSlip Bath Strips

If you have an oddly shaped bathtub or shower, traditional bath mats may not work for you. But, you still want to keep your tots safe in those slippery environments. Dreambaby’s Non-Slip Bath Strips are the solution, as you can position them wherever they are needed to fit your tub or shower.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Durable, textured surface adds extra traction
  • Super strong self-adhesive backing

Cost: *Est. 6

26. Safety 1st Inflatable Spout Guard

Safety1st Spout Guard

Keeping your kids safe in the bathtub is something you need to worry about while you travel, or while they visit at grandma’s, too. The Inflatable Spout Guard by Safety 1st offers a quick solution to protecting kids’ heads from bumps on tub spouts, whether home or away.

Key Features:

  • Soft, inflatable cover
  • Adjustable for the perfect fit
  • Stays in place
  • Colorful, kid-friendly design


  • Single Pack – *Est. $4
  • 2-Pack – *Est. $9

27. KidSafe Small Tub Guard

KidSafe Small Tub Guard

When traveling, it is nice to have some of the safety and comfort of home, and the small tub guard from KidSafe provides both. At 14 ½”L x 5 ¼”W x 5 ¼”H, the small tub guard is perfect for smaller tubs or for packing for bathing on the go.

Key Features:

  • Non-toxic padded vinyl material
  • Easily wipes clean
  • Protects parents’ and caregivers’ elbows and midsections while bathing little ones

Cost: *Est. $25

28. Aquatopia Safety Faucet and Tap Protector


As hard as parents try, sometimes it is nearly impossible to keep little ones from turning on the water and playing with the faucet during bath time. To prevent injury, Aquatopia offers the Safety Faucet and Tap Protector that covers all of the enticing tub hardware in one fell swoop.

Key Features:

  • Machine washable
  • Adjusts to fit most taps and faucets
  • Easy to attach and use
  • Made of expanded foam to resist impact and heat

Cost: *Est. $30

29. Aqueduck Faucet Handle Extender


Children need to be able to wash their hands, and many want to do it on their own, but the sheer size of the bathroom vanity can impede their process. Aqueduck solves the issue of kids’ inability to turn on the water with the Faucet Handle Extender.

Key Features:

  • Fits most two-handle faucets and is easy to remove for cleaning
  • Promotes independence
  • Designed to work only on cold side for safety
  • Made from long-lasting soft, durable plastic
  • Contains no BPA, PVC, or phthalates
  • Encourages good hygiene

Cost: Est. $16

30. 4moms Spout Cover


Sometimes, bath safety products are also functional. Meet the 4moms spout cover. Not only does the spout cover protect against bumps on the faucet, but it also protects against putting babies and older children into water that is too hot or too cold.

Key Features:

  • Soft, cushy foam protects children from accidents on tub faucets
  • Easy access to diverter; leave the spout cover in place when showering
  • Color-coded digital thermometer to ensure the perfect water temperature
  • Easy to install and fits most faucets
  • Mildew-resistant and easy to clean

Cost: *Est. $30

31.  @DreamBabySafety

Dreambaby Room Thermometer

Take the guessing out of monitoring the temperature of baby’s room and bath with the Dreambaby Bath & Room Thermometer. Available as either a duck or a crocodile, the thermometer brings peace of mind to parents who worry about keeping baby safe and comfortable.

Key Features:

  • Doubles as a fun bath toy
  • Rechecks temperature every 10 seconds
  • 30-second auto shut off
  • Water temperature indicator (RED = too hot, GREEN = too cool)

Cost: *Est. $11

32. Clippasafe Tap Strap

Clippasafe Tap Strap

Kids love to play with the water in the tub, and it can be difficult to stop them when you’ve got your hands full just bathing them. To prevent young children from turning on the water, Clippasafe offers its Tap Strap as a quick and easy solution.

Key Features:

  • Can be easily fitted to various types of faucets
  • Allows easy access to water for adults while reducing the risk of children turning on the tap
  • Flexible material that is quickly installed and removed by adults

Cost: *Est. $27

33. Dreambaby Bath Thermometer Fish

Dreambaby Fish Bath Thermometer

Prevent accidental scalds and the shock of a tub filled with water that is too cold with this cute bath thermometer fish from Dreambaby. Kids will enjoy seeing the fish float around at bath time, and parents will enjoy feeling at ease knowing they have provided a perfect tub temperature.

Key Features:

  • Thermometer is encased in plastic
  • Simple to use: submerge the tail in the water and wait for the indicator to stop moving
  • Large, easy to read numbers
  • Color coded to easily see when the water temperature is just right

Cost: *Est. 6

34. Boon Ray Drain Cover


Bathtub drains pose a hazard when their stoppers stick up or they don’t completely stop the water. The drain cover by Boon solves that problem with its adorable stingray design.

Key Features:

  • Covers existing drain and works as a plug
  • Soft exterior foam protects against injury on tub stopper or sharp drain edges
  • Convenient suction cup for storage
  • BPA, PVC, and phthalate free

Cost: *Est. $9

35 @NubyUSA


With its 3-in-1 design, Nuby’s Bath Time Clock & Thermometer helps keep bath time safe and fun for babies and parents. Be informed about how long your baby has been in the tub and what the temperature of the water is at all times with the adorable animal shapes from Nuby.

Key Features:

  • Flashes and beeps when water is too hot or too cold
  • Floating thermometer, clock and timer
  • Temperature readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • BPA free
  • Automatically counts up when sensor contacts water

Cost: *Est. $9

36. Bean-b-Clean Cradle Cap Brush

Bean B Clean

All too often, parents have to deal with cradle cap and are not exactly sure how to go about doing it safely and effectively. The Bean-b-Clean Cradle Cap Brush helps to prevent cradle cap or lessen the severity of it when it is already present on baby’s scalp.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Recommended daily use
  • Easily cleaned with soap and warm water
  • Made in the USA

Cost: *Est. $5

37. Mommy’s Helper Portable Shower Arm Safe-er-Grip

Mommys Helper Portable Shower Arm

While some kids may be big enough to take a shower, often the shower is not big enough for them until they are much older. Mommy’s Helper Portable Shower Arm Safe-er-Grip allows parents to place the shower anywhere their children need it, to allow for a safer, more comfortable shower experience.

Key Features:

  • Allows for shower head to be placed at any height
  • Flip-up easy release tab for easy installation and removal
  • Suction cup design makes it easy to attach, remove, or relocate
  • Small enough to transport to any shower, even when traveling

Cost: Pack of 2 – *Est. $17

38. Smart Guard Medicine Safe – OneStepAhead


OneStepAhead offers its best-selling medicine safe in an original size and a large size, depending on your family’s needs. With so many reports of children accidentally ingesting medicine, a medicine safe is a must-have bathroom safety product.

Key Features:

  • Patented, key-free lock
  • Removable tray
  • Magnifier
  • Handle for easy portability
  • Large Smart Guard Medicine Safe – 11 ¼”L x 8 ¾”W x 7 ½”H
  • Smart Guard Medicine Safe – 9”L x 7”W x 5”H

Cost: Est. $25

39. Mommy’s Helper Power Strip Safety Cover

Mommys Helper Power Strip

The bathroom commonly is the hub of electronic appliances. Prevent accidents associated with cords and outlets by using the Mommy’s Helper Power Strip Safety Cover.

Key Features:

  • Fits most standard single row outlet power strips and surge suppressors
  • Fits most transformers and heavy gauge 3-prong plugs
  • Convenient access to on/off switch


  • Single Pack – *Est. $8
  • Two-Pack – *Est. $19
  • Four-Pack – *Est. $40

40. Nuby 4-Pack Diaper Pins

Nuby Safety Pins

Not all safety pins are made the same, and if you choose to use cloth diapers for baby, you will need to choose a safety pin that locks and truly is safe for baby. Nuby’s Diaper Pins fit the bill.

Key Features:

  • Plastic safety-lock heads
  • Rust-proof stainless steel pins
  • Available in a variety of colors

Cost: *Est. $3

41. The First Years Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

The First Years Tub

Designed for use from the very first bath through baths during the toddler years, the Infant to Toddler Tub from The First Years provides a safe and comfortable environment to make bath time more enjoyable and safe. Complete with a temperature guard drain plug, the tub has features to make bath time easier for parents and children.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable baby tub with built-in wash basin for toys, rinse water, and supplies
  • Fits single and double sinks
  • Upright backrest provides additional support for toddlers
  • Includes mesh sling and foam pads to cradle infants
  • Available in blue or pink

Cost: *Est. $16

42. OneStepAhead Secure Transitions Inflatable Baby Tub

OneStepAhead Inflatable Tub

Bath time can be a very daunting task when baby is too large for an infant tub but too small for the big family tub. One Step Ahead’s Secure Transitions Inflatable Baby Tub offers a solution that prevents baby from sliding around yet provides enough room for playing.

Key Features:

  • Pattern suitable for boys and girls
  • Drain plug makes water flow freely
  • Soft and won’t irritate baby’s skin
  • Contoured headrest makes shampooing simple
  • Pockets keep bath supplies close
  • For babies who can sit up, up to 24 months
  • Outside dimensions: 37”L x 23”W x 8 ½”H
  • Inside space: 25”L x 14 ½” W x 7”H

Cost: Est. $20

43. Clippasafe Shampoo Eye Shield

Clippasafe Shampoo Shield

Keep shampoo and water out of youngsters’ eyes with Clippasafe’s Shampoo Eye Shield. Avoid tears and bath time stress by ensuring a comfortable rinse every time.

Key Features:

  • Soft neoprene rubber fits nearly all head sizes
  • Simple to use – just position at the top of the forehead and back of the neck
  • Easily washed and dried between uses

Cost: *Est. $7

44. Safety 1st Comfy Cushy Bath Cradle

Safety 1st Comfy Cushy

Help your baby and yourself to feel more comfortable during bath time with the Comfy Cozy Bath Cradle by Safety 1st. Specially contoured to support baby during bath time, it should help everyone to feel more at ease while baby gets clean.

Key Features:

  • Soft foam insert supports baby for added comfort and safety
  • Easily placed in sink, infant tub, adult tub, or flat surface
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Suited for infants

Cost: *Est. $22

45. Koo-di Bath Tap Protector


Bathtub taps pose safety risks for both bumps and scalds. The Bath Tap Protector from Koo-di is soft enough to protect kids from hurting themselves on the faucet, and the heat spots change colors to prevent kids from scalding themselves.

Key Features:

  • Soft, durable cover fits securely on most single taps or mixer taps
  • Heat spots change color to indicate temperature
  • Mildew resistant
  • Made from phthalate-free PVC

Cost: *Est. $19

46. BRICA Bath Kneeler


Parent comfort during bath time is just as important as children’s comfort, especially because parents often kneel for long stretches of time while bathing their kids. Not all kneelers are the same, though, and this one from BRICA is highly reviewed for its comfort and support.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic design with cushioned support for knees and legs
  • Easy-grip handle makes it easier to pick up the kneeler from a wet floor
  • Hangs on towel bar or shower rod for drying and storage
  • Durable, textured bottom panel is water resistant
  • Suitable for all floor surfaces
  • Easy to clean

Cost: *Est. $13

47. Safety 1st Magnetic Tot Lok Complete Set

Safety 1st Magnetic Locks

Any parent will tell you that keeping babies and toddlers out of cabinets and drawers is essential, but it’s even more crucial in the bathroom, where there are cleaning products, electronics, and personal hygiene products. Keep little one’s fingers and all of your bathroom items safe with this solution from Safety 1st.

Key Features:

  • 100% concealed
  • Durable construction
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Easy operation – Install the lock inside the cabinet or drawer and then use the powerful magnetic key to open when needed
  • It is easy to store the magnetic key high up and out of children’s reach


  • 1 pack (includes 4 locks & 1 key) – Est. $15
  • 2 packs (include 8 locks & 2 keys) – Est. $38

48. BabyBjorn Safe Step


When kids can’t reach the toilet or sink on their own, they often resort to creative and dangerous ways of getting where they want to be. Eliminate the danger with the BabyBjorn Safe Step Stool.

