QMedic Medical Alert Systems

QMedic is an alert system provider with its own monitoring center that makes impressive wearable devices designed to prevent medical emergencies.
Updated Mar 26, 2021

What Sets QMedic Apart?

QMedic offers many of the standard features medical alert systems offer but goes beyond when it comes to monitoring the health of your loved one. It keeps track of their sleep patterns and activity data so it can detect abnormal behavior and send you a proactive alert. Created by scientists at MIT, QMedic is one of the most hi-tech medical alert systems, featuring GPS tracking, two-way communication and two wearable options that are 100% waterproof in design.


  • Two-way talk with monitoring center or caregiver
  • Two-year battery life with no charging needed
  • Competitive prices with landline and cellular options


  • No fall detection technology
  • No automatic emergency calling feature
  • Landline system only includes one two-way talk station

Top QMedic Medical Alert System Features

  • Activity Alerts

    With QMedic, you’ll get proactive activity alerts based on the detection of sleep and activity pattern abnormalities. 

  • Two-Way Talk

    Use the two-way talk can be routed with call center or caregiver

  • No Landline Needed

    Easy DIY setup with no landline required. 

Compare QMedic Packages

QMedic In-Home Package

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QMedic Mobile GPS Package

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Monitoring starts at
$30/mo. $45/mo.
Landline or cellular Cellular
In-home or anywhere
In-home Anywhere
GPS location tracking
Yes Yes
24/7 call center access
No No
Fall detection option
Yes Yes

QMedic Equipment and Features

  • Base Station

    This hub is included in the in-home equipment package, and it includes a two-way talk speaker that can be routed to QMedic’s 24/7 call center or to a caregiver. It has a 1000-foot radius for large homes and backyards.

  • Wrist Band or Pendant

    The wrist band or pendant is the choice of wearable help buttons that comes with QMedic, and both are designed to be worn for up to two years without having to be removed. There’s no charging required, and the build is 100% waterproof so they can even be used in a bathtub.

  • Mobile GPS Medical Alert System

    The mobile GPS device combines the elements of the in-home package into one unit that can be taken outside the home. While there’s no wristband option and the device is only water-resistant (not waterproof), you get the benefit of GPS tracking and two-way talk anywhere, with no smartphone configuration required. 

QMedic Fall Protection

Automatic fall detection is a feature that detects any fall and automatically calls the monitoring center or caregiver. QMedic doesn’t offer a system with this feature, citing false alarms as its reason. In the event of a fall, the senior has to press the help button to place an emergency call on his or her own behalf. By tracking wear compliance, sleep patterns and activity data, QMedic’s system attempts to prevent unnecessary emergency calls with proactive, preventative alerts.

QMedic Medical Alert Systems FAQ

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