The Best Smart Plugs

Smart outlets are the most convenient and cost-effective way to cut energy costs for your home. With so many advanced features, today’s smart home outlets are controlled on your voice command or smartphone without needing to flip a switch.
Updated Apr 15, 2021
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Understanding Smart Plug Options Before Buying

  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Smart Plugs

    Not every smart outlet should be installed outdoors as they may not be weather resistant. If you want an outlet you can use outside, look for smart outdoor plugs that can withstand rain, moisture and extreme heat for safe use. Smart outlets include features similar to regular outlets and add the benefit of controlling when appliances are on and for how long.

  • Power Switches

    Not every home appliance is going to work using a smart home outlet. It all depends on the power switch. Your device may have a manual or electronic button to turn the appliance on and off If you’re connecting an appliance with an electronic switch, but the device is powered off, you may have to press the button before the outlet can send power. Depending on the appliance this may limit the control features and benefits that smart outlets offer. It’s not a make-or-break buying factor, but the key is to know what you’ll be using the smart outlet for.

  • Smart Home Hub

    When considering a smart outlet, double check the installation requirements. Some smart home outlets require a smart home hub to control plugged in devices. The smart outlet may require a Z-wave hub to wirelessly send power to the outlet and connect it to other smart home appliances. Keep in mind that most smart home hubs are sold separately.

How to Make the Most of Your Smart Home Outlet

  • Set schedules – Want to start your coffee or turn on lights without getting out of bed? Simply set schedules to control when your devices turn on and off using your smart outlet. When setting routines to use your home’s gadgets, your devices will automatically turn on and off at your preferred times.
  • Use timers – Smart plugs give peace of mind with the power to automatically turn devices off that may have accidentally be left on. The ‘Countdown’ timer automatically turns off your smart outlet’s plugged in devices after a designated time. Even better, when you’re out of town and want to deter neighbors, smart plugs include ‘Away’ timers to turn your lights on and off as if you were home.
  • Smartphone control – Today’s smart plugs allow homeowners to remotely control their home’s devices using their smartphone. Smart plugs that are connected to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a Z-wave smart home hub give families that convenience. Simply download the smart outlet’s app, follow the connection instructions, and you’ll be able to turn lights off using the mobile app – even when you’re on the go.
  • Power usage monitoring – Smart outlet features allow you to know exactly when your devices are on or off, with the added bonus of energy reporting for your home’s appliances. Some smart home outlet providers include regular reporting for gadgets that are plugged into the outlet. Most reports include historical energy data and the appliance power usage to better monitor how much energy your home is consuming.

The 15 Best Smart Plugs

  • Best of the Best Smart Outlets

    ADT Smart Plug

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    The ADT Smart Switch is a smart outlet designed to remotely control any home appliance with ease. Use Amazon Alexa’s voice commands to turn lights on or off. Or control appliances in the smart home outlet using the ADT Pulse® mobile app when you’re on the go.

    Stand-out features include

    • Works with all light bulbs and all standard small home appliances
    • Compact design to use both outlets while using the smart outlet
    • Use the smart outlet to schedule light timers using the ADT Pulse® mobile app
  • Best Voice Enabled Smart Outlet

    Amazon Smart Plug

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    The Amazon Smart Plug adds voice control and smart tech to any traditional outlet. This indoor smart home outlet works with Amazon Alexa to follow voice commands to handle appliances hands-free. Use Alexa or the mobile app to quickly turn our lights on or off on your cue.

    Stand-out features include

    • Use Alexa to create customizable routines for your appliances that automatically turn them on or off on your command
    • Get the power and control of a smart home without needing a smart home hub
    • Easily install the smart home outlet by plugging it into a standard wall outlet and setting up through the Alexa app
  • Samsung SmartThings Outlet

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    This smart home outlet is a ZigBee repeater to broaden the range of your smart home Zigbee smart hub connected devices. The outlet has the power to automatically turn your appliances off by using your smartphone and the SmartThings Hub for remote control.

    Stand-out features include

    • Automatically receive alerts to your smartphone when your home gadgets are left on
    • Turn your favorite home appliances on and off using your smartphone
    • Schedule lights to come on when you arrive home
  • iClever Smart Power Strip

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    This portable, smart outlet includes four USB and three AC outlet ports to quickly power up your devices. The small but mighty power strip has 1250 watts to power up your phone and other home devices quickly. This outlet is protected against short circuits and extreme temperatures to provide safe and speedy powering.

    Stand-out features include

    • Includes 5-volt USB charging ports to with built-in smart technology to charge your iPhone and other USB devices quickly
    • Fireproof design to handle heat up to 750-degree Celsius
    • Dual power on and off switches to control the outlets you want to use
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The Benefits of Smart Outlets

  • Energy Efficiency

    Your smart outlet is designed to save you energy when you’re away. Smart outlets offer many features to control the power of your home appliances such as remote control, scheduling and timers. Today’s smart home outlets even allow you to track your energy using the mobile app so you’ll always know how much energy you’re using without guessing.

  • Reduced Costs

    Setting the right timers to turn devices on or off could save you money on your electricity bill. Some smart plugs can determine if a home appliance isn’t in use to automatically turn off. Shutting off idle home appliances can decrease the bill and ultimately pay for your home’s smart plugs with the savings.

  • Smart Home Compatibility

    If you’re looking into building a smart home with multiple devices, smart plugs are one of the perfect ways to start. Smart home outlets often include voice commands for hands-free control and monitoring through the smart outlet’s mobile app.

Smart outlets are the most affordable way to start saving on your home’s electricity today. With so many options to consider, you have the right information to pick the perfect option for your home. If you want to check out all the options, see Amazon’s best selling smart outlets for a full list. And don’t forget to check out our top five suggestions.

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