Key Features:

  • Non-slip upper surface provides good grip on little feet and toes
  • Rubber edging underneath ensures the stool rests firmly on the floor
  • Easy to keep clean – rinse off under running water
  • Available in a variety of colors

Cost: *Est. $20

49. Safety 1st Clear View Nail Clippers


One of the fastest ways to stress out a parent is to tell them that their baby’s nails need to be trimmed. Holding onto kids’ fingers longer than necessary because you can’t quite see exactly where you need to cut is no longer a problem with the Clear View Nail Clippers by Safety 1st.

Key Features:

  • 5X magnifying lens to take the guesswork out of trimming kids’ nails
  • Adjustable magnifying lens for a clear view
  • Curved clipping edges
  • Easy-grip handle for a sure hold


  • Single Pack – *Est. $8
  • 2-Pack – *Est. $11

50.  @BurtsBees

Burts Bees

Sometimes, bathroom safety is as simple as making sure the products you use to cleanse your children are safe and gentle for their young skin. Burt’s Bees Frangrance Free Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash is #1 Best Seller in Baby Body Wash on Amazon, and it has received rave reviews from parents and caregivers.

Key Features:

  • 12 fluid ounce bottles
  • Tear-free, fragrance-free shampoo gently cleans baby’s hair and skin
  • Plant-based, natural cleansing with aloe, oat flour, and soy proteins
  • Pediatrician-tested, hypoallergenic, and 99.9% natural
  • No phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or SLS


  • Single 12 oz bottle – *Est. $9
  • 3-Pack of 12 oz bottles – *Est. $27

More Safety Solutions for Kids and Families:

The Best Water Safety Products for Kids & Families: Keep Kids Safe in the Bath and Swimming Pool

Water safety is on every parent’s mind as soon as you realize you have to bathe that squirming, screeching new addition at some point. At first, you’ll get to give sponge baths that are a little less terrifying for new parents because you don’t have to navigate a water-filled tub with your baby. Eventually, though, you’ll have to brave the tub and there’s a whole new series of anxious thoughts running through your mind. From bumping heads on faucets to slipping on smooth tub surfaces, little ones are at risk when they are in the tub.

To further add to your list of worries, summer strikes. This time of year, parents especially are concerned with water safety for the whole family. Whether it’s keeping kids safe in the family pool or at the local swimming hole, or on white-water rapids, parents need to know how to keep their families safe both in and around water.

Overall, bath time and swimming time should be fun for everyone, and the good news is that several safety-minded companies have come to the rescue with smart and innovative water safety products. While no water product can replace an attentive parent or certified lifeguard, these water safety products give parents a little more peace of mind when spending time in and near the water their families.

1. Swimline Pool Safety Ring Buoy

Pool Safety Ring Buoy

Even bigger kids can get tired while swimming or gulp a little too much water while playing in the pool. Swimline’s pool float will help make those family swim times a little more enjoyable and a little less worrisome.

Key Features:

  • 18.5” rigid foam ring
  • Complete with nylon tow rope
  • Unsinkable

Cost: *Est. $22

2. Watch Out! Near Water (Watch Out! Books)

Watch Out water safety book

Sometimes, the best strategy for keeping kids safe is to rely on the old tried-and-true method of learning through literacy. In this book by Claire Llewellyn and illustrated by Mike Gordon, kids learn the importance of learning to swim and the safety rules surrounding pools, the beach, and open boats.

Key Features:

  • Brief passages for easy understanding by younger children
  • Colorful, cartoon-style illustrations on every page
  • Clearly written


  • Paperback – *Est. $6
  • Other formats and editions – Prices range from *Est. $2.30 – $40

3. Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm

Water Temperature Alarm

One of the most difficult bath-time tasks for parents is getting the water temperature correct for their kids. Always worried that the water is too hot or getting too cold near the end of bath time, parents tend to be up to their elbows in water… literally. Let the Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm take the guesswork – and sopping wet arms – out of the bath time routine.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use – no buttons
  • Automatically activates
  • Reads bath temperature every 2 seconds
  • Alerts parents with an audible alarm if the water is too hot or too cold

Cost: *Est. $8

4. Safety Turtle Pet Immersion Pool/Water Alarm Kit

Pet Immersion Alarm

Safety Turtle provides water safety products for those other types of children, your four-leggers. Be alerted when your pet is immersed in water, as the Turtle continues to sound its alarm until it is reset. Unlike other pool alarms that may be deactivated by anyone who cleans or uses the pool or spa, Safety Turtle offers continual protection.

Key Features:

  • Includes one Velcro strap (5”L x ¾”W, that attaches to your pet’s collar), one Turtle Sensor, and a standard Base Station
  • Works with all fresh water, from natural lakes and ponds to pools and hot tubs
  • Loud alarm sounds immediately at the Base Station when the Turtle is immersed in water
  • Alarm continues to sound until it is reset
  • Safety Turtle system can be expanded through the purchase of additional sensors of the same color
  • The Turtle battery life is 3-4 years


  • Safety Turtle Pet Immersion Pool/Water Alarm Kit – *$Est. $180
  • Safety Turtle Wristband – *$Est. $67

5. Swim School Aqua Tot Trainer

Swim Vest Trainer

Designed for frequent use, the Swim School Aqua Tot Trainer is a rugged inflatable tube trainer. The kids’ swim vest easily slips over swimsuits and has a buckled anchor strap to keep it in place, so you can relax a little while helping your little one learn to swim.

Key Features:

  • Provides a full 360 degrees of flotation
  • Fits ages 2-4
  • Swim tube inflates by mouth in 2 minutes
  • Safety strap adjusts for comfort and fit
  • Inflated diameter is 16 ½”

Cost: *Est. $15

6. Premier Fido Float Dog Life Vest


Pet parents also want to feel secure when taking their dogs on and off shore. With the Fido Float Dog Life Vest, you can increase your dog’s endurance and make boating safer for dogs.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive collar-to-tail zipper for easy on and off
  • Bright, nautical yellow color is easily spotted, even from a distance
  • Adjustable chest straps for a secure fit
  • Handle makes it easier to life dog out of the water
  • Ranges in size from Tiny to X-Large


  • Tiny – *Est. $11
  • X-Small – *Est. $16
  • Small – *Est. $16
  • Medium – *Est. $16
  • Large – *Est. $16
  • X-Large – *Est. 23

7. Speedo Kid’s Begin to Swim Fabric Arm Bands


As kids grow a bit more familiar with water, they will be ready for an introduction to swimming. These level two Fabric Arm Bands from Speedo provide full flotation support and help build confidence, so kids can develop beginning swim skills.

Key Features:

  • Soft polyester provides maximum comfort
  • Dual chamber heavy duty inflatable arm band for added safety and durability
  • Bright inner fabric is highly visible for increased safety
  • Max weight – 110 lbs.
  • Safety valve must be squeezed for proper inflation and deflation

Cost: *Est. $16

8. Water Gear Back Float, Progressive Split Float

Water Gear

As young swimmers become more skilled at swimming, they often do not want to be hindered by floats around their waist and arms. Water Gear offers a solution with its Back Float, featuring a Progressive Split Float.

Key Features:

  • Soft, comfortable, closed cell EVA foam that will not absorb water or chip
  • Easily buckles on back
  • Frees arms for proper motion while swimming
  • Split design allows adjustment as swimmer progresses

Cost: *Est. $10

9. Watersafe WS425B Drinking Water Test Kit



Sometimes, water safety needs to be something you keep in mind even inside your own home, with the water that you drink.  With the WaterSafe Drinking Water Test Kit, you are able to bring lab-quality results to your home and identify whether your drinking water is safe for your family.

Key Features:

  • Identifies harmful levels of lead and bacteria in your water
  • Easy to use – no mixing or measuring
  • Results in 10 minutes
  • Safe and convenient

Cost: *Est. $20

10. Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover, Moby

Skip Hop

Protect baby’s noggin from the tub faucet with Skip Hop’s Moby. With his bright colors and cute face, Moby is sure to dress up any tub while keeping baby safe, too.

Key Features:

  • Soft, tough rubber protects baby during bath time
  • Fin easily adjusts to tighten and fit Moby on most spouts
  • Blowhole allows for easy access to shower diverter
  • Hang Moby from his tail hook when he’s not in use

Cost: *Est. $13

11. Power Swimr System – Medium, by SwimWays

Swim Ways

Not all swim products have been endorsed by an Olympic gold medalist, but this one has. Josh Davis, three-time Olympic gold medalist, supports this swim system that is designed for kids ages 3 to 6 and who weigh approximately 35 to 55 pounds. The system grows with your child, as the foam plates can be removed one by one until she is swimming all by herself.

Key Features:

  • Designed for kids who are ready to swim
  • The system allows for gradual decrease of flotation pads, allowing for swimming support at the child’s own readiness levels
  • Hidden pockets keep flotation pads secure
  • Adjustable cords create a snug fit that enhances child’s confidence

Cost: *Est. $28

12. Mustang Classic Industrial PFD with 4 Pockets


All family members to be safe when boating or fishing, and Mustang Survival offers an industrial-strength personal flotation device (PFD) for those occasions.  The large armholes allow for optimal mobility, and the Tug-Tite side adjustments create a custom fit for users.

Key Features:

  • Four large Velcro-secured front pockets for conveniently storing essential items
  • 2 D-rings can be used for lanyard attachments
  • SOLAS reflective tape on shoulders allows for visibility in dark or stormy conditions
  • USCG approved
  • Includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sizes range from Small – X-Large


  • Small – *Est. $58
  • Medium – *Est. $57
  • Large – *Est. $62
  • X-Large – *Est. $62

13. The First Years Infant to Toddler Tub with Sling

The First Years Tub

Designed for use from the very first bath through baths during the toddler years, the Infant to Toddler Tub from The First Years provides a safe and comfortable environment to make bath time more enjoyable and safe.  Complete with a temperature guard drain plug, the tub has features to make bath time easier for parents and children.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable baby tub with built-in wash basin for toys, rinse water, and supplies
  • Fits single and double sinks
  • Upright backrest provides additional support for toddlers
  • Includes mesh sling and foam pads to cradle infants

Cost: *Est. $16

14. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter


Families who camp frequently know the value of clean drinking water from virtually anywhere, and it never hurts for members of the family to be prepared. LifeStraw, a Time Magazine “Invention of the Year” winner, offers access to clean and safe drinking water for anyone, anywhere.

Key Features:

  • No after-taste, since no chlorine, iodine, or other chemicals are used
  • No waiting time for water to drip or chemicals to act; you can drink from your LifeStraw right away
  • 5-year shelf life
  • Removes a minimum of 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites

Cost: *Est. $20

15. Speedo Kid’s Begin to Swim Classic Arm Bands

Speedo Classic

Speedo also offers its classically-styled arm bands, which have been updated to a more kid-friendly design. Kids will love the bright, fun colorful Level 2 flotation support as they transition from beginning swimmers to a more confident swimmers.

Key Features:

  • Dual chamber heavy duty inflatable arm band for added safety and durability
  • Bright inner fabric is highly visible for increased safety
  • Max weight – 110 lbs.

Cost: *Est. $6

16. Inflatable Swim Vest

Yiwu HongYu

Sometimes, a boating or swimming trip means having a lot to pack in a just little amount of space. The inflatable swim vest from Yiwu HongYu Plastic Co, Ltd. Stores is compact and easily stored, since you can fold it up until you inflate it for use.

Key Features:

  • Smooth seams and bright colors for added safety
  • Soft, durable neoprene construction
  • Attaches easily with quick-release adjustable buckles
  • Three air chambers

Cost: *Est. 17

17. Boon Flo Water Deflector and Protective Faucet Cover with Bubble Bath Dispenser


Adding a little more style and fun to bath safety is a whole lot easier with Boon’s Flo Water Deflector. Flo transforms a regular bathtub faucet into a gentle waterfall that kids won’t mind leaning back into when it’s time to rinse the shampoo.

Key Features:

  • Projects water away from faucet
  • Helps protect noggins from bumps on the faucet
  • Allows access to shower diverter
  • BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free

Cost: *Est. $14

18. Columbia Men’s Drainmaker II Water Shoe


Often, Dads are charged with hauling the canoes and kayaks on shore and holding the boat steady until the last little feet are onboard. Dad’s job will be easier and more comfortable with Columbia’s Drainmaker II Water Shoe.

Key Features:

  • Rubber sole
  • Drainable midsole
  • Mesh upper for quicker drying time
  • Sizes 7-14 available

Cost: *Est. price ranges from $75-$85

19. Turtlemeter, the Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer


Ozeri’s Turtlemeter brings safety and functionality to play time in the bath tub. The Turtlemeter calculates bath water temperature every second and displays the temperature with three different color screens, for an easy-to-read result every time.

Key Features:

  • Instantly activates in the water
  • Floats naturally and is fully submersible
  • Displays in Fahrenheit on an easy-to-read LCD with blue, green, or red colors

Cost: *Est. $13

20.  @fox40whistle

Fox 40

Fox 40’s Water Safety Rope & Float is softer and easier to handle than a conventional rope, so boating and other marine activities with your family can be a little more worry-free. With 900lb breaking strength, this safety rope should meet all of your family’s aquatic needs.

Key Features:

  • Made from extra-fine polypropylene filaments woven into a high-density braid
  • 50ft length
  • fFoat is made of expanded polyvinyl chloride for toughness, weather resistance, and long-service life
  • Clearly visible and easy to grasp

Cost: *Est. $13

21. Kwik Tek LL-2 Life Line Boat Safety Kit

Kwik Tek

When boating with your family, it is best to be prepared for anything, and Kwik Tek’s Boat LL-2 Life Line Boat Safety Kit makes sure that you are. Recommended for all boats, this kit includes all of the essentials.

Key Features:

  • 50-foot buoyant heaving line
  • Bailer: watertight container
  • Sound signaling device: pealess whistle
  • Watertight flashlight

Cost: *Est. $13

22. Original Fox 40 Classic Whistle

Fox40 Whistle

Whether boating, swimming, or fishing, your family needs to be able to alert others if danger arises. The pealess whistle has an intense high-pitched trill that can be heard over long distances.

Key Features:

  • Pealess design means water will not affect the whistle’s performance
  • Durable
  • Available in several colors

Cost: *Est. $6

23. Boat Safety Kit, Fox 40 Deluxe

Fox 40 Boat Safety Kit

Don’t let its compact size fool you: Fox 40’s Deluxe Boat Safety Kit has everything your family needs to stay safe on a day of canoeing, kayaking, or boating. Complete with the Original Fox 40 Whistle, this kit comes from a reputable name in water safety products.

Key Features:

  • Contents of kit fit into bailer
  • Bailer capped with mirrored SOS lid
  • 50ft woven polypropylene Fox 40 Marine Rope & Float
  • Waterproof Fox 40 Marine LED flashlight
  • 2AA Duracell batteries

24. Falcon Safety Push Button Horn


With a full five-star rating on, the Falcon Safety Push Button Horn seems to be the clear choice among boaters. If your family needs to signal because of fog, rescue, or emergency situations, the Falcon horn is the top choice.

Key Features:

  • 100% ozone safe
  • Nonflammable
  • Guaranteed unbreakable
  • Removable horn for easy storage

Cost: *Est. $21

25. Tie Down Engineering 81201 Bow Marine Safety Chain

Tie Down

Boating safety isn’t just something to consider when in the water, but also when traveling to and from the water. The bow safety chain from Tie Down Engineering adds peace of mind when hauling your boat to those fun family outings.

Key Features:

  • Safely connect your boat to the bow stand of your trailer
  • Product dimensions: 9.8 x 7.8 x 2 inches
  • Zinc-plated with S-hook

Cost: *Est. $4

26. Kwik Tek BKS-6 Boat Kill Switch Keys with Lanyard

Kwik Tek Boat Keys

Don’t get stuck on the dock or in the water with a broken kill switch key or realize you’ve lost yours. Kiwk Tek’s lanyard includes 7 keys to save your day on the water.

Key Features:

  • Keys fit all BRP, Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, Tohatus, Nissan, and Suzuki kill switches
  • Equipped with a swivel snap hook to prevent tangles
  • Rust-free stainless steel crimps

Cost: *Est. $10

27. Cal June USCG Approved Ring Buoy

Cal June

Whether boating or swimming, your family needs to be protected from the nightmare of a possible drowning. The U.S.C.G. Approved Life Rings from Cal June should help put your mind at ease.

Key Features:

  • Solid closed cell foam throughout
  • Soft and resilient to the touch
  • Will not rot or mildew
  • Double UV inhibitor prevents deterioration
  • Resists weather and temperature extremes


  • 19-inch: *Est. $58
  • 20-inch: *Est. $50
  • 24-inch: *Est. $60
  • 30-inch: *Est. $74

28. Small Skamper Ramp SKR1 Dog Safety Pool/Boat Ladder

Skamper Ramp

Designed for animals up to 45 pounds, the small Skamper Ramp is an ideal option for keeping pets safe, as it provide them with a way out of the water. Help your pet to get out of the water or feel less trapped in a watery environment with this solution from Skamper Ramp.

Key Features:

  • 25” x 13” x 5”
  • Compatible with vinyl or in-ground pools, as well as most docks and many boats
  • Safe for pools with liners
  • Easy to install

Cost: *Est. $60

29. Intex Explorer 200 Boat Set


If your family is going to have some boating fun, they might as well do it in a vessel that is built with safety in mind. From its two air chambers to its contemporary colors and graphics, the Explorer 200 is a great choice for safe boating fun.

Key Features:

  • Designed for calm waters
  • Grab rope on the bow
  • Inflatable floor for comfort and rigidity
  • Welded oar locks
  • Includes 2 oars, mini air pump, and repair patch
  • 73”W x 16”H x 37”D, with a 210-pound capacity

Cost: *Est. $23

30. Outdoor First Aid Kit 201 PC for Camping, Boating, Fishing and Hunting

First Aid TRI

Even with all of your preparations, accidents happen, and the Outdoor First Aid Kit from Total Resources International should cover all of your family’s first aid needs while on the water. The 201 pieces have an emphasis on outdoor protection.

Key Features:

  • Multi-compartmental, hard case is sturdy for rugged use
  • Case includes an adjustable and removable shoulder strap
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Removable inner mini pouch for first aid on the go
  • Kit measures 7 ¾” x 7” x 3 ½”

Cost: *Est. $28

31. Scotty Small Vessel Safety Equipment Kit


Smaller vessels need to be considered for water safety as well, and this safety equipment kit from Scotty fits the bill. Even though it’s for smaller vessels, it still packs a punch, as it meets four of the items required by the Canadian Coast Guard for vessels up to 8 meters.

Key Features:

  • 15 meter buoyant heaving line
  • Bailer (watertight container)
  • Sound signaling device (pealess whistle)
  • Watertight flashlight (batteries not included)

Cost: *Est. $20

32. Orion Safety Products Orange Distress Flag, 3’ x 3’

Orion Safety

When things go wrong on the water, you need to be prepared. One of the smartest and simplest solutions is to carry this Orion Safety Distress Flag on your boat.

Key Features:

  • USCG approved as a daytime signal
  • Heavy duty vinyl construction
  • Brass grommets with (4) 12” nylon ties
  • Bright orange with international distress signal

Cost: *Est. $9

33. Munchkin Bathtub Grippy Dots, 6 Pack


Keep little ones (and big ones, too) safe from slips in the bath tub with Munchkin’s Bathtub Grippy Dots. The bright colors are ideal for toddlers, and they make bath time more fun for everyone.

Key Features:

  • Textured grips help prevent slipping in the tub
  • One dot features White Hot to tell you when the tub water is too hot
  • Strong suction cup base


  • 6-Pack (Pack of 1) – *Est. $7
  • 6-Pack (Pack of 2) – *Est. $17

34. Puj Snug – Ultra Soft Spout Cover


Preventing baby from bumps and scrapes on your tub spout is very important, but some spout covers don’t fit a variety of tub spouts. Thank goodness for Puj Snug! The flexible construction allows it to flex and fit on a wide range of spouts, keeping little ones safe no matter the bath décor.

Key features:

  • Soft, washable, and mildew resistant
  • Easy access to shower diverter
  • Fits snugly on spout

Cost: *Est. $10

35. IKEA PATRULL Non-Slip Bath Mat, Green Crocodile


Add functionality to safety and whimsy with this PATRULL bath mat by IKEA. Little ones will love bath time with their crocodile friend, and parents will love knowing that they have reduced the risk of their tots slipping in the tub or shower.

Key Features:

  • Suction cubs are easily attached and removed
  • Holes for hanging to dry and keep clean and fresh longer
  • Machine washable

Cost: *Est. $11

36. Skip Hop Moby Bathtub Elbow Rest

SkipHop Elbow

Often, parents think about safety for their children during bath time but overlook their own comfort and safety. Skip Hop provides a solution with its elbow rest, complete with cushy foam padding

Key Features

  • BPA and phthalate free
  • Nonslip backing and handy pocket for small items
  • Suctions to the tub’s edge and hangs to dry after use

Cost: *Est. $12

37. Speedo Kid’s Begin to Swim Fabric Baby Cruiser with Canopy

Speedo Cruiser

Safely introduce baby to water with this Level 1 swim solution from Speedo. The bright, colorful product promotes safe first-time water experiences for baby with full flotation support

Key Features:

  • Soft fabric seat for added comfort and mobility
  • Removable canopy for UV sun protection
  • Dual inflatable flotation chambers for added safety and durability
  • Carry bag included
  • Max. weight – 33 pounds

Cost: *Est. $30

38. TYR SPORT Aquatic Flotation Belt, One Size


Kids aren’t the only ones who can need some flotation devices from time to time. Enhance your water workout with this aquatic flotation belt from TYR.

Key Features:

  • High-density construction
  • Adjustable belt and clip system to accommodate various body types
  • Secure, perfect fit every time
  • Ergonomically-designed EVA foam
  • One of the most soft and comfortable aquatic floatation belts on the market

Cost: *Est. $18

39. Nekdoodle 3501 Flotation Device


For water activities that require a flotation device with the possibility of more mobility, the Nekdoodle is the answer. Float or swim hands-free while the Nekdoodle supports your head and neck. For parents who are catching jumping or sliding children at the pool, this might just be the solution you’ve been seeking.

Key Features

  • Multiple uses: fitness, recreation, relaxation, rehab, boating, and ocean
  • Soft, durable poly vinyl-coated foam construction
  • Permanently buoyant, no inflation necessary
  • UV protected and salt and chlorine resistant
  • Easily wipes clean

Cost: *Est. $26

40. Zoggs Kids Swim Inflatable Floatation Ring, 3-6 Years


For family swimming activities with young ones who may not yet be independent swimmers, the Inflatable Floatation Ring from Zoggs provides an easy solution. Suitable for children 3-6 years and up to approximately 55 pounds, the ring helps increase confidence in kids learning to swim.

Key Features:

  • Easy inflate valve allows for 50% quicker inflation and deflation
  • Easy to pack for swimming activities
  • Dual air chambers
  • Separate non-return safety valves

Cost: *Est. 17

41. Speedo Kid’s Begin to Swim UV Polywog Swimsuit

Speedo Polywog

One important aspect of water safety is protecting your family from the harmful sun’s rays. With UV50+ sun protection, Speedo’s UV Polywog suit provides all-day protection with maximum comfort and no restriction of motion with full flotation support.

Key Features:

  • Tapered foam inserts encourage upright position in the water
  • UV50+ protection from UVA and UVB rays
  • Boy’s style includes versatile snap-off shorts that can be worn alone


  • Small – *Est. $25
  • Medium – *Est. $26
  • Large – *Est. $25

42. Kent Red Foam Boat Cushion


With all of the precautions families take on the water, someone still could fall overboard. Be prepared for the most desperate of situations with the Kent Type IV Boat Cushion. Designed for immediate emergencies, the cushion should not be used for small children, non-swimmers, or unconscious victims.

