Life Alert is one of the well-known medical alerts with equipment that’s easy to use, allowing users to call for help with the press of a button.
Updated Mar 30, 2021

What Sets Life Alert Apart?

Life Alert is one of the most well-known medical monitoring services on the market. The company created a name for itself with the “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” commercial campaigns, and decades later, its monitoring services save a life every 11 minutes. Life Alert offers three medical alert systems for help in the home, shower and on the go. Life Alert’s monitoring specialists spend a year learning about the industry and various types of emergencies. Even though the company has been around since 1987, it’s constantly looking for new ways to help keep seniors safe with features like GPS and caregiver resources. 


Life Alert has a few pros and cons that distinguish its medical alerts from others. Here’s a brief overview.


  • Devices are easy to use
  • Over 30 years of experience in the medical alerts industry
  • Three medical alert systems to choose from
  • Mobile app with caregiver resources


  • Limited customization and capabilities
  • Hard-to-find price information
  • No online ordering
  • 3-year contract

Life Alert Medical Alert System

  • Basic

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Life Alert’s in-home system comes with a central unit and wearable emergency pendant. The main unit comes with two-way audio to alert Life Alert’s monitoring specialist for help. Customers can choose cellular or landline connectivity. The central unit has a backup battery to call for help for up to 72 hours during a power outage. 

    The emergency pendant is waterproof and has an 800-foot range with a battery that lasts up to seven years. It can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. Monitoring fees start at $49.95 per month, and activation fees apply. You’ll also get a free first-aid kit when you order.

    Standout Features

    • 24/7 monitoring
    • Signature main unit with two-way communication
    • Wearable help button pendant

Life Alert Mobile App

Life Alert’s mobile app keeps seniors safe and caregivers alert. The app is free for Life Alert subscribers to use with their medical alert system. Older adults can press and hold the button on their smartphone screen for three seconds to call for help. They can also yell, shine a light or send a photo using the Life Alert app. Seniors can also call for help using the app if they experience one of these emergencies:

  • Medical 
  • Fire 
  • Carbon monoxide 
  • Home intrusions

Life Alert Services

Life Alert requires a 36-month service contract. Monitoring services start at $49.95 per month, but Life Alert requires you to call for equipment prices. Life Alert contracts include popular medical alert services, including: 

  • Fall detection alerts 
  • GPS location tracking
  • Emergency monitoring

Life Alert Equipment and Features

  • Shower Help Button

    Life Alert offers a handy waterproof help button that can be mounted on the wall, secured to a bathroom countertop, or anywhere else you’d like to call for help at a moment’s notice. You can add the button to your basic in-home package for an additional fee.

  • Mobile Pendant

    If you’re more active and travel often, the Life Alert Mobile Pendant with GPS will provide on-the-go protection. The Mobile Pendant’s batteries last up to 10 years and don’t need to be charged. It includes GPS capability to help monitoring specialists see your location during an emergency.

  • Main Unit

    The Alert Main Unit connects to either a landline or cellular connection for 24/7 monitoring. It comes with a 72-hour backup battery that automatically works during a power outage. It also includes two-way audio to speak to Life Alert’s monitoring specialists from the central unit if there’s an emergency.

Our Take On Life Alert

Life Alert is one of the most popular medical alert choices for seniors. We love that the company requires extensive training for better emergency assistance. And despite being around for decades, Life Alert has continued developing equipment to give seniors the right equipment to call for help whether home, in the shower or on the go. The company also offers both landline and cellular connectivity, depending on your preference. 

There are a few concerns about Life Alert’s lack of pricing transparency on its website and several customer complaints about the mobile app. We also noticed that the mobile unit costs extra and is not included in the basic package. Lastly, monitoring is more expensive than other medical alert providers like GetSafe. All in all, if you’re shopping for a medical alert, Life Alert is worth considering for its easy-to-use equipment and monitoring specialist expertise.

Life Alert Frequently Asked Questions

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