Lifefone is an experienced provider that offers seniors and their caregivers a wide range of equipment options and customized services.
Updated Mar 24, 2021

What Sets LifeFone Apart?

LifeFone is a medical alert system provider that has been around since 1976, and over the years it’s developed a solid reputation and an expansive line of equipment. In addition to its in-home and cellular systems, it offers an in-home plus on-the-go all-inclusive unit for the most flexibility. Its caregiver tools and apps provide extra options such as medication reminders, GPS tracking and activity assurance.


  • Flexible equipment options
  • Provides extra tools to supplement medical alert system
  • No contracts


  • Call monitoring center is not third-party recognized
  • Automatic fall detection feature causes frequent false alarms
  • Monthly payments increase with feature and service add-ons

Top LifeFone Medical Alert System Features

  • Fall detection

    LifeFone offers fall detection pendant and voice-in-pendant options for the safety of your loved ones. 

  • Crystal clear communication

    You’ll get a sensitive microphone and high speaker volume for clearer communication with LifeFone equipment. 

  • Landline and cellular connectivity

    You’ll get an impressive 1,300-foot at-home range with landline and cellular options

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Monitoring starts at
$24.95/mo. $30.95/mo. $36.95/mo. $39.95/mo.
LandlineCellular Cellular Cellular
In-home or anywhere
In-home In-home Anywhere Anywhere
GPS location tracking
Yes Yes Yes Yes
24/7 call center access
Yes YesYesYes
Fall detection option
Yes NoNo Yes
Remote answering feature
No No No Yes

LifeFone Equipment and Features

  • Two-Way Voice Base

    This two-way talk hub comes with the at-home landline and cellular packages. It connects the user with the emergency call center at the touch of a button. With this two-way talk base you also get the option to answer your phone remotely with the help button and talk using the base so you don’t need to get up.

  • Standard Wrist Band or Pendant

    Users get the option between a wrist band or pendant, so they can choose whatever is more comfortable. This wearable device acts as a help button that enables seniors to place an emergency call from wherever they are. It’s water-resistant enough for use in the shower but it’s not fully waterproof and shouldn’t be submerged.

  • Mobile GPS Medical Alert System

    The mobile GPS unit is a small wireless unit you take with you that comes with a two-way talk pendant. When you get the At-Home and On-the-Go package,  you get the two-way voice base for your home and this mobile unit both included for at-home and out-of-home options. 

  • Voice-in Pendant

    This equipment comes only for an additional monthly fee and can only be used with the at-home and on-the-go GPS equipment package. It gives the user access to two-way call center communication at all times, so they can do more than just place an emergency call if something happens.

  • Fall Detection Pendant

    For an extra $5 to $10/mo. added onto any package, you can get a fall detection pendant. It automatically places an emergency call when the sensor detects the user has fallen.

LifeFone Fall Protection

LifeFone offers an automatic fall alert detection pendant, which senses when its wearer has fallen and automatically places an emergency call to the call center. Adding this pendant to your package increases your monthly rate by $5 to $10. The company admits that the sensor doesn’t pick up on all falls, and 95% of users experience up to four false alarms per month.

Lifefone Medical Alert Systems Frequently Asked Questions

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