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Best Medical Alert Pendants of 2020

Medical alert systems come in many forms; the leading companies all provide a number of wearable and in-home options to suit the needs of different lifestyles. Here, we’ve put together a list of the best mobile medical alert pendants and necklaces that can be used at home or on the go,
Updated Apr 16, 2020

Top 3 Mobile Medical Alert Pendants


The Best Features to Look for When Buying a Medical Alert System Pendant

  • Cellular Connectivity

    Cellular connectivity means that you don’t need to me connected to a landline phone in order for your medical alert system to work. Portable devices with cellular connectivity will work wherever cell towers can reach, inside or outside the home. Plus, the connectivity fee is included with the cost of the medical alert service, so you don’t need to pay an additional bill.

  • GPS Location Tracking

    For seniors who are still fairly active or leave home frequently, this technology provides both them and their loved ones with the peace of mind that if an emergency arises, help will find them quickly. Some devices incorporate more than one type of location tracking in case the user is somewhere where GPS signals can’t reach, such as inside a large building.

  • Automatic Fall Detection

    Sometimes when someone falls, they aren’t responsive or they’re not in a position that allows them to press their medical alert system help button. Automatic fall detection is exactly what it sounds like. It detects a fall, removing the need for the user to press the help button and contacting necessary aid. Instead, a signal will automatically be sent to the monitoring center, and the monitoring will send help if there’s no response.

  • Long Battery Life

    As we get older, we start to forget some of the little things. Charging technology may very well be one of those things. Medical alert systems can be life saving for their users, but not if they’re battery charge is completely gone. When searching for a medical alert system, it’s important to keep in mind that the system’s user may not remember to charge is everyday. You’re putting the user in a safer position if you choose an alert system that can go for longer periods without needing a charge.

  • Best All-in-One Medical Alert Pendant

    1. Philips Lifeline GoSafe 2

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    The latest pendant from Philips Lifeline offers all of the features of a complete medical alert system in one single necklace. It has automatic fall detection, two-way voice communication connecting you to the emergency monitoring center, and five different kinds of location technology to help ensure that assistance can always find you. It has cellular connectivity so you don’t need a landline, and it will work any place that cell phone signal can reach.


    While it doesn’t have any mobile app to let caretakers track the user’s whereabouts, the device does allow a personalized response plan for alerting your designated emergency contacts. The only downside is that it’s pricier than some others, with a one-time device fee of $99.95 and a $49.95/month professional monitoring fee. On the good side, Philips Lifeline offers month-to-month subscription plans so you won’t get roped into a long-term contract.

    Stand-out features include

    • All-in-one wearable medical alert system
    • 30 day no-questions-asked return policy
    • No long-term contract required
    • Pendant is three inches tall, and weighs less than two ounces
    • Battery lasts 2-3 days between charges
    • Waterproof
  • Best Overall Medical Alert Provider

    2. Medical Guardian Active Guardian Mobile Button

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    Medical Guardian is our top pick for medical alert providers, because of the flexibility of their packages, reliability of their service, and usability of their equipment. Their mobile device is no exception. This handy all-in-one system includes two-way communication, cellular connectivity, optional fall detection, GPS and Wi-Fi location tracking, and it can be used indoors or outdoors. It comes with a lanyard for easy wearing.


    Medical Guardian’s mobile device is part of the Active Guardian package. There is no up-front fee for the device, and monthly monitoring fees start at $39.95.

    Stand-out features include

    • All-in-one mobile medical alert system
    • No long-term fees required
    • Option to add additional equipment as desired
    • Weighs two ounces
    • Up to 5 days of battery life between charges
    • Waterproof
  • Best Overall Support

    3. Bay Alarm Medical 4G LTE Mobile Button

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    Bay Alarm’s Mobile Button has many features to suit an on-the-go lifestyle. This small device can be worn on a lanyard as a necklace or placed in your pocket. It features two-way communication, cellular connectivity and GPS location tracking to send help on the way at the touch of a button.


    For an added charge, caregivers can follow along with your movements on the Bay Alarm mobile app. The Mobile Button gets 72 hours of battery life from a single charge and it’s available as part of Bay Alarm Medical’s On the Go package, which starts at $39.95/mo. Automatic fall detection can be added for an additional $10/mo.

    Stand-out features include

    • No long-term contract required
    • Free monitoring for spouse
    • Option for loved ones to use the Bay Alarm mobile app
    • Supported in 170 languages
    • Up to 72 hours of battery life
    • Waterproof
  • 4. MobileHelp Mobile Device

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    MobileHelp also offers a cellular device that keeps you connected inside and outside the home. The MobileHelp mobile device is better sized for a pocket or purse, but you can use it with a wearable pendant to page the monitoring center at any time.


    MobileHelp’s mobile button is available in its Mobile Help Solo and Mobile Help Duo packages, which start at $37.95/mo. No upfront device fee is required. Discounts available for quarterly, semi-annual or annual contracts.


    Note: MobileHelp offers automatic fall detection for an additional monthly fee  (requires an additional neck pendant). MobileHelp’s mobile device/base station is not waterproof, but the auto fall alert pendant is.

    Stand-out features include

    • 30 day risk-free return policy
    • No long-term contract required
    • Over 24-hour battery life
    • Fall detection option
  • 5. ADT Health Mobile Base Unit

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    Designed for the mobile, independent user, ADT Health’s mobile unit is part of its On-the-Go Package, an all-in-one option for anyone who is active outside of the home. With this package, a wireless pocket-sized device replaces both the in-home communicator and the wearable pendant (though you can add on a pendant or wristband if you wish). The mobile device has two-way communication, so you can contact the ADT monitoring center whenever you need it, wherever you are.


    The On-the-Go medical alert system has built-in GPS location tracking, which helps first responders find and assist you as quickly as possible. There is no up-front fee for equipment and monitoring starts at $39.99/mo. You can also add on fall detection capabilities for an additional cost.

    Stand-out features include

    • All-in-one portable medical alert system
    • Fall detection option
    • Cellular connectivity
    • GPS location tracking

FAQs About Medical Alert System Pendants

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