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Medical Alert takes a no-frills approach to medical alert monitoring, offering simple, effective plans, 24/7 emergency response monitoring, and some of the best fall detection around.
Updated Mar 24, 2021

What Sets Medical Alert Apart?

Medical Alert prides itself on a hassle-free approach to medical monitoring, either at home or on the go. More than just a monitoring system, it’s a “support network available at all times.” Medical Alert reps stay with you on the line until help arrives, and the company’s systems are simple and easy to set up.

Medical Alert offers three basic levels of protection, from land-lined base to cellular at-home service, to the full-service “On The Go” package, which protects you whether you’re at home or out. In addition, it has safety specialists to help customize solutions, and it will go the extra mile by informing your loved ones if anything happens.


  • Price breaks for semi-annual and annual payment
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Mobile app available


  • Fall detection costs extra
  • Limited plans and equipment
  • Cellular monitoring not available at lowest tier

Medical Alert Packages

  • At Home Landline

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Medical Alert’s most affordable package includes 24/7 connection to emergency operators at the push of a button, utilizing your home’s landline. The package includes a base unit and waterproof bracelet or necklace buttons, and it’s priced at $22.95/mo. if paid monthly, $19.95/mo. if paid every six months, and $18.29/mo. if paid annually. Semi-annual plans include free shipping, and annual plans include free shipping and a free lockbox.

    You’ll need a landline for this basic package, or you can step up to the next plan to get cellular-based service.

    Package Features

    • Landline base unit
    • Neck or wrist button
    • Free shipping with semi-annual payment
    • Free lockbox with annual payment
  • At Home No Landline

    Starting at

    Our Take

    If you don’t have a landline, you can still count on Medical Alert’s 24/7 emergency response. The At Home No Landline plan uses a cell-based wireless base unit to connect to emergency response operators with the same easy one-button call as the landline package. Paid for monthly, this plan costs $32.95/mo., but paid semi-annually it costs $29.95/mo. and includes free shipping. The annual plan costs $27.45/mo., including one free month, free shipping, and a free lockbox.

    Package Features

    • Cellular base unit
    • Neck or wrist button
    • Free shipping with semi-annual payment
    • Free lockbox with annual payment
  • On The Go

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Medical Alert’s top plan is the On The Go plan, which protects you whether you’re home or out. In addition to a wireless necklace or bracelet with one-button access to emergency response, this plan includes GPS location services, so emergency crews can find you anywhere you are. You can also add fall detection to your plan for an extra $9.17/mo.. Fall detection can alert your response team if you fall, even if you can’t get to your button.

    This plan is $37.95/mo. if paid for monthly, while the semi-annual option is $34.95/mo. including free shipping, and the annual plan costs $32.04/mo. and includes a free month.

    Package Features

    • Wrist/neck button
    • Carrying case
    • GPS location services
    • Fall detection available
    • Free shipping with semi-annual payment
    • One month free with annual payment

Top Medical Alert Medical System Features

  • No Long-Term Contract

    There’s no need to sign a lengthy contract locking you in for years. Medical Alert requires no commitment, only a simple monitoring agreement for as long as you’re using the service.

  • No Equipment Costs

    All Medical Alert plans include the equipment you need to stay in contact with emergency response operators 24/7, with no up-front expense beyond the monthly fee.

  • Mobile App

    Medical Alert’s mobile app lets caregivers monitor multiple subscribers, get immediate notifications when the system is activated, and connect directly to the Medical Alert team right from the app.

Compare Medical Alert Packages

Monitoring starts at
In-home or anywhere
24/7 monitoring
Yes YesYes

Medical Alert Equipment and Features

  • Emergency Response Base Station

    Medical Alert emergency response base stations come with both landline and cellular connectivity and connect you to Medical Alert’s emergency response operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Emergency Bracelets and Necklaces

    Medical Alert’s emergency buttons can be worn around the neck or on the wrist and give you one-button access to emergency response operators. Plus, fall detection technology is built in and works even if you can’t hit the button.

  • Fall Detection Pendant

    When you purchase Medical Alert’s fall detection add-on, you’ll receive a fall detection pendant at no extra charge. You’ll get the help you need even if you can’t reach your button.

  • Handheld On-the-Go Base

    For subscribers on the go, Medical Alert’s convenient handheld device does the job of the Emergency Response Base Station from anywhere — not just from home. The On The Go system includes advanced GPS detection, so responders can find you if you’re in trouble away from home.

Medical Alert Monthly Costs

Medical Alert offers three packages. At Home Landline costs $18.29/mo. for an annual plan, $19.95/mo. paid semi-annually, and $22.95/mo. for a monthly plan.

At Home No Landline costs $27.45/mo. annually, $29.95/mo. semi-annually, and $32.95/mo. on a month-to-month basis.

On The Go, Medical Alert’s top package, is fully mobile and costs $32.04/mo. for an annual subscription, $34.95/mo. on a semi-annual basis, and $37.95/mo. paid monthly.

Medical Alert Fall Protection

All Medical Alert plans offer fall detection at an additional cost. For all plans paid annually, you’ll pay $9.17/mo. more for fall detection. For all other plans, fall detection is $10/mo. extra.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Alert Medical Systems

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