Key Features:

  • Two-tone webbing grab straps to aid in throwing or for convenient carrying
  • Strong, durable nylon ripstop shell holds up against abrasions and snags
  • USCG approved Type IV PFD
  • 15” x 16” x 2.5”

Cost: *Est. $26

43. Fulton Personal Flotation Device Light


Accidents and incidents can happen at any time, so having a PFD light adds one more layer of protection for your family. With their bright colors and lights, the Fulton PFD Light attaches to your family’s PFDs to make them more visible in the event of a water emergency.

Key Features:

  • Safety-Pin Attachment to affix to almost any type of PFD
  • Flashes approximately 60 times per minute
  • Battery life approximately 16 hours

Cost: *Est. $17

44. Aryca Floating Lanyard Wrist Strap


Keeping track of your cell phone and electronic devices is an important part of water safety, but it is not beneficial to have them along on your swimming or boating trip if they are not within arm’s reach. Aryca’s Floating Lanyard solves that problem by adding buoyancy to your devices in their waterproof cases.

Key Features:

  • Padded wrist strap fits most portable electronic devices in their waterproof cases
  • Bright yellow color for easy, fast retrieval
  • Easy to attach
  • Also fits most digital cameras

Cost: *Est. $7

45. eForCity Floaty with 3M Adhesive Pads compatible with GoPro Hero 1/2/3/3+


Safely take your GoPro camera to capture all of your families’ fun times on the water with eForCity’s Floaty. Less worry about your electronics means more fun family time.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Prevent camera from sinking
  • 3M adhesive sticker included for attaching the mount directly to GoPro backdoor (not included)

Cost: *Est. $4



Teaching kids to swim can be a daunting task, especially when they feel restricted by their flotation devices. Poolmaster offers one of the least-restrictive training solutions for kids.

Key Features

  • Lightweight training for kids ages 8-11
  • Height up to 62”, weight up to 80 pounds
  • Contoured body with open sides
  • Adjustable body and center straps with buckles
  • All-around buoyancy and nylon shell over closed-cell foam flotation elements

Cost: *Est. $27

47. Papillon Baby Bath Ring


One of the most difficult aspects of bath time for babies is their desire to be independent conflicting with the parents’ desire to keep them safe in the water. Papillon provides a smart solution with its Baby Bath Ring.

Key Features:

  • Create a developmental playground for baby in the tub
  • Allows baby to play freely in the water, once he can sit up on his own
  • Butterfly shape prevents baby from tipping over in the tub
  • Easy to clean – just rinse and hang or throw it into the washing machine

Cost: *Est. $45

48. Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket


Designed for kids between 30 to 50 pounds, the Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket is perfect for kids who are learning how to swim and getting comfortable and confident in the water. Because the life jacket will not ride up around kids’ necks, they are more comfortable while swimming or learning to swim.

Key Features:

  • Patent pending design keeps kids’ faces up and out of the water
  • Softer woven polyester fabric cover reduces chafing
  • USCG approved, Type III Performance

Cost: *Est. $25

49. i play. Unisex-Baby Infant Swim Shoes

i play.

When having family time at lakes, ponds, and rivers, it is important to remember that babies have difficulty navigating the slippery, rocky ground. The Unisex-Baby Infant Swim Shoes from i play. are a great answer to that problem, especially because they are offered in a wide range of sizes.

Key Features:

  • 82% neoprene/10% rubber/8% nylon
  • Pull-on closure
  • Stretchy to help parents get them on little feet
  • Infant sizes 4-9
  • Toddler sizes 5-9

Cost: *Est. $10

50. Safety Pool Hook R221026


It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to water safety, and the Safety Pool Hook is a product that helps families do just that. If someone is in danger at the pool, you can safely get them out without jumping in and possibly getting into trouble yourself.

Key Features:

  • Fits any standard straight pole, except telescopic poles
  • Idea as a teaching aid or for emergencies
  • Sturdy and durable

Cost: *Est. $23

The Best Travel Safety Products for Families: Reviews & Pricing Info for the Top 50 Travel Safety Gear and Gadgets

Whether it’s summer vacation, a leisurely road-trip, or on-the-go journeys to see family and friends, family travel is always equal parts exciting and stressful. For most parents, the most anxiety-ridden aspects are the unknowns: unfamiliar dangers, possible thievery, lost luggage (serious emergency!), and accommodations that lack the comforts – and safety features – of home.

We get it. As parents, we’ve all packed too-full bags stretched to the seams with doo-dads, doohickies, and all the other thingamagigs that were advertised to make travel simpler and safer for our families.

Invariable, we’ve all learned that too much of a good thing is not a good thing – it’s simply too much. So we’ve pared down our list of might-want-it to just the really-worth-it – 50 travel safety products that will make your travels with kids safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Jump to:

On-the-Go Babyproofing

Doorknob Covers1. Doorknob Covers

Snap a cover over any standard doorknob to keep kids out of areas you deem “off-limits” – hotel hallways, your mother-in-law’s bedroom, or the basement stairs. Simple, inexpensive covers install in minutes and are temporary and easily removed. Plus, adults can open cover-equipped doors with a simple squeeze, making this a fuss-proof way to childproof on the go.

Bottom Line: If you don’t want to impose on your hosts but need to keep kids out of unsafe areas, pack a few doorknob covers in your luggage.

Also Try: Munchkin Door Knob Covers and

Travel Gate2. Travel Gate

When you’re on the go, whether it’s visiting family or bunking in a hotel, you may want to cordon off safe spaces for young children. A travel safety gate is just the ticket, offering an easily transportable baby gate that installs in seconds and requires no hardware.

Bottom Line: If you need baby gate security without drilling holes or making your hosts regret their invitation, pack a folding travel gate in your luggage.

Also Try: Evenflo Soft N Wide Gate

Portable Deck Guard3. Portable Deck Guard

Prevent your kids from sticking limbs and heads (and toys) through deck and patio slats with a portable, temporary safety barrier. Deck guards are especially useful on hotel balconies, beach house decks, and condo terraces – all perfect spaces to play, once the safety issue is handled.

Bottom Line: If you’re traveling anywhere with a balcony or deck, and plan to spend time outside enjoying the view, pack a deck guard so your little one can join in the fun.

Also Try: Safety 1st Railnet

Travel Childproofing Kit4. Travel Childproofing Kit

There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than taking your mobile baby to an un-childproofed hotel room or family home: the outlets, the sharp edges, the slippery tiles, the minibar – they’re all stressful. On-the-go childproofing packs the basics into your suitcase, so you never have to worry.

Bottom Line: You could tough it out (and say goodbye to carefree vacation memories), or you could carry along a simple travel childproofing kit. We recommend the latter.

Also Try: Dreambaby No Tools No Screws Safety Kit and Safety 1st Safety On The Go Childproof Kit

Table Edge Bumper5. Table Edge Bumper

If you’re visiting family or staying in a vacation rental, chances are your travel digs aren’t babyproofed. Young walkers and awkward toddlers can encounter serious trouble with sharp table edges, making edge bumpers a necessary addition to your luggage. Grab an elasticized version for easy installation.

Bottom Line: Edge bumpers prevent your littles from crashing into dangerously sharp table corners.

Also Try: Roving Cove EXTRA LONG Safe Edge & Corner Cushion and Prince Lionheart Table Edge Guard

Planes, Trains & Automobile Safety

Travel Flare:Snap Light6. Travel Flare/Snap Light

For car travel, camping, hiking and other off-the-beaten-path adventures, a snap light flare is absolutely essential. They’re lightweight, waterproof, non-toxic and non-flammable, so they’re safe around your family – and they keep your family safe, in case of emergency or unexpected happenings.

Bottom Line: Stock up on long-duration flares for your trunk, camping pack, daypack, and other travel gear.

Also Try: Snap Lights in red, yellow, white and blue.

Emergency Road Kit7. Emergency Road Kit

Go Boy Scout on your road-trip plans with an emergency road kit – you’ll always be prepared! These useful collections include a little bit of everything you could need, like jumper cables, batteries, rain ponchos, screw drivers, fuses, flash lights, first aid supplies, and more.

Bottom Line: Don’t hop in the car for extended travels without outfitting your trunk with a fully equipped car emergency kit.

Also Try: AAA 85 Piece Commuter First Aid Kit and AAA 121-Piece Road Trip First Aid Kit

Car Seat Bag8. Car Seat Bag

If you plan to take your car seat through the airport but don’t want to take it on the plane, be sure to pack it in an approved bag. Universal fit ensures that any seat will be safe and secure, and a shoulder strap makes it easy to carry your seat in and out of the airport.

Bottom Line: Protect your precious car seat from dirt, grime and damage by packing it in an airline-safe travel bag.

Also Try: Jeep Car Seat Travel Bag

Seatbelt Vest9. Seatbelt Vest

If you can’t take a car seat on your travels, pack the next best thing: a seatbelt vest for kiddos. These smart vests make sure that car seatbelts are correctly positioned and kids are safely secured, even in taxis or shuttle buses. They provide upper body restraint and some impact protection in case of accident.

Bottom Line: If you’re traveling without a car but plan to frequent taxis or shuttles, keep your kiddos safe with seatbelt positioning vests.

Also Try: Ride Safer 2 Travel Vest

Portable Booster Seat10. Portable Booster Seat

If your children are old enough to ride in booster seats but you don’t have enough room to pack their car boosters, grab an inflatable version. They’re compact and easy to fit into your luggage, and provide the safety features you trust to keep your kids secure in a taxi, bus or rental car.

Bottom Line: Portable boosters make it easy to always have the right car safety equipment, no matter where your travels lead.

Also Try:

Child Airplane Travel Harness11. Child Airplane Travel Harness

Once your child requires his or her own airplane seat, it’s time to think about how she’ll travel: will you bring your car seat on the plane, or will your child sit in the seat solo? If you check your car seat, consider grabbing an airplane harness – a specially designed extra for the airline seat, so your child is not only safe but also comfortable.

Bottom Line: Young flyers from 22-44 pounds will be much happier and more comfortable in an adjustable, kid-friendly harness.

Also Try: Baby B’Air Toddler Flight Vest and Flyebaby Infant Airplane Seat

Car Sun Shade12. Car Sun Shade

For road trips and rental cars, sunshades come in handy. These light, roll-up auto accessories deliver positionable shade from the sun: just install your car seat and adjust the sunshade to guard your little one’s eyes. If your child is still rear-facing, buy a few to account for increased shield real estate.

Bottom Line: Keep your kids safe from UV rays and discomfort with simple, suction-cup sunshades.

Also Try: BRICA Pop Open Cling Window Shade and Basix Magic Shade Jumbo

Car Seat Luggage Strap13. Car Seat Luggage Strap

The easiest way to take your car seat on the plane – and roll your kiddo through the airport – is with a car seat luggage strap. This handy little accessory converts any rolling luggage into a rolling car seat, so your toddler can motor through the airport in comfort and style while keeping your car seat safe from checked-luggage bumps and bruises.

Bottom Line: If you plan to take your car seat through the airport, keep it super safe and carry it on.

Also Try: Go-Go Babyz Kidz Travelmate

Anti-Pickpocket Gear

14. Belt Wallet

Forget old-fashioned money belts that hide beneath your waistband: new belt wallets are actually housed in your belt. Belt wallets look like normal belts, but – surprise! – house secret, zippered pocket compartments where you can store cash, passport copies, and other important items. Bonus: the non-metal buckle won’t give you problems at airport security.

Bottom Line: If you wear a belt, you cannot go wrong with this secure and inexpensive way to hide your cash.

Also Try: Eagle Creek All-Terrain Money Belt

Neck Wallet15. Neck Wallet

If you don’t wear a belt, or are simply looking for a way to carrier larger valuables, check out the neck wallet. Wear it around your neck and under your shirt, slung over your shoulder, or even around your waist. Most neck wallets have compartments for cash, credit cards, international passports and other goodies. Deluxe versions offer RFID protection.

Bottom Line: Keep your money and passport safe and dry with a moisture-resistant (read: sweat-resistant), quick-dry body wallet.

