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Updated Apr 15, 2021
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Camera options are even better for Blink users as Amazon has expanded the Blink Outdoor, Indoor (Gen 2) and Mini camera’s cloud-based support, as well as support for local storage options. For those using a DIY security setup, you can now add any of Blink’s storage options and cameras into your smart hub or AI-supported home automation security system. Amazon now offers two different subscription plans for blink camera storage: the Basic Plan and the Plus Plan. 


Blink’s Cloud Storage Key Features:

  • Available features without a subscription:
    • Motion-activated notification support 
    • Live view streaming 
  • Basic and Plus Plan features
    • Motion detection video recording 
    • Live view recording 
    • 60-day unlimited video history
    • Rapid video access 
    • Video sharing 
    • Photo capture 
  • Plus Plan only features
    • 10% off Blink devices when purchased on Amazon 
    • Extended warranty coverage


The Basic Plan vs. The Plus Plan

The most significant difference between the two plans is price. Blink’s Basic Plan will cost $3 per month, or $30 per year through an annual subscription, whereas the Plus Plan will cost users $10 per month, or $100 per year. Despite the jump in price, the Plus Plan offers the same features as the Basic Plan, only adding 10% off Blink devices purchased through Amazon and extended warranty coverage.

However, if you need Blink storage options for multiple devices, you’ll have to go with the Plus Plan. The Basic Plan can only support one device, whereas the Plus Plan comes with unlimited device capabilities. Ring doorbells, Blink cameras and other peripheral camera devices can use either of these subscription services through Blink’s app.


How Blink Camera Storage Works

To use Blink storage options with its security system, you’ll need the Sync Module 2. This device allows users to insert a USB flash drive for daily back ups — as long as the storage capacity is 256 GB or less. The Sync Module 2 costs $35 and will integrate up to 10 Blink cameras. Local storage options are only supported by the Blink Outdoor, Indoor (Gen 2) and Mini camera lineup. Legacy cameras like the XT2, XT and Indoor (Gen 1) are not supported. 

Formatting a partner USB drive may be required to function with the Sync Module 2, although Blink’s USB sticks should work fine without requiring any troubleshooting. They cost around $15, even though their storage space is limited to 64 GB. 

Blink’s USB sticks are helpful if you want to organize now instead of later, avoiding data management for an external hard drive. But Blink’s compatibility with properly formatted partner USB drives means users aren’t limited to Amazon-only products. And considering limited storage capacity can cause backups to take longer, using a local storage solution with a storage capacity closer to or meeting the 256 GB ceiling may be the way to go. 

Either way, Blink’s effort to avoid Amazon-only limitations by offering compatibility with other local storage options has future-proofed its security systems while empowering users to customize their smart home hubs.

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