Many medical alert systems require devices that must be worn all the time. GetSafe medical alert systems are designed to monitor and respond to medical emergencies around the house even if you don’t wear a device 24/7.
Updated Apr 15, 2021

What Sets GetSafe Apart?

GetSafe is one of the leading medical alert providers, especially for anyone whose primary concern is in-home monitoring. That’s because every GetSafe medical alert package includes a 4G LTE Communication Console as a base station, with wireless help buttons to place in your home. From there, you can add on as many in-home help buttons as you’d like. They even offer voice-activated help buttons, so if you’re immobile and can’t make it to the button, you can call out for help instead. This configuration allows you to extend monitoring coverage anywhere in your house, without requiring you to wear a wristband or pendant all the time. And if the pre-set device packages don’t suit your living space, you can build your own.

If you are active outside the house, or if you feel more comfortable with a wearable help button, GetSafe has even more options that can be added on to any in-house package. They offer waterproof wristbands and pendants with built-in fall detection and emergency help buttons. Or, for a more modern mobile monitoring option, you can select a GetSafe 4G LTE GPS Mobile Help Button, which has GPS location tracking and optional fall detection. The Mobile Help Button brings medical alert devices into the 21st century by giving caregivers the power to see your whereabouts through the accompanying smartphone app.


  • In-house coverage doesn’t require a wearable device
  • Cellular connections allow for easy installation
  • Mobile help button has an accompanying app so caregivers can keep an eye on loved one


  • No landline connectivity options
  • Wearable devices and mobile help buttons aren’t included with any pre-set packages – you must add them on separately
  • Add-ons get expensive quickly

Top GetSafe Features

  • Cellular Monitoring

    Each of GetSafe’s medical alert systems are monitored with a cellular connection, powered by the AT&T 4G LTE network.

  • Optional Wearables

    GetSafe’s focus is on providing medical alert systems that you don’t have to wear – but if you do, they feature a modern design.

  • Service in All 50 States

    GetSafe is fully licensed to provide service for all 50 states. This means you’re not limited in getting the assistance you need.

GetSafe Packages

  • Starter

    Starting at

    Our Take

    GetSafe’s Starter package is best for people who live in small homes or apartments. Its three different communication devices provide appropriate coverage for three different rooms/spaces. Hint: The Voice-Activated Wall Button is recommended for installation in the bathroom, where most at-home falls occur. The Starter equipment package is $99; monitoring costs $24.95/mo. thereafter. Additional fees apply if you choose to add on wearable or mobile solutions.

    Package Features

    • 24/7 monitoring
    • 4G LTE Base Unit
    • 1 Voice-Activated Wall Button
    • 1 Standard Wall Button
  • Standard

    Starting at

    Our Take

    In most cases, GetSafe’s Standard Package provides enough communication devices to cover a 2-3 bedroom home. Spread out these communication devices between the most highly trafficked areas in the house, focusing on places where fall hazards are most likely. The Standard equipment package is $229; monitoring costs $24.95/mo. Again, additional wearables or mobile solutions are not included.

    Package Features

    • 24/7 monitoring
    • 4G LTE Base Unit
    • 2 Voice-Activated Wall Buttons
    • 3 Standard Wall Buttons
  • Select

    Starting at

    Our Take

    The GetSafe Select Package is intended for large, multi-story living spaces. Its robust array of equipment provides the recommended coverage for a 4-5 bedroom home. Bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, staircases – wherever you are, help is a call or push of a button away. Equipment cost for the Select package is $359; monitoring is $24.95. Wearables or mobile devices not included.

    Package Features

    • 24/7 monitoring
    • 4G LTE Base Unit
    • 3 Voice-Activated Wall Buttons
    • 5 Standard Wall Buttons
    • LockBox for emergency responder access
  • Build-Your-Own Package

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Each home is unique, and GetSafe allows you to create your own package by selecting the equipment you feel is most helpful. You’ll automatically get the 4G LTE Base Unit and monitoring. You can also opt for additional GetSafe equipment like the wall button, mobile help button, and others if you prefer. The cost of your package will vary based on the equipment you choose. Monitoring will cost $24.95/mo.

GetSafe Equipment & Features

  • Communication Console

    The Communication Console is the in-home hub of your GetSafe medical alert system. It connects to your area’s cellular signals, so you can speak with GetSafe’s 24/7 monitoring center without the need for a traditional hardwired telephone line. Just plug it into the wall, and you’ll be up and running. In the event of a power outage, there’s a back-up battery good for up to 32 hours.
    This base unit has a help button and two-way audio. Once you press the button, it works like a speakerphone, immediately putting you on the line with a trained professional who can dispatch emergency services.

  • Wall Button

    Place GetSafe wall buttons throughout the home to call for medical assistance at any time. Wall buttons are wireless and easy to install using the included double-sided tape. They’re water-resistant and easy to use. Just press the red button and GetSafe operators will respond.

  • Voice-Activated Wall Button

    This small, waterproof wall-mounted button lets you contact the GetSafe monitoring center in three different ways: by pressing the help button, pulling the lanyard, or simply saying “Call 911.” Its versatility and easy installation make it ideal for the most high-risk areas of your house, such as bathrooms or staircases.

  • Wearables

    These waterproof neck pendants and wristbands are equipped with a 24/7 push button to call for medical assistance. They also have optional fall detection to automatically alert GetSafe agents after a fall. The wearable is battery-powered with up to five years of battery life and automated low-battery alerts. And when your battery is low, GetSafe will send a replacement button for free. These wearables are intended for use around the home, in range of your GetSafe Base Unit. They can be purchased in addition to your preferred package for a one-time cost of $25 each. If you want to add automatic fall detection, it costs $10/month in addition to your system’s monitoring plan.

  • Help Button

    This GPS-enabled help button puts help at your fingertips wherever you go, whether you’re at home or out and about. It’s small and water resistant with long battery life, so you can count on it to work in your time of need. Even better, it has optional fall detection and can even work with the GetSafe mobile app to help loved ones track your location. The Mobile Help Button costs $30, but it also adds expenses to your monthly bill. It’s an additional $30/mo. for GPS monitoring, plus the optional expenses of $10/mo. for fall detection and $5/mo. for caregiver mobile app access. For many, the peace of mind is well worth it.

  • LockBox

    To avoid forcible entry, emergency responders can open your door using the GetSafe Lockbox. When help is on the way, GetSafe will provide the four-digit code to unlock the combination-style lock without breaking your door. The Lockbox is rust-proof to withstand weathering.

  • Caregiver Tracking for Mobile GPS

    With GetSafe’s mobile app, you can keep an eye on your loved one with caregiver tracking. This feature will allow you to be able to see their location on your smartphone. Caregiver Tracking costs an additional $5/mo.

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Build-Your-Own Package

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Monitoring starts at
In-home or anywhere
GPS tracking
Additional $30/mo. with Mobile Help ButtonAdditional $30/mo. with Mobile Help ButtonAdditional $30/mo. with Mobile Help ButtonAdditional $30/mo. with Mobile Help Button
Fall detection
Additional $10/mo.Additional $10/mo.Additional $10/mo.Additional $10/mo.

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