Also Try: Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Neck Wallet and Ensign Peak Neck Wallet

Leg Wallet16. Leg Wallet

For the ultimate in security, albeit not for on-the-go accessibility, a leg (thigh) wallet is the best way to carry extra cash, cards and travel documents. Elasticized, adjustable straps secure the wallet to your thigh – out of reach of even the most talented pickpockets.

Bottom Line: Gear up with a leg wallet to carry extra cash and cards you don’t need to access quickly.

Also Try: Eagle Creek Undercover Leg Wallet and

Bra Wallet17. Bra Wallet

Ladies, if you don’t want a belt, neck or leg wallet, try out the bra wallet – a breathable, silk alternative to stuffing extra cash in your actual bra. It’s so lightweight you’ll forget it’s there, but it will keep your valuables safe from marauding fingers.

Bottom Line: If you like to keep cash in your bra, you’ll love having an extra “pocket” attached to your straps.

Also Try: Braza Secret Stash and Austin House Bra Stash Personal Security Wallet

Pickpocket-proof Undergarments18. Pickpocket-proof Undergarments

If you like to keep your money really, really close – and who doesn’t? – you’re going to love the new breed of pickpocket deterrent: theft-resistant underwear! These ingenious undergarments incorporate zippered compartments to store cash, cards and your passport.

Bottom Line: Zipper-pocket underwear lets you thwart pickpockets without any add-ons to your wardrobe.

Also Try: Clever Travel Companion Men’s Underwear, Colosseum Women’s Sweet Pocket Bra Top, Smoked Pearl and Clever Travel Companion Undershirt

Security Socks19. Security Socks

Another alternative for keeping your money and cards safe and close, security socks feature hidden pockets to store small packages, like a roll of cash or keys. Choose a cotton blend for comfort and breathability.

Bottom Line: If you don’t like body wallets, keep your valuables safe stashed away in your socks.

Also Try: Avon Curves Fitness Socks with Pocket Stash

Portable Safe20. Portable Safe

If your hotel doesn’t offer in-rooms safes (or you don’t trust the ones they do have), bring your own. Portable safes are small and compact, but provide plenty of room to stash cash, cards, identification, jewelry and other small valuables while you’re out and about. They’re also waterproof and shock-resistant.

Bottom Line: Be absolutely sure your valuables are safe in your own, portable vault.

Also Try: Vacation Vault

Anti-Theft Purse21. Anti-Theft Purse

If you prefer your anti-theft measures with a side of fashion, check out the latest line of robbery-resistant bags. Available in hobo, tote, messenger and other styles, these awesome accessories use internal chain-link construction to prevent thieves from slashing, cutting and otherwise ripping you off on the street.

Bottom Line: Don’t sacrifice form for function: stay fashionable and safe with an anti-theft purse.

Also Try: Travelon Luggage Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag and Pacsafe CitySafe 100 GII Small Travel Handbag

Hidden USB22. Hidden USB

You know that you should always carry copies of your ID, travel documents, credit cards and other sensitive information, but have you ever considered carting around a digital copy? A hidden USB key is a fantastic gadget that allows you to do just that, as it conceals digital files in everyday objects and jewlery.

Bottom Line: Keep your important documents safe, even if you’re robbed on the road.

Also Try: Plugable USB Watch with Flash Drive and USB Flash Drive Pen

Travel Door Alarm23. Travel Door Alarm

If you have experience with DIY home security, travel door alarms will be second nature. Compact and ultra-portable, these handy alarms arm any door with an extra level of security. Simply slide the sensors between the door and the doorframe, and an alarm will sound when the door is unexpectedly opened. Bonus: if your little ones know how to open doors, an alarm doubles as a babyproofing mechanism.

Bottom Line: If you’re traveling in unknown areas or just want an extra layer of hotel security, throw one of these travel gadgets into your bags.

Also Try: Doberman SE-0203OR Traveller Defense Alarm

Portable Door Jammer24. Portable Door Jammer

Door jammers are a variation on portable door locks, easily fitting to any hotel door to jam it securely shut. It’s discreet and simple, but will prevent strangers or unwanted hotel staff from wandering into your room. In case of emergency, it’s easy to quickly kick or pull the door jammer away from your door.

Bottom Line: Keep people out of your room with an inexpensive jammer.

Also Try: Door Jammer Portable Door Security Device

Doorstop Alarm25. Doorstop Alarm

For the security conscious, a doorstop alarm provides double-door security: the built-in stopper jams the door shut, no tools or installation required, and an ear-piercing alarm warns you when someone tries to get inside.

Bottom Line: If you’re traveling to dicey areas or budget lodging, keep your family safe with a two-in-one door jammer and security alarm.

Also Try: Trademark Global Super Door Stop Alarm and Leegoal Super Door Stop Alarm

Portable Door Lock26. Portable Door Lock

Portable door locks keep you safely ensconced in your hotel room, and keep the door closed to housekeeping and other staff that normally has access to your room. A quick-release allows for much-needed and fast emergency exits.

Bottom Line: If you plan to stay in roadside motels or budget lodging, equip your luggage with a secure door lock.

Also Try: Super Grip Lock Deadbolt Accessory

27. Slash-proof Daypacks

Slash-proof bags are the latest anti-theft accessory – and they’re worth every penny! These bags, which maraud as everyday backpacks or daypacks, employ mesh armor to create slash-proof body panels, cut-proof straps, and other thief-resistant measures to keep your belongings safe.

Bottom Line: If you’re traveling to areas known for pickpockets and petty thievery, invest in a bag that will keep secure your possessions.

Also Try: Victorinox Flex Pack and Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack

RFID Wallet28. RFID Wallet

Anyone who’s ever dealt with identity theft (or contemplated the possibility) can appreciate the utility of an RFID-blocking wallet. This special gear blocks your bank debit cards, credit cards, ID, and passports from potential identity thieves, and still manages to incorporate handy compartments for cash, receipts, and everything else you store in your wallet.

Bottom Line: Pickpockets do not steal just cash alone: don’t travel without protecting your identity.

Also Try: Men’s RFID-Blocking Wallet and RFID-Blocking Card Sleeves

Luggage Security

Cable Lock29. Cable Lock

Cable locks are a great solution to many locking needs, from luggage to bicycles to valuables you leave behind in your room. The key is the 3-foot retractable cable that adjusts to the length you need, to loop around and secure almost any object. The combination lock is especially convenient for travel, since you won’t need to carry a lock key.

Bottom Line: A cable lock is an invaluable travel tool to keep your valuables secure on-the-go.

Also Try: Kryptonite Retractor Combination Lock with LED Light and Pacsafe Retractable Cable Lock

Combo Luggage Locks30. Combo Luggage Locks

A TSA-approved combination luggage lock is your best friend in keeping your luggage safe on its own travels. These locks are accepted by the Transport Security Administration (TSA), as they can use codes to lock and relock your luggage, meaning that even if your bags get checked, they’ll be relocked and delivered to you, safe and secure.

Bottom Line: If you lock your luggage for air travel, make sure to purchase TSA-approved locks.

Also Try: Master Lock TSA-Accepted Cable Luggage Lock and Wordlock TSA-Approved Luggage Lock

Safe Play

Play Yard31. Play Yard

Whether you’re inside or out, a play yard works as a portable safe space for babies and toddlers. It’s perfect for visiting family, at the beach, or even to set up at a campground, national park, or any other daytrip spot. You can purchase six- or eight-paneled play yards, not to mention extension kits to create larger play spaces. Sun shades are also available.

Bottom Line: For tiny tots that need space to play, a portable play yard ensures safety.

Also Try: Superyard Extension Kit, Superyard Sun Shade, and the

Playmat with Sunshade32. Playmat with Sunshade

Give the tiniest family members quality outdoor time with a playmat-turned-SPF-turned-sunshield. From the most basic, which literally provide a shaded spot for tummy time, to the fancy versions with bells and whistles, these portable mats ensure your little one is protected from harsh UV rays and the hot sun.

Bottom Line: If you’re planning to spend time at the beach, the campground, a park or anywhere outside, bring along this baby-safe sun protection.

Also Try: Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Tent and Kelsyus Classic Stripe Island Shade Shack

Child Immersion Alarm33. Child Immersion Alarm

It’s a terrifying thought, but any time your kids play near the water they’re at risk of injury and drowning. A child immersion alarm keeps them safe – and puts your mind at ease – by sounding an alarm if it’s immersed. Note that most alarms work only in salt water pools (not the ocean).

Bottom Line: Buy yourself some peace of mind with one of these gadgets, so you can enjoy water time as much as your kids do.

Also Try: Pool Patrol Pool Alarm and Poolguard In-Ground Pool Alarm

Child Tether or Harness34. Child Tether/Harness

Travel is exciting, especially for little ones constantly on the hunt for new places to explore – a whole new world of hiding spots and climbing opportunities. A child tether or child harness helps you keep toddlers and young children within reach, so they don’t wander off or get lost in unfamiliar crowds.

Bottom Line: When you’re traveling with young children to cities or crowded locales, a harness will keep them by your side – even when they don’t want to hold your hand (like during those inevitable temper tantrums!).

Also Try: BRICA By-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack and the Safety 1st Child Harness

Portable Life Jacket35. Portable Life Jacket

If your travel plans involve time near a pool, a pond, a river, a lake or an ocean, don’t leave home without a flotation device for each member of your family. Traditional life jackets are bulky and difficult to pack, but their portable counterparts, which can be deflated for pack and inflated for use, are perfect for compact packing.

Bottom Line: Keep your luggage small and your family water-safe with inflatable life jackets.

Also Try: Onyx Co2 Automatic Vest-Universal Adult and Power Swimr System

Child Locator36. Child Locator

If you have an inquisitive (or quick) toddler, you probably worry they’ll slip away in a crowded city or attraction. A child locator provides peace of mind – and security, if you ever do get separated. It works similarly to a phone locator, emitting a high-pitched beep to help you locate your child. Just clip it to your little one’s shirt in the morning, and keep the activator with you throughout the day.

Bottom Line: For curious little explorers, a child locator provides an extra layer of security in crowded areas.

Also Try: Mommy I’m Here in Blue or Pink

ID Tattoos37. ID Tattoos

When you’re headed to crowded attractions or even wide, open spaces, it’s a good idea to anticipate what you’ll do if you get separated from your kids. One solution: let your children sport some bling – temporary tattoos complete with your contact information.

Bottom Line: Keep a few of these temporary ID tattoos in your purse, in the car, or in your wallet, so you can pop one on anytime.

Also Try: Safety Tats in Race Car, Zoo, Sports, and Emergency Responder themes, and Travel ID Bands

Glow Stick Jewelry38. Glow Stick Jewelry (Yes, Really)

Your kids may think glow stick jewelry is good fun, but you know it’s also a safety feature: when you’re out after dark, deck your children out in glowing necklaces, bracelets, earrings and glasses. Whether you’re at an amusement park, in the city, or out in wilderness, they’ll always be easy to spot in their glowing accessories.

Bottom Line: Make safety fun for your kids with easy-to-see glow stick jewelry.

Also Try: Premium Glow Stick Necklaces and Glow Stick Bracelets

Safe Sleeping

Wearable Blanket39. Wearable Blanket

You can’t take your crib with you, but you can take the next best thing: a wearable blanket, a.k.a. sleep sack. These awesome little buntings keep your child warm but eliminate the need for bulky blankets (a.k.a. SIDS risks). Bonus: since they don’t have leg holes, they also help prevent your child from climbing out of the bed, cot, or hotel crib at night.

Bottom Line: If your travels involve chilly nights and infants/toddlers, don’t leave home without a wearable blanket or two.

Also Try: Miracle Blanket Sleeper Wearable Blanket and aden + anais Muslin Sleeping Bag

Portable Toddler Bed40. Portable Toddler Bed

Getting your toddler to sleep can be hard enough; getting him to sleep in an unfamiliar, adult bed with no bedrails is nearly impossible (and anxiety provoking, to boot). Enter the portable toddler bed: an inflatable bed (takes just 30 seconds from zero to fully filled) that has built-in rails and is the perfect size for your opinionated little adult.

Bottom Line: Make your toddler feel special while you keep him safe in an inflatable, portable bed built just for him.

Also Try: Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed and Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

Inflatable Bed Rails41. Inflatable Bed Rails

If you don’t want to pack an entire bed in your bags, at least throw in some inflatable bed rails. They work just like your toddler’s rails at home, so there’s no learning curve, but can be packed small and installed on any bed in just minutes. Bedtime solved. (Sort of.)

Bottom Line: No matter where you stay, portable bed rails ensure your toddler won’t fall out of bed.

Also Try: Magic Bumpers Portable Child Safety Bed Guard and BedBugz Portable Bed Bolster

Travel Crib

Travel cribs, or pack ‘n plays, do double-duty when traveling with newborns and infants. During they day, they give babes a safe place to roll and play; at night, they convert to safe places to sleep. Best of all, travel cribs fold down to stroller-size packages: throw the over your shoulder, tote around in the car, or even take them on the plane.

Bottom Line: With a travel crib, babies always have a safe spot to play and sleep.

Also Try: Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages and Graco Pack n Play on the Go Travel Crib


Potty Protectors43. Potty Protectors

Travel is hard enough for potty training toddlers and the newly potty trained: why make it any harder with complicated squatting or careful toilet-paper placement? Potty protectors create a sanitary barrier between your child’s skin and public toilets, making it easy for your kids to use the restrooms without giving you a panic attack.

Bottom Line: If you’ll be in the vicinity of public restrooms, these potty liners will save your sanity.

Also Try: Neat Solutions Dora the Explorer Potty Toppers and the Summer Infant 40-Pack

Baby Carrier44. Baby Carrier

An ergonomic baby carrier makes travel easier with infants and young toddlers. These carriers comfortably distribute your baby’s weight evenly, so you can carry your little one (hands free!) for hours. Bonus: performance or sport carriers are made with lightweight materials that promote venting, so neither you nor babe will overheat on a hot day.

Bottom Line: If you have kids under 30 pounds, you’ll love hands-free carriers – especially on roads or terrain unfriendly to strollers.

Also Try: Osprey Packs Poco Hiking Carrier and the Moby Wrap with SPF 50+

Water Filter45. Water Filter

Adventurous and outdoor families will love having a portable water filter – a handy device that renders river, creek, and even rainwater safe for drinking. A good filter exceeds EPA standards and removes a minimum of 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and parasites.

Bottom Line: If your family enjoys long hikes, camping, or other outdoor excursions, grab a water filter for on-the-go refreshment.

Also Try: Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System and Personal Water Filter Straw

Lightweight Umbrella Stroller46. Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

A lightweight, folding stroller is one of those life-saving devices that, once you have it, you won’t know how you lived without it. Forget the old-fashioned umbrella strollers that made awkward turns: today’s portable strollers are agile and tough, capable of hopping curbs and negotiating tight spaces.

Bottom Line: If you have a little one with limited walking stamina, a modern folding stroller is a must-have.

Also Try: UPPAbaby 2013 G-Lite Stroller and The First Years Ignite Stroller

Inflatable Baby Bathtub47. Inflatable Baby Bathtub

When you travel with an infant, bath time can be a challenge: huge hotel tubs, shower-only bathrooms, too-tiny sinks, and jetted bathtubs throw off your routine. An inflatable bathtub is very lightweight and folds down to almost nothing, but blows up to a full-size baby bath once you reach your destination.

Bottom Line: Save yourself bath-time headaches (and mishaps) with a portable kiddo bathtub.

Also Try: Safety 1st Kirby Inflatable Tub and One Step Ahead Secure Transitions Inflatable Baby Tub

Traveling Photo Album48. Traveling Photo Album

When traveling anywhere you can easily get separated, outfit your kiddo’s backpack (or back pocket), your purse, or your wallet with current photos of your family. Mini brag books are the perfect accessory, allowing you to add a photo of each family member and any contact information you’d like to include.

Bottom Line: Help authorities spot family members in a crowd by arming every member of your family with current photos of everyone in your travel party.

Also Try: Pioneer Wallet Bound Photo Album

Personal Alarm49. Personal Alarm

If you’re traveling without your car, you may miss the security of your keyfob’s on-demand alarm. Grab an inexpensive personal alarm and carry it with you everywhere: it will emit a loud alarm upon activation and, if required, you can pull the emergency release for 30 minutes of continuous alarm sound.

Bottom Line: Even if your car remote stays at home, your personal alarm can travel with you.

Also Try: Vigilant Emergency Alarm with LED Light and Streetwise iAlarm

Travel High Chair50. Travel High Chair

You can’t find booster chairs everywhere you go, but you can take your own everywhere. Innovative, portable booster seats take table restraint on the road, attaching to any chair to keep your little ones safely seated at a restaurant, rental house, or family’s home.

Bottom Line: Prevent mealtime escapees (and serious stress) with portable booster chairs.

Also Try: My Little Seat Infant Seats and BambinOz Anywhere Chair Travel High Chair

More Safety Solutions for Kids and Families:

The Best Baby-Proofing Products: Reviews & Prices for the Top 50 Baby-Proofing Supplies for Stairs, Doors & Everywhere Else

Having a baby is a life-changing event. It will be years before you sleep through the night again. Even if your baby is an awesome sleeper, you’ll be waking up in the middle of the night, tiptoeing to her room just to make sure she’s still breathing. You can admit it; every new parent does it.

When she starts to crawl, it’s a whole new world.  Her safety is constantly on your mind. You scan every room upon entering, quickly identifying all possible hazards and removing scary objects. Your friends may think you’ve completely lost your marbles as you obsess over the most seemingly insignificant things. But you’re always five steps ahead of your toddler, envisioning the many possible outcomes of every possible step she could take. You become a professional pessimist, always quick to imagine the worst-possible outcome.

All of this is for very good reason, and it’s one of few times in your life when it’s perfectly acceptable to be over-the-top cautious about, well…everything. There have been many parents before you in this very situation. Fortunately, some of them were pretty smart and devised clever inventions to prevent the many potential hazards your toddler could encounter at any given moment. For your peace of mind, here are 50 of the most helpful, safe and effective baby-proofing products to ensure your tot’s safety – and preserve your sanity.

1. Cardinal Gates Banister Shield
Cardinal Gates Banister Shield

Openings in banisters and balconies pose a dangerous threat to baby, and Cardinal Gates has a solution.  For indoor use, the Cardinal Gates Banister Shield protects babies and pets from getting stuck in the railing or falling through balconies.

Key Features:

  • Durable, shatterproof crystal clear plastic
  • 15’ long x 33” high
  • All necessary hardware included for easy installation

Cost: *Est. $35

2. Safety 1st Magnetic Tot Lok Complete Set
Safety 1st Magnetic Tot Lock Complete Set

Any parent will tell you that keeping babies and toddlers out of cabinets and drawers is essential to baby proofing.  Keep little one’s fingers and your cleaning products, food, and other items safe with this solution from Safety 1st.

Key Features:

  • 100% concealed
  • Durable construction
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Easy operation – Install the lock inside the cabinet or drawer and then use the powerful magnetic key to open when needed
  • It is easy to store the magnetic key high up and out of children’s reach


  • 1 pack – *Est. $15
  • 2 packs (include 8 locks & 2 keys) – *Est. $38

 3. Safety 1st Cabinet and Drawer Latches
Safety 1st Cabinet and Drawer Latches

For parents who are leery of using a magnetic or other locking system, Safety 1st also offers more traditional cabinet and drawer latches.  Manually operated, these latches make it possible for older, more responsible children to access items while babies and toddlers are “locked” out of the drawers and cabinets.

Key Features:

  • Easy, wide-grip surface for quick access
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to use


  • 7 pack – *Est. $3
  • 14 pack – *Est. $4

 4. Safety 1st Oven Lock (48408)
Safety 1st Oven Lock

One of the most dangerous places in your home is right in your kitchen, and it is used nearly every day.  Alleviate concern about your little ones being burned by your oven with the oven lock from Safety 1st.

Key Features:

  • Durable
  • Heat resistant
  • Adhesive mounts the lock to the front of the stove

Cost: *Est. $7

 5. KidCo Adjustable Locking Strap, White (All Purpose)
KidCo Adjustable Locking Strap

Sometimes locking problem areas in the house is an all-purpose solution for parents.  KidCo offers an adjustable locking strap so that parents literally have the flexibility needed to secure various areas in the home.

Key Features:

  • Easy, adhesive mount installation
  • No tools necessary
  • Flexible design for extension up to 8 1/2  inches
  • Variety of uses: lazy susans, glass doors, appliance, and more

Cost: *Est. $6

6. Mommy’s Helper Toilet Seat Lid-Lok
Mommy's Helper Toilet Seat Lid Lock

Mommy’s Helper Lid-Lok is a top-rated toilet safety product.  Not only will it prevent toddlers from accidentally falling into the toile and protect small fingers from being hurt by heavy seats and lids, but it will prevent active little ones from throwing toys and other items into the toilet.

Key Features:

  • Easy for adults to open
  • Fits most standard toilets
  • Installs without tools
  • Installs without adhesive and you don’t have to unbolt the seat to install
  • Simple, one-handed operation
  • Simple to remove when no longer needed


  • Single Pack – *Est. $6
  • 2-pack – *Est. $15

 7. My Own Shower
My Own Shower

Traditional handheld showers leave a hose hanging down that poses a threat to children.  Rinse Ace’s My Own Shower eliminates the hose by connecting to your shower with a short hose that suctions to the wall, and you disconnect the hose when the child’s shower is completed.

Key Features:

  • 3-foot detachable hose with children’s showerhead
  • One-time install of patented connector on existing “adult” showerhead
  • Adjustable suction cups accommodate children of different height
  • Water flow is not too hard for children

Cost: *Est. $16

8. Evenflo Home Décor Swing Gate
Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate

Once your baby becomes mobile, you will want to keep her safe by limiting her free-range options.  The Evenflo Home Décor Wood Gate provides both functionality and style to your home while helping keep your mind at ease.

Key Features:

  • Classic design
  • One hand latch release
  • Hardware mounted
  • One direction or two-directional swings
  • 32” tall and expands from 31” to 52” wide
  • Dark oak to light oak finishes
  • Gate mounting kits with accessories and fasteners for various installation conditions are available
  • Wood screws included
  • Furniture-quality wood

Cost: *Est. $95

9. KidCo Safeway Gate
KidCo Safeway Gate

Stairs pose one of the most dangerous threats to children of all ages, and making sure you have a gate designed for top-of-stair use is essential to baby proofing your home.  KidCo’s Safeway Safety Gate is designed for top-of-stair use, but it may also be used in hallways or as a room divider.

Key Features:

  • All joints rotate so individual sections may be set to the ideal angle and then easily locked into place for secure attachment
  • Quick release hardware and adjustable width
  • 24.75” – 43.5”W and 30.5”H

Cost: *Est. $43

10. Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate
Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

Sometimes, the layout of your home requires more custom-fit products, and the Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate is one of those solutions for wider door openings.  Extra wide to fit a variety of openings, this gate also offers a softer solution if baby is bumping into harder objects while crawling.

Key Features:

  • Neutral stylings to complement a variety of home decors
  • Non-marring rubber bumpers help prevent damage to your home
  • No tools required
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Machine washable
  • Not safe for top of stairs
  • 26”H and extends to 60”W

Cost: *Est. $30

11. Safety 1st Railnet
Safety 1st Railnet

Railings on balconies, stairs, decks, and porches may not seem like an area to babyproof, but tiny bodies can squeeze almost anywhere.  Keep your children safe with this railnet by Safety 1st.

Key Features:

  • 33”H and 10’L
  • Durable mesh net
  • Weatherproof
  • Universal size
  • Railing ties and screw eyes help keep the net securely attached
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors
  • More than one railnet may be connected with the provided hardware

Cost: *Est. $18

12. Poolguard GAPT-2 Outdoor Pool Gate Alarm
Poolguard Pool Alarm

Swimming pool safety is one concern parents have year round, and Poolguard products are intended to help alleviate some of the worry associated with swimming pool safety.  Poolguard Gate alarms protect the weakest link in any fence: the gate.

Key Features:

  • Can be used on any gate, outside door, or screen door giving access to the pool
  • Alarm sounds in 7 seconds if a child opens a gate, even if they close the gate
  • The alarm is always on and always automatically resets under all conditions
  • Alarm will not allow someone to accidentally leave your gate open
  • Equipped with an adult pass-through feature that allows adults to go through the gate without sounding the alarm
  • Equipped with a low battery indicator that alerts you when the battery is getting low
  • Uses one 9-volt battery, and battery life is approximately one year
  • Includes 6 feet of UL approved hook-up wire and a sensor switch and sensor magnet designed for gates

Cost: *Est. $61

13. Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm
Poolguard In-Ground Pool Alarm

To have complete peace of mind for swimming pool safety, Poolguard offers an in-ground pool alarm. Because the alarm cannot be deactivated once installed in the pool, you always will know if someone is in the pool when he shouldn’t be.

Key Features:

  • #1 Best Seller in Pool Safety Alarms
  • Once installed, the alarm is always in alarm-ready mode
  • Tamper proof – will sound an alarm when removed from the pool
  • Sleep mode – when using your pool, remove the alarm and put it into sleep mode
  • Automatic wake-up – automatically wakes up and runs a system test when installed
  • Includes an in-house remote receiver with a range up to 200 ft. and includes a 12-volt power supply
  • Works on a 9-volt battery, with a battery life of approximately one year
  • Audible low-battery indicator at the poolside alarm and also indicated by the in-house remote receiver
  • New sensing technology provides less chance of false alarms due to wind, rain, or small objects such as sticks or toys entering the water
  • Can be used with a solar blanket
  • Designed to detect intrusions similar to a one-year-old child

Cost: *Est. $190

14. Mommy’s Helper Tip Resistant Furniture Safety Brackets

As your little bundle of joy becomes a crawler and eventually a walker, she will begin pulling herself up on objects.  Be confident in your ability to keep her safe from tipping furniture with these top-rated tip-resistant furniture safety brackets from Mommy’s Helper.

Key Features:

  • Helps prevent furniture from tipping over
  • Straps furniture securely to wall
  • Detachable for moving furniture when cleaning
  • Contains 8 brackets and straps to accommodate up to 4 pieces of furniture
  • Easy to install

Cost: *Est. $4

15. KidCo Foam Corner Protectors
KidCo Foam Corner Protectors

Little noggins always seem to be at the perfect height for banging into corners of coffee tables, TV stands, end tables, and any other piece of furniture within your chlid’s living space.  KidCo’s Foam Corner Protectors earn rave reviews from users and come in a variety of colors to match your décor.

Key Features:

  • Adhesive mount
  • Soft, cushiony protection for hard edges
  • Functional and easy to use
  • Fits most table corners
  • 4 Pack

Cost: *Est. $8

16. Cardinal Gates Kid’s Edge Metal Hearth Guard
Cardinal Gates Kid's Edge Metal Hearth Guard

While your fireplace and hearth may be a family-favorite gathering place during the winter, the hearth is an accident waiting to happen when your baby begins crawling.  Protect baby’s head with Cardinal Gates’ metal-backed hearth guard.

Key Features:

  • Clamps onto fireplace – no adhesive to leave residue on brick, stone, or other hearth materials
  • Pad adheres to a telescoping frame
  • Frame adjusts for hearths 45” – 76”
  • 24” extension is available for wider hearths
  • Color options – black, brown, gray, taupe, and ivory

Cost: *Est. $87

17. KidCo Universal Outlet Covers
KidCo Universal Outlet Covers

Electrical outlets pose a hazard to baby in nearly every room of your home.  Protect your children from injuries caused by inserting objects into the outlets with KidCo’s Universal Outlet Covers.

Key Features:

  • Fits both standard and decora style outlets
  • Automatically covers outlet when plug is removed
  • Saves time – no individual plugs to remove and reinsert when receptacle is not in use
  • Easy to install
  • Highly reviewed by Amazon users
  • 12 Pack includes 12 individual covers and a bonus bundle with 2 outlet plugs for temporary situations or travel


  • 3-pack – *Est. $10
  • 6-pack – *Est. $15
  • 12-pack – *Est. $33

18. Safety 1st Power Strip Cover
Safety 1st Power Strip Cover

An often-overlooked hazard to mobile babies are power strips and surge protectors.  Safey 1st provides a solution to this potential danger with its restyled power strip cover, so your electronic hubs no longer will be a cause of concern.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy plastic design
  • Adjustable size
  • Wall mountable
  • Neutral color
  • Covers the entire power strip, including the on/off switch
  • Collapsible design provides a secure fit for large or small power strips and surge protectors

Cost: *Est. $8

19. Safety 1st Plug ‘N Outlet Covers
Safety 1st Plug 'N Outlet Covers

When baby becomes a bit more curious and bold, it may be time for the Safety 1st Plug ‘N Outlet Covers.  This babyproof essential covers the plugs and outlets, so baby cannot pull out the cords.

Key Features:

  • Includes covers that fit over outlets with plugs
  • Child-resistant cover with double-touch release
  • Removable and reusable


  • 2-pack – *Est. $6
  • 4-pack – *Est. 12

 20. Dreambaby Blind Cord Wraps
Dreambaby Blind Cord Wraps


Window blind cords are extremely dangerous, but most parents aren’t quite sure how to babyproof them, short of cutting them and ruining the blind or throwing them up over the curtains.  Dreambaby offers a handy solution with its blind cord wraps, and parents overwhelmingly approve in their ratings and reviews.

Key Features:

  • Clear, to match any blinds and windows
  • Includes easy installation instructions and tips
  • Mounting screws included
  • Works with cords and bead chains


  • 4-Count – *Est. $6
  • 8-Count – *Est. $9

21. Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover
Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover

Skip Hop’s Moby is a fun character for baby to enjoy at bath time that also protects his head from bumping the tub spout.  This is one more way to make bath time a little safer and more enjoyable for parents and children alike.

Key Features:

  • Soft, tough rubber to protect baby during bath time
  • Easily adjusts to fit and tighten on most spouts
  • Blowhole allows for easy access to shower diverter
  • Hang Moby from his tail hook when not in use
  • BPA, phthalate, and PVC free

Cost: *Est. $13

22. Safety 1st Prograde Finger Pinch Preventer
Safety 1st Prograde Finger Pinch Preventer

Doors tend to become one of baby’s favorite toys, but they also pose a threat to baby’s fingers and hands.  Safety 1st offers finger pinch preventers that fit on both the hinge and knob side of doors to protect baby from both angles.

Key Features:

  • Easiliy fits both sides of the door
  • Max-gap indicator for proper installation
  • Fits at any height on the door frame
  • Hangs on doorknob for periods of non-use


  • 2-Count – *Est. $8
  • 4-Count – *Est. $15

23. Roving Cove 16-piece EXTRA DENSE Safe Corner Cushion Value Pack
Roving Cove Corner Cushions

For premium childproofing, Mayapple Baby offers Roving Cove extra dense corner cushions with a Shore A Durometer of 16-18, versus industry-standard cushions of a Shore A Durometer 12.  Mayapple Baby also packages their product with recycled paper and a recyclable plastic bag that is printed with soy ink.

Key Features:

  • Extra dense, soft, premium cushions
  • Non-toxic and flame resistant – free of heavy metals and no flame-retardant chemicals are added
  • Secure adhesion – includes authentic, easy-to-peel 3M double-sided tape
  • Coffee brown color to match oak, walnut, mahogany, cherry, or other dark-colored furniture

Cost: *Est. $20

24. KidCo Door Knob Lock
KidCo Doorknob Lock

There are times when you want to prevent your children from entering certain rooms or closets, and KidCo offers a solution for locking them out that is both quick and simple to install.  KidCo’s Door Knob Locks also help to prevent baby from getting into the bathroom while you are filling the bathtub.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for standard round door knobs
  • Hinged tab for easy access to keyholes
  • Easy installation – door knob locks snap on
  • Design is based on a side pinch-grip technology


  • 4-Pack – *Est. $10
  • 5-Pack – *Est. 12

25. Large Smart Guard Medicine Safe (One Step Ahead)
Large Smartguard Medicine Safe

One Step Ahead offers its best-selling medicine safe in a larger size that is now ideal for holding vitamins, supplements, and larger pill bottles.  With so many reports of children accidentally ingesting medicine, a medicine safe is a must-have for baby proofing.

Key Features:

  • Patented, key-free lock
  • Removable tray
  • Magnifier
  • Handle for easy portability
  • 11 ¼”L x 8 ¾”W x 7 ½”H

Cost: *Est. $25

26. Munchkin Wood and Steel Designer Gate
Munchkin Designer Baby Gate

For those times when you don’t want to compromise style for functionality, Munchkin offers its Designer Gate, with stylish wood and steel to work with any décor style.  Don’t let its good looks fool you, though; the Munchkin Designer Gate is designed with a steel, U-shaped power frame for stability and has a double-locking handle to keep your child safe.

Key Features:

  • Easily opened by adults but secures children with a double-locking handle
  • Locking options – set the door to open in either direction or lock it both ways to prevent it from opening at all
  • Optional third lock at the base to control the direction the gate opens
  • Works at the top of stairs
  • 29 ½”H and 29 ½” – 40 ½”W
  • 5 ½” and 11” extensions are available separately for extension up to 54”W
  • Pressure-mount system to reduce damage to walls yet provides a firm, stable seal and makes it easy to install or remove the gate
  • Hardware included
  • Gate locks shut with a simple push

Cost: *Est. $64

27. Safety 1st Clear View Stove Knob Covers
Safety 1st Stove Knob Covers

Help prevent kitchen accidents by keeping children from turning on the stove, even accidentally, with these stove knob covers from Safety 1st.  Even gas leaks from a child accidentally turning a gas stove knob will be prevented if you install these knob covers.

Key Features:

  • Hinged lid allows parents convenient access to stove knobs
  • New larger size accommodates today’s stoves
  • Updated universal design
  • Easy to install
  • Clear design blends into any décor
  • Removable and reusable

Cost: 5-Pack – *Est. $9

28. One Step Ahead Secure Transitions Inflatable Baby Tub
One Step Ahead baby bathtub

Bath time can be a very daunting task when baby is too large for an infant tub but too small for the big family tub.  One Step Ahead’s Secure Transitions Inflatable Baby Tub offers a solution that prevents baby from sliding around yet provides enough room for playing.

Key Features:

  • Pattern suitable for boys and girls
  • Drain plug makes water flow freely
  • Soft and won’t irritate baby’s skin
  • Contoured headrest makes shampooing simple
  • Pockets keep bath supplies close
  • For babies who can sit up, up to 24 months
  • Outside dimensions: 37”L x 23”W x 8 ½”H
  • Inside space: 25”L x 14 ½” W x 7”H

Cost: *Est. $48

29. Safety 1st Temp Guard
Safety 1st Temp Guard

Don’t rely on your elbow anymore when checking water temperature for baby.  The Safety 1st duck Temp Guard helps you get baby’s bath water temperature right every time.

Key Features:

  • Hot indicator on belly lets you know when water is too hot for baby
  • Classic rubber duck design
  • Durable vinyl

Cost: *Est. $8

30. Safety 1st Electric Cord Short’ner
Safety 1st Electric Cord Shortener

Earning five-star reviews, the Cord Short’ner from Safety 1st provides peace of mind when it comes to excessively long cords around your home.  Designed to store the unused portion of electrical cords that may cause tripping or strangulation hazards, the Cord Short’ner is a smart choice for baby proofing.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight but sturdy plastic compartment catches and holds the cord, and a rotating handle retracts the cord when turned
  • Holds up to 4’ of excessive cord
  • Accommodates most power cords

Cost: 2-Pack – *Est. $5

31. Safety 1st Small Object Choking Tester
Small Object Choking Tester

Parents are aware of the choking hazards posed by nearly every small item in their homes, but sometimes it is difficult to gauge the danger of objects on sight.  The Small Object Choking Tester by Safety 1st should alleviate some of your concerns.

Key Features:

  • Designed to keep kids safe and away from small objects
  • Insert an object in the tester to see if it is large enough for children under 3
  • Quick, easy use

Cost: *Est. $2

32. TotShield Stove Guard
TotShield Stove Guard

Children are curious creatures, and even though they have heard, “No! Hot!” a million times when they get near the stove, they still want to touch the potentially dangerous appliance.  TotShield protects youngsters from the dangers of a hot stove and provides additional reaction time for parents to take corrective action when their children get too close.

Key Features:

  • Tilted shield for more cookware space
  • Adjustable to fit most 30-inch free standing gas and electric stoves
  • No permanent mounting or adhesive tape is required
  • Installed or removed instantly for easy cleaning
  • Shields hot stovetop and control knobs
  • Lifetime warranty

Cost: *Est. $35

33. Guardian Angel Child Safety Window Guard
Guardian Angel Safety Window Guard

Prevent tragic window falls and have more peace of mind with Guardian Angel window guards.  Guardian Angel Window Guards are recommended by the City of Boston and have some of the highest Amazon customer reviews.

Key Features:

  • Removes easily with emergency release buttons in the case of a fire
  • Withstands 150 lbs. of pressure
  • Steel bars are closer together (3 7/8”) than other brands (4-5”)
  • Compatible with single- and double-hung windows, as well as sliding and hinged casement windows
  • Easy mounting with side post screw mounts into your window frames
  • Available in several sizes to accommodate your windows


  • Horizontal mount (17” – 23”W) – *Est. $58
  • Regular (23” – 35”W) – *Est. $70
  • Wide, 4 Horizontal bars (35” – 58”W) – *Est. $70
  • Wide, 5 Horizontal bars (35” – 58”W) – *Est. $85
  • Wide, 4 Horizontal bars (58” – 90”) – *Est. $116

34.  @KiddeSafety
Kidde Smoke Alarms

A baby proofing list just wouldn’t be complete without a fire safety product, and there is none better than the #1 Best Seller in Household Sensors and Alarms, Kidde’s KN-COSM-BA Battery-Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm with Talking Alarm.  One unit can be installed where previously two were needed.

Key Features:

  • Talking alarm announces the hazard type detected, helping to speed up reaction time
  • Battery safeguard ensures the unit cannot be accidentally mounted without batteries installed
  • Test-reset button tests alarm and triggers voice announcement
  • Complies with UL requirements


  • 1-Pack – *Est. $32
  • 2-Pack – *Est. $57
  • 6-Pack – *Est. $168
  • 8-Pack – *Est. $210

35. BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Crib Liner
Breathable Baby Crib Liner

Breathable Baby products help parents protect their babies by providing award-winning, patented breathable mesh crib liners.  The mesh crib liners reduce the risk of suffocation and entanglement that occur with traditional crib bumpers, and they prevent climbing by active babies.

Key Features:

  • Soft and padded, keeping little limbs safely inside
  • Easy wrap design
  • Adjustable to fit cribs with slatted ends
  • Attaches easily with hook and loop fasteners – no dangerous ties
  • Collapses to prevent climbing
  • Solid colors coordinate with any bedding set

Cost: *Est. $30

36. Safety 1st Prograde Flat Screen TV Lock
Flat Screen TV Lock

Flat Screen TVs may be better for viewing and picture quality, but they are not ideal for babies and toddlers.  One option is the Prograde Flat Screen TV Lock from Safety 1st.  This product scores high on new parents’ lists of must-have baby proofing items because it pivots to allow for optimum viewing experiences.

Key Features:

  • Locking bar extends 6” – 20” and pivots left to right for perfect viewing
  • Prevents TV from moving forward or backward
  • Attaches to existing VESA mount holes on back of TV
  • Fits most 32” – 60” flat screen TVs

Cost: *Est. $48

37. KidCo Anti-Tip TV Strap
KidCo TV Safety Strap

Another top-rated anti-tip TV protective device comes from KidCo.  The KidCo Anti-Tip TV Straps are an option for people with televisions of any size.

Key Features:

  • Nylong straps help secure TV to wall or furniture
  • Screw mounted
  • More affordable alternative to other anti-tip TV devices


  • 2-Pack – *Est. $11
  • 4-Pack – *Est. $20

38. Master Lock Dual-Function Security Bar
Dual-Function Security Bar

The #1 Best Seller in Door Handle Sets, Master Lock Dual Function Security Bar may be meant to keep intruders out, but it is also a perfect option for keeping children inside, safe and sound.  Because of its versatile and adjustable design, the bar fits most hinged and sliding doors, so even the best little escape artists or innocent wanderers are contained.

Key Features:

  • Dual-function door and patio door security bar
  • Improves security on hinged and sliding doors
  • Rugged 20-guage steel construction can withstand ore than 350 pounds of force
  • Adjusts to fit most standard doors
  • Weighs only one pound

Cost: *Est. $22

39. Prime-Line Products Vinyl Window Lock
Vinyl Window Lock

One challenge facing parents is how to keep their children safe when warmer weather hits and they want to have the windows open for ventilation.  Prime-Line Products offers vinyl window locks as a solution, and they are boasting high reviews.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable jaw
  • Fits up to ½” thick rails
  • Allows window to lock in ventilating position
  • Easy to install

Cost: *Est. $7

40. Child Proof Deluxe Top Door Lock
Deluxe Top Door Lock

For baby proofing several doors, or when dealing with keeping older children safe, a more economical and harder-to-reach approach may be needed.  The Deluxe Top Door Lock is a solution for parents who are searching for answers to those common challenges.

Key Features:

  • Rests on top of the door so children can’t easily reach it
  • Peg mounts on the door frame
  • Latch slides around the peg to lock and unlock the door
  • Opens from either side of the door
  • Includes easy-grip wand for shorter adults
  • Easy to install
  • Fits all standard interior doors measuring up to 1 3/8” thick

Cost: *Est. $10

41. Tub Guard
TotSafe Tub Guard

Bath time can be a fun, yet challenging time for new parents and parents with small children.  Make the tub a safer place for children with the Tub Guard from TotSafe: it slides over the edge of your tub and cushions the edges.

Key Features:

  • Provides a cushion to protect youngsters
  • Gives parents a comfortable surface to lean on
  • Available in two sizes – large for standard tubs or small for tubs with shower door enclosures
  • Made of the same padding used to protect professional athletes


  • Small, fits tubs with shower door enclosures and measures 14 ¼”L x 5 ¼”W x 5 ¼”D – *Est. $26
  • Large, fits standard tubs and measures 33 ¼”L x 5 ¼”W x 5 ¼”D – *Est. $38

42. Fireplace Door Lock
Fireplace Door Lock

Keeping kids safe from a fireplace while it is not in use is just as important as protecting them when it is.  TotSafe’s Fireplace Door Lock makes sure the fireplace doors stay shut when you’re not using the fireplace to prevent pinched fingers and access to fireplace contents.

Key Features:

  • Mounts over the horizontal handles of fireplace doors to lock them in place
  • Easily removed by adults for when fireplace is in use
  • Durable metal construction
  • 24”L x 2”H x ¾”D

Cost: *Est. $20

43. Tub Tattoos by SlipX Solutions
Tub Tattoos

Preventing slips and falls in the bathtub is a crucial aspect of baby proofing, and the Tub Tattoos from SlipX Solutions are colorful and fun for kids.  Available in several options, including ducks, frogs, monkeys, turtles, clownfish, and flamingos, Tub Tattoos fit in with almost any color scheme or bathroom theme.

Key Features:

  • Each package contains 5 non-slip Tub Tattoos
  • 4” diameter
  • Easy to install – just peel and stick
  • Reliable grip on almost any non-textured, non-porous surface

Cost: *Est. $7

44. Aqueduck Faucet Handle Extender
Faucet Handle Extender

Older children need to be able to wash their hands, but the sheer size of the bathroom vanity can impede their process.  Aqueduck solves the issue of small children’s inability to turn on the water with its Facuet Handle Extender.

Key Features:

  • Fits most two-handle faucets and is easy to remove for cleaning
  • Promotes independence
  • Designed to work only on cold side for safety
  • Made from long-lasting soft, durable plastic
  • Contains no BPA, PVC, or phthalates
  • Encourages good hygiene

Cost: *Est. $16

45. Aqueduck Faucet Extender
Faucet Extender

Another smart solution from Aqueduck!  As kids get older and need to wash their hands, it can be a daunting task to get them on a stool or to sit on the vanity just so they can reach the water without everyone ending up soaking wet or sore.  Aqueduck’s Faucet extender is the answer to the hand-washing challenge.

Key Features:

  • Polythylene plastic
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Designed to fit on most conventional bathroom faucets
  • Easy to remove for cleaning
  • Made from long-lasting soft, durable plastic
  • Contains no BPA, PVC, or phthalates
  • Easily installed and removed

Cost: *Est. $10

46. Safety 1st Adjustable Custom Fit All-Purpose Strap
Cabinet Safety Strap

Some appliances and objects in the home are difficult to secure when baby proofing, including the refrigerator and dishwasher, because of sizes, hinged doors, and odd angles.  The Safety 1st Adjustable Multi Purpose Strap is the solution for these specific baby proofing challenges.

Key Features:

  • No special hardware required
  • Suitable for most home decors
  • Adhesive backing
  • Adjustable length for various purposes
  • Dual-press release


  • 2-Pack – *Est. $8
  • 4-Pack – *Est. $13
  • 6-Pack – *Est. $18

47.  @KidCo
KidCo Hearthgate

Talk about an all-in-one baby proofing product!  KidCo’s Hearthgate for Fireplace, Hearth, & BBQ Grill does the job of many products.  Protect little ones from the heat and fire of fireplaces, wood burning stoves, and barbecues, in addition to the sharp corners and hard, rough surfaces of hearths.

Key Features:

  • Five interlocking 24” sections can be angled or set in a straight line as needed
  • May be wall-mounted for safety
  • Base set fits a 6’ hearth
  • 29” high
  • Extension kits available

Cost: *Est. $170

48. Mommy’s Helper Slide-Lok Bi-Fold Door Lock
Bi-Fold Door Lock

Bi-Fold Doors pose multiple opportunities for pinched fingers.  Mommy’s Helper provides a specialized solution: Slide-Lok Bi-Fold Door Locks.  Adults access closets and rooms with an easy-to-reach slide rod while baby’s fingers stay safe.

Key Features:

  • No tools required for installation
  • Nearly invisible clear material
  • Plastic design minimizes scratching or marring of door surfaces

Cost: *Est. $4

49. DoorSmoocher Childproof Sliding Pocket Door Lock
Childproof Sliding Pocket Door Lock

Other special interior doors that pose a threat to baby’s fingers, toes, hands, and feet are sliding pocket doors.  Made especially for pocket doors, DoorSmoocher Childproof Sliding Pocket Door Locks are highly-rated by Amazon users.

Key Features:

  • Childproofs standard single and double pocket and swing doors
  • Will not damage door face
  • Can be place to any height
  • Will lock and unlock door from both sides
  • Blends in with standard white door, but can be painted
  • Fits doors up to 1 ½”

Cost: *Est. $13

50. Safety 1st Secure Mount Deadbolt Lock
Safety 1st Deadbolt Lock

An often over-looked area of baby proofing is deadbolt locks.  Parents of younger children feel secure by locking doors using the deadbolt lock; but, when children are old enough to turn the deadbolt, parents are sometimes at a loss for a solution.  Safety 1st offers its Secure Mount Deadbolt Lock, which was met with rave reviews.

Key Features:

  • No adhesives or drilling required
  • No permanent damage to the door
  • Simple installation behind the existing deadbolt hardware
  • Dual-action design is simple for adults yet difficult for children
  • Clear plastic panel allows users to know at a glance if the deadbolt is engaged
  • High-impact plastic construction for a long lasting, durable product

Cost: *Est